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  1. I have been loading the R' this afternoon, leaving for my Swiss road trip in the morning. Swiss Toll vignette, Emovis Tag for French tolls, and the DART crossing charge all sorted. https://switzerlandtravelcentre.com/en/gbr/tours/motorway-vignette https://www.emovis-tag.co.uk https://www.dartford-crossing-charge.service.gov.uk/PayForCrossing/PayForCrossing
  2. Is it stolen & recovered?
  3. If he makes a pound or two, good luck to him, we could all do it if we so wished.
  4. As above, makes the cabin nice and light, I would alway specify one even if never used, however I fully appreciate we all like different things.
  5. This is my old bus after a detail:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sX3MmoqlLH8&list=UUfOe-dQ83K6rXlnPeejRV_g&index=4
  6. The glass is replaceable on its own, I do not have a part number, however thay are not expensive
  7. One of the great things about an R' is you can do the School run, use for work every day, and tour europe if inclined, I feel the one in the raffle would be great for 5 mins, then you would quickly get fed up with the noise and drivability, however everyone to their own. And yes Kumho tyres says it all.
  8. I have a cherished number plate, I had it for 25+ years you would not believe the problems I have with a certain VW dealership when trying to book a service, or order parts, it is a lucky dip as to the model they have on record, sometmes it is my old 2006 GTI, or 2010 Mk 6 R', sometimes it comes up correct for my 2014 Golf R' the answer I get is it is not possible to delete the old ones off the system.
  9. If using Millers Nano Drive Oil adds to your owership experience I would use it, it is a high quality oil, however as stated above any oil that meets the spec will also be fine.
  10. This one is different!
  11. In a past life we use to perform regular oil analysis on a range of piston aero engines, it can highlight some potential problems if you have been able to monitor the oil samples from new. In the article above, it is a new vehicle and I would expect the Iron, Copper, and Aluminium ppm's to reduce over the next couple of oil changes
  12. Yes, I rang Autometrix Publications this morning, the call was put through to the Administators, it is a shame as I enjoyed the magazine contents, and readers articles. I was a little concerned with an editorial note in the last issue of the magazine that said they would mis the next issue due to the Christmas & New Year holidays. It would be nice if another publisher took it on, however in the present climate I would say this is unlikely.
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