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  1. Good review. Noone likes filthy soot-chuckers with marshmallow suspension.
  2. It does, son. There is a Summer version. And a Winter version.
  3. See that thing called "an owner's manual"... read it ;-)
  4. They're mugging you off at £24k, son. You can get a brandnew 2017 model with zero miles for £26k.
  5. The tracker is normally only updated once a week and is notoriously unreliable in the final 4 stages.
  6. The facelifted G7R will be available to order in the UK from Feb 2017. People ordering this year, in 2016, have zero chance of getting the facelift.
  7. You should get at least 20-25% discount off RRP. VW is practically giving them away on the back of cereal boxes.
  8. Sonax Clear View beats everything.
  9. Someone will post it for free on Movietubenow or whatever. Worth a watch. But Clarkson looks very old now and his energetic delivery is diminishing. The new series will be good, but it is never going to hit the highs of its peak a few years ago.
  10. Launch it everywhere, dude. Some have done 100s. Traffic lights, junctions, Tesco, the lot.
  11. Map it. Takes it to ~3.8secs.
  12. Or the unit itself is overpriced and most of the fitting price is already baked in...
  13. Interesting deal on a McLaren 570S for £995 a month... http://www.glasgow.mclaren.com/cars/mclaren-financial-services/mclaren-570s-finance
  14. £500-600 a month PCP for a £38k VW is insane. You can lease a £52k Alfa 4C for £400-425 a month.
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