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  1. Agreed, it's currently the only thing putting me off the R estate, my Octavia VRS hatch has bags more leg room in the back, it's an MQB car, no reason the MK8 Golf couldnt have the same, if it did I'd be placing an order as soon as the books are open!
  2. Good machine polish would get that so you could barely notice it, wouldn't take more than 30 mins. Then sort it properly with anything else at the end of the lease.
  3. Does anyone have an email address or phone number for gman86 so I can mail/text him a quick question? He posted ages ago about a problem with his 2010 manual golf r and a bad grinding noise coming from the front axle, VW replaced gearbox, transfer box and other stuff and last he posted it was still ongoing. I have exactly the same issue with my 2010 S3 manual and it;s costing me more and more money investigating it and currently come up blank. I'm trying to get hold of him simply to see if he ever got it sorted in the end as I'd be so grateful of any useful information that might help try and find the root cause. Can anyone help in getting hold of him for me as I believe he left the forum a couple of months ago due to selling the car. Thanks in advance!
  4. Sorry for the thread revival Gman and I realised you have moved on but did you ever get to the bottom on this as my 2010 manual S3 is doing exactly the same thing and I'd really really really appreciate any advice you could offer in getting to the bottom of it? Thanks mate.
  5. Sorry for the thread revival but did you ever get this fitted?
  6. Cool, let me know how it goes. Did you go from standard to stage1+ I take it? Cheers!
  7. Did you get it dyno'd on 1+ I'm very interested to see how it compares to stage 1 maps. Cheers!
  8. Just a heads up guys, not sure what size tyres you use on the R but tyreleader are by far the best prices I've found for MPSS http://www.tyreleader.co.uk/car-tyres/m ... -91y-66108 £153 each delivered in 235/35/19
  9. Cheers guys. I briefly drove the 5 door R, I can say with no doubt that the steering feels better in the R, why on earth Audi didn't put selectable steering profiles on the S3 I'll never know, even my old Focus ST225 had that. The S3 can feel quite light and vauge at lower speeds but stiffens up at higher speeds, but I'm hoping the WALK and some bush upgrades along with a proper alignment should help with that. That said, for me personally & taking all things into account like interior, external styling, boot size (due to having a 2 year old son and all that goes with him) and so on the S3 Sportback was the better overall package for me, not a lot in it though. I'll be keeping the car long term (last 4 cars never lasted more than 18 months each!) and would gradually like to get it to Stage 2+ (with IC) as possible whilst retaining good road manners and refinement. Here's a good example of what I was talking about earlier. So we all know the clutch is a weak spot (mines manual), on the Audi forum I was basically laughed at for suggesting fitting an uprated clutch that would be good for 2+ but fitting a new OEM DMF as opposed to a SMF. Yet every day there's posts about how the SMF causes shifting problems, vibration, noise.... not for me im afraid. As for software, the Shark 1 map is a great map, very smooth and I ran 305bhp & 290 ft/lb last week at Ecotune Scotland with just the map and intake which I think was very good. That said I'm tempted to switch to APR under their £300 switch offer. I like the idea of the selectable options, free stage upgrades, the stage 1+ map for which all I need is a pump, local dealer 5 mins away with 4wd dyno and you really cant knock the figures they're producing, they really are leagues ahead of Revo and others from what I've seen. I do a few track days a year at Knockhill and an Annual ring trip so priority is going to be brakes and dampers next though (unless gman can do me a deal on his pump and IC lol) Cheers!
  10. Just a quick intro guys. I actually own a 2010 S3 Sportback I've registered on here for a few reasons, firstly I love the golf R, very nearly bought one before the S3, it was a difficult decision to be honest. Secondly as they're essentially the same running gear it's great to get a different set of opinions performance modifications, people on the audi forums (one especially) can get very set of "how you should modify your S3" so it's good to get different ideas from you guys. Anyway, just been on for a few days and delighted I joined as it's given me so much useful information already. If anyone's interested here's a little abut my car: Shark Stage 1 remap CTS intake DV+ PCV Revamp RS3 19's RS3 front grille RS3 rear diffuser Whiteline RARB + a few cosmetic bits Also got Eibach springs and a WALK going on shortly along with a Powerflex engine mount insert that I scored from snapey on here (thanks again mate) Anyway, thanks for having me, great forum.
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