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  1. Alpowers

    7.5 Keyless - Fob / Locked Out

    I know most people will be aware of this, however a quick refresher
  2. I am sure as with all things in life it is hard to get a quality job and be cheap at the same time, however there is some really good information on the Forum here "Detailing Your R" See also "Bec's guide to detailing" Follow all the good advice and you can get a superb job thats all your own work
  3. Alpowers

    2015 Golf R, new owner in Norway

    Welcome Roth, you will enjoy your R I am sure, a good colour too.
  4. Alpowers

    Exploding Sunroof

    Really you are between a rock and a hard place, and I hate to see VW get away with it, however I think on probabilities it may be best to accept their offer, and like another member mentioned have some form of film shield fitted. I guess small claims is an option, however it it may be best to just move on.
  5. Alpowers

    Sad story, but am I missing something here?

    He is big news today, tomorrow people will ask who?
  6. Alpowers

    Euro Trip

    I have planned the same trip, leaving the last week in June, hope to do a lap at the "Ring" on the way back
  7. Alpowers

    The best colour

    I guess I am the only one to likes Tornado Red😢
  8. Alpowers

    dealership messed up on service!!

    Disgraceful incompitence, I would speak to the service manager, and insist they change the oil and filter again at their expense. Then have a detailer come to their location ( Again at their expense) and clean the engine compartment to your satifaction. Lastly get some sort of written assurance from them regarding the long term reliability of your engine, this may be the hardest part. Insist on another FOC service 6 months down the line,if you dare go back after this fiasco.
  9. Alpowers

    Gutted, angry but stunned at lack of damage

    Glad it wasnt any worse for you and your family, the R stood up really well. Hope you all can salvage Christmas
  10. I will probably stay with the VW group, I would even stay with the new R if only they had a wider range of colours to choose from, however I do not see that changing for U.K. spec cars. I like this one
  11. Alpowers

    Boot Liners

    I saw these two:-
  12. Alpowers

    Carbon fibre mirror covers

    Euro Car Parts, at the time they had an offer on (£80.00) The fit and finish are very good, however you pays your money and takes your choice.
  13. Only ever had three points, back in 2006 with my Mk 5 GTI, the officer in an unmarked BMW said I was doing 62mph in the road works on the A1 at Grantham (limit was 50) I didnt argue, and took the points, it seems now you can avoid the points and attend a course, wish I would have had that option at the time. I have kept a clean licence since I have had both R's and my other car, if it taught me anything it was to be more vigilant, and not to speed of course🙄
  14. Alpowers

    Drive the Deal

    Me too with my wifes car, paid it off after three days, no interest, still kept the VW contribution🙂
  15. Alpowers

    Why does Start/Stop get so much hate?

    I do not like it, and always turn it off (If I Remember) it is on all three VWs we have. The manufacturer certainly didnt put it on for the good of the vehicle, only to meet the emissions, and MPG figures. As mentioned in a lot of posts my concern is wear & tear, if you have to stop after a long motoway journey it is best to let the engine & oil temps stabilise for a few moments prior to switching off, thats my opinion anyway.