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  1. I hoped this thread was about swapping exterior lights.
  2. ABT, just seen a pic on here.
  3. Thanks very much. The silver bits are front 78 and rear 70cm . Am I reading that right?
  4. Bigger engine must be using more fuel by definition. I guess there will be a balance against how hard it works but ultimately it's cylinder capacity and fuel to fill it!! 25mpg is my ongoing average compared to 33.5 in manual. Silverstone saw single digits pushing the 911 around who had way less grip. R was quicker and he's a much better driver than me.
  5. Can you please measure the length of each silver bar on your wingbar edges. I bought an oversize set on eBay and need to cut them down. Thanks hopefully!! G
  6. There is no delay with PEDALBOX, performance the same.
  7. Just offering a real world example. My mpg at Silverstone was worse than a 997 turbo 911 that has nearly 500 bhp so not sure what 300bhp has to do with it. It should be better than 25mpg average, it should be better than a manual. Simples!!
  8. You can believe VW's lies or you can listen to someone who's owned both and driven them over the same routes over 25000 miles using the same fuel. Only difference being gearbox, colour and number of doors.
  9. If it cuts off all fuel, the engine would stop. It doesn't do this so must be using fuel. Assuming it still mixes fuel with air, combined with spark for combustion or does it really run on fairy dust??
  10. Any chance of a new 20% code. Jan is a long month between pay packets??? Pretty please! I'm a returning customer.
  11. My manual hatch averaged 33.4 over 20k miles. My DSG est it around 30% worse - it's shocking to be honest and should have kept my hatch rather than switching leases. Managed to get it down to 10.4 at Silverstone last Sunday. That was more fun than trying to eek out the mpg!!
  12. I had four tyres and two services, a clutch, a new turbo and wipers during my first manual 20k 24m lease.
  13. You should see the pedal box and DTUK box combo in action. Highest settings on both with DSG is brutal.
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