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  1. Hi all, Having ordered a Dragy yesterday I'm wondering where everyone is mounting theirs? I was going to stick the sticky pads inside the arm rest and mount it there but I believe it needs to be as close to the windscreen as possible to guarantee good signal. Thanks!
  2. Go MRC then you can have pops and bangs with a cat in place, then add a res delete for extra noise.
  3. I thought my car changed quite aggresively after having MRC TCU software, I took it back and Doug did the basic settings reset and even let me try Stage 3 software. I showed him the issue and he didn't think it was aggressive at all. I was still unhappy so I had the software removed and had APR software applied by VRS. It's no different, I should have stayed with MRC and saved my money!
  4. Hi all, I have bought some MK7.5 taillights for my R and now I need to figure out which adapters to purchase and how to code them. I've read about the Audimant adapters and then coding with VCDS, but I have also read you can buy DAP adapters and code with OBD eleven, which would be an easier option for me, however I'm not sure if this second option would work for non North American cars? Any help would be appreciated Thanks!
  5. MRC wouldn't do this if it was an issue. I quizzed them over this when my car was mapped and the response from Doug was that they wouldn't want to have hundreds of Golf Rs returning to them in a few years with knackered cats. It's a standard feature, just enhanced. Don't worry 👍
  6. Hi all, I'm after a wooden bed frame for the spare room, any recommendations please? There are so many on the internet but I want to get something of decent quality. I'm considering this from Ikea but the price seems to good to be true! https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/products/beds/double-king-size-beds/tarva-bed-frame-pine-leirsund-spr-39031128/ Thanks!
  7. Hi all, We are looking to purchase a brand new Ford Transit at work. The van would have to be a factory order due to being a LWB Extended Frame plus other options. Can anyone recommend where to get quotes from apart from our local dealers please? Perhaps some brokers that deal with vans? Thanks!
  8. I have an MRC stage 1 map and I'm very happy too. Great figures there!
  9. Are they switchable @EcosseGolfR? Mine are only active in sport
  10. I had pops and bangs added when MRC mapped my car with Stage 1 software. Apart from the BCS res delete the exhaust system is completely standard and they are surprisingly loud!
  11. I am MRC Stage 1 with APR TCU Software and I'm happy!
  12. Hi all, I noticed this evening that my passenger seat has a snag in it, likely from a friend over the weekend! As you can see from the photo not only do I have four little tags of thread, you can also see where the thread/s have been pulled. What would the best way to fix this? Even if I was able to push the snags back into the seat this would only fix half the problem. I guess my only options are either a new seat cover from VW (££?) or trying to source an equally perfect condition / low mileage seat? Thanks
  13. When putting a DSG car back into park from sport, should the revs stay at the higher sport idle? Or drop down to the normal drive idle? Thanks
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