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  1. They went a while ago to a lad with an edition 30
  2. Begrudgingly 😑 I don’t want to but I’m getting moaned at by “her” because 3 kids and not an mpv means she sits in the back middle on long journeys
  3. Sorry not sure, they were already done when I bought it.
  4. nice weather for a drive down😄
  5. Question is though would you tune again for the downpipe? I don’t see a huge benefit and seen many making huge power on scorpion and milltek downpipes
  6. If your in the midlands I had mine wrapped for £80. Can share the details. pics in my build thread
  7. Nice! Do Vudu do there own in house mapping?
  8. Treated myself to a private reg
  9. @alongo83 off topic but what are your wheel and tyre specs? fit really well
  10. Nothing wrong with reps in my eye, as long as you buy from somewhere reputable you dont have any issues
  11. I know someone on here (msportman ?) runs a tarox kit behind prets. id probably ask vagbremtechnic if there ap racing kit clears prets but I’m confident it will. im running racingline r360s but due to the size and fitment of the ttrs calipers I have to run a 10mm spacer
  12. What wheels? I run ttrs 8 pots with 370mm discs and they fit comfortably behind 19s
  13. First proper clean in ages
  14. Thanks Gus, It's the original exhaust just 4" tips welded on
  15. Recently had the haldex and dsg service carried out at clp automotive. They mentioned it needed rear tyres so they got done today. Not sure what's next
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