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  1. Genuine VW Mirror caps are not expensive, getting them painted could be. I fitted a pair of Euro Carparts Carbon look mirror caps, they have been fine, they are available now for £150.00 however they often have a discount code and you can get them much cheaper. If you want cheaper than that, Google is your friend
  2. As Dave pointed out most break-ins are for keys, if you have keyless there are a few things that can be done to improve security. However if they are coming in for keys, they can have them, its only a car, in my view I can always get another. However it would be nice if the manufactures with all their resources took a few simple steps (for them) to make our vehicles more secure.
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-49273028
  4. Tom, Did you get this issue resolved oneway or the other?
  5. Mine is standard, and I am seeing 105c - 112c on a recent trip to Switzerland the most I saw was 112c that was on mountain hairpin roads with the ambient temps of a very warm 36c
  6. It would be nice to fly to Monaco in the G600 and spend a few days on ones yacht, safe in the knowledge you have made your money ethically:-)
  7. I wonder if this would work:- https://metro.co.uk/2019/08/01/electrician-gets-revenge-thieves-1000-volt-electric-shock-10498809/
  8. Alpowers


    If buying used ensure you have a warranty in place
  9. Looks a very capable car, makes the R' look almost a bargain by comparison though.
  10. Mine is standard, and was in France & Switzeland recently with temps up to 36c, and up to 8000' altitude, did not notice any loss of performance, apart from increased fuel consumption:-)
  11. I am on 19" Bridgestones with DCC and road noise is not an issue, however we are all different as to what is annoying, I suspect you already know what you need to do.
  12. Look good with matching blue spinners
  13. Alpowers

    Car drying

    As many have stated I use two bucket method gentle wash, rinse, sheeting the water off through a filter, then use a Makita DUB22 18 V Blower, about £50.00 without battery, (I had my own from my drill) I find that there is a minimal amount of contact drying. Minimal contact is the key to avoid swirls.
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