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  1. That's lovely! I want to get mine redone, the Alcantara is feeling "bobbly"
  2. 👌 a wise choice and a smart looking R
  3. I've seen a few people run that and a 4 bar PUT sensor plus ngk race plugs. Suppose its where do you draw the line. Cars booked in with unicorn a week on Tuesday
  4. Regardless of cost it’s mighty impressive pushing the boundaries
  5. some good black friday deals on the scorpion system i'd want to change the oem tips, think i'd be more interested in going custom. i'm doing a decat and res delete on mine next week
  6. Congrats and commiseration on the sale!
  7. Just came across pics of this on a google search 1 very nice wagon
  8. Big fan of the side stripes. Them and wrapped roof rails are on my to do list.
  9. I've currently got a stage 1 ecu and tcu tune from rtech but will be going l380x in a couple of weeks and Rick's doing the maps. In my mind it allows him to optimise both performance and reliability if he's working with his own maps rather than cater for what the gearbox currently has.
  10. Roof rails definitely need wrapping black
  11. Theres a VW specialist near me but I haven' used it, friends have. BBB performance, but its Derby
  12. Midland VW? or rtech pit stop garage? Sort of work they would do daily i'd assume
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