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  1. dont worry about a new bmw, great cars.
  2. So my cars being handed back 2 months early due to another lease. I've confirmed with the dealer my cars set to long life servicing. when I hand it back it will not have hit the mileage and date set for servicing, would you guys have it serviced or just leave it? as mowflow stated above its only £135 from my local Arnold Clark.
  3. I'm on a 2 year lease. sticker in the top left of the windscreen says 18600 miles or October 2016 which ever comes first. Contacted the dealer which I collected the car from and they confirmed long life service.
  4. sorry for the late reply. car leasing online. 1year pcp, £1300 deposit, £116pm, 8k mileage, £13500 gfv. I put in the extra to bring the payments down to £99pm. as I said easy to get out of and not tied in for long. prices include vat.
  5. My lease is up shortly so I ended up going for a polo gti on a 1 year deal at £99pm. I'm hoping the new A3 has some good lease deals, that's why I went for the 1 year deal on the polo, not tied in for long and easy to get out of.
  6. Contact seller and ask them to return it for you?
  7. Had similar problem. Car was running rough with the box on and epc light on to. Took the bx off and all was fine. Sent box back following day and had a replacement back via next day delivery.
  8. Consistently clocked 3.9s think I couldve shaved a little off it too, that was on version 2 software.
  9. Running my dtuk box for a year now and no damage to my car. Get it fitted pal you'll love it!
  10. Yeah play around. I'm running 1+3 find that better with the way I drive.
  11. Yes this happened to me. Take off the box and put on your blanking plug to see if it's a faulty box. If the faults clear send your box back for a replacement. As I said this happened to me, I returned my box and got a replacement back in 2 days.
  12. A big thank you to the guys at dtuk with their speedy response and getting my box back to me with the new V3 Software. Tried all the new settings, 2 +3 is what I've settled on, fantastic.
  13. Dynos, meh! I'm using dtuk box with version 2 software and was hitting 0-60 in 3.9 secs and if I timed it again in perfect conditions I could probably knock a little off it. Think leo said he done it in 3.7 with a dtuk box. 0-60 is how I measure my cars performance, however some of you might do it differently. Plus my box should be with me tomorrow with the new software!!!! Back on topic and lets get back to measuring cocks
  14. I had a vbox for a while and did some zero to 60mph times with the dtuk box. 3+3 was 3.9 secs which was the fastest to 60 compared to the rest of the settings. My car is a dsg which was very consistent over several runs. I did my runs on a unused stretch of road. I'm no professional just a guy who was wondering how fast his car was!
  15. Still got my box on and loving it. What else does the update fix? My box is working fine, should I send it back to be updated just to be safe?
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