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  1. If using Millers Nano Drive Oil adds to your owership experience I would use it, it is a high quality oil, however as stated above any oil that meets the spec will also be fine.
  2. In a past life we use to perform regular oil analysis on a range of piston aero engines, it can highlight some potential problems if you have been able to monitor the oil samples from new. In the article above, it is a new vehicle and I would expect the Iron, Copper, and Aluminium ppm's to reduce over the next couple of oil changes
  3. Yes, I rang Autometrix Publications this morning, the call was put through to the Administators, it is a shame as I enjoyed the magazine contents, and readers articles. I was a little concerned with an editorial note in the last issue of the magazine that said they would mis the next issue due to the Christmas & New Year holidays. It would be nice if another publisher took it on, however in the present climate I would say this is unlikely.
  4. I love it, not everyone will, my advise would be, drive both and you decide.
  5. I know most people will be aware of this, however a quick refresher
  6. I am sure as with all things in life it is hard to get a quality job and be cheap at the same time, however there is some really good information on the Forum here "Detailing Your R" See also "Bec's guide to detailing" Follow all the good advice and you can get a superb job thats all your own work
  7. Welcome Roth, you will enjoy your R I am sure, a good colour too.
  8. Really you are between a rock and a hard place, and I hate to see VW get away with it, however I think on probabilities it may be best to accept their offer, and like another member mentioned have some form of film shield fitted. I guess small claims is an option, however it it may be best to just move on.
  9. He is big news today, tomorrow people will ask who?
  10. I have planned the same trip, leaving the last week in June, hope to do a lap at the "Ring" on the way back
  11. I guess I am the only one to likes Tornado Red😢
  12. Disgraceful incompitence, I would speak to the service manager, and insist they change the oil and filter again at their expense. Then have a detailer come to their location ( Again at their expense) and clean the engine compartment to your satifaction. Lastly get some sort of written assurance from them regarding the long term reliability of your engine, this may be the hardest part. Insist on another FOC service 6 months down the line,if you dare go back after this fiasco.
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