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  1. I wonder if the owner has spinners too. If you take a look on AliExpress there is quite a few items that shall we say are an aquired taste, there is some usful items too, I got my foot rest there back in 2014
  2. 10 years old, Ferguson TEF 20 was the first vehicle I drove, it wasnt too long after I was doing proper jobs with it. Of course I didnt drive on public roads, with 1700 acres I didnt need to. (My father worked for the land owner)
  3. As many have mentioned allow the engine/gearbox oils to get to operating temp, I believe VW say not to exceed 2/3 engine speed in the early stages. Varying the engine speed and load is always good. Should be good to give it some beans by 800/1000 miles P.S. The family had a new Mini Clubman in 1973 (£870 on the road) came with a sticker "Running In please pass" - No we did not use it!
  4. I have to agree winter driving particularly with rear wheel drive cars does take a change of attitude. A few years ago the company I worked for sent the staff on a Team Building Event to the Knock Hill Circuit, we had a go in everything from Formula Ford, Karts, Rally Cars, Seat Cupra R's, the highlight for me was a BMW 318 with skinny rear tyres on the skid Pan, highly entertaining and a very good lesson learned, everyone should try this.
  5. It is amazing how many Dealers do this, and there is no excuse, they just need a simple template that fits the VW thread inserts for the U.K. style plates. I always ask them to use double sided tape to avoid any extra holes, then there is the issue of them getting it level!
  6. That looks like Long Marston Airfield near Stratford-Upon-Avon, former home to GTI International. About to become a large building site.
  7. Welcome aboard, as above lots of good information on here, and the Natives tend to be friendly too. I guess you will be getting a lot of winter salt on your roads around Buffalo starting at this time of the year?
  8. Very nice, enjoy your Alfa Mike
  9. Good luck for the future Mike, what will you be getting next?
  10. Looks like someone has gone down to Harbor Freight for a cheap welder and performed the repair themselves,and to a poor standard for a wheel repair. Depending on the damage it can be repaired by welding, however by the time the wheel is stripped, welded, and re-machined, heat treated, and refinished the cost will not be cheap. Looking at the photograph you are not based in the U.K. so it is hard to know what repair facilities are available to you. It does require a repair to a high standard, or be replaced.
  11. That is a great job, looks really nice. Enjoy your car now and put it all behind you.
  12. My concern would be, where has the critter taken the insulation to for nest building? I actually saw a rodent alarm for sale recently, I cant rember where, they are popular in Germany though.
  13. Very good point, and the corrosion does'nt alway come from salt, very often the caps and valve stems are of different metals, this very often leads to corosion from two "dissimilar" metals. Alloy / Brass A little lubrcation helps to keep the two metals apart, or keep it simple use plastic. A cautionary tale, one of the guys in the office tried with fair means to remove a metal dust cap, when that failed he tried 'Mole Grips' this also failed, he did however manage to turn the complete valve in the wheel, which promptly leaked! a five minute job turned in to a complete wheel change, and a visit to the tyre company.
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