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  1. I thought Race Developments had built your engine and TVS had done the DQ500 conversion already?
  2. I've updated your time on the first post @blower, this moves you into second position now ahead of @Mading10
  3. Nice work Kieran, where is the rear diffuser from? I've also fitted Mk7.5 tail lights to my white R, makes such a difference!
  4. Nice time @blower, I've added you t the first post. You should get your time added to the Facebook group leaderboard too:
  5. Bump, would be good to get as many times as possible added to this!
  6. I have that CTEK charger for my R too as it can sometimes go unused for weeks on end 👍
  7. Lovely R Donal, do I remember you having a red Edition 30?
  8. Nice time @Bolt I have found an online leaderboard run by the admin of the UK Mk7 Golf R Facebook group, info here:
  9. Hi all, There's an online leaderboard here run by one of the members on the UK MK7 Golf R Owners Club Facebook group for for 0-60mph, 1/4 Mile, 60-100mph and 100-200kmh times. There's a button on the site to submit your Dragy time to the admin via Messenger. It would be good to get some more time on there! https://dragywars.co.uk/
  10. Had another couple of goes on Saturday and matched my best 0-60 time of 3.48s! I'll try and get some 1/4 mile times to post too. Times are looking very consistent Any other takers? There must be more members on here that are Stage 1 with dragy!
  11. Sorry to hear you had problems Damian, keep at it though and it'll be worth it. Unfortunately I couldn't make it as my dad got taken ill on Saturday but I would have been shown up massively in my stage 1 car anyway!
  12. I may make an appearance early in the morning, undecided at the moment!
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