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  1. Glad you are happy. It looks amazing, ive seen lots of other pics and the amount of flake in that paint that ive never noticed before is insane! Tom is brilliant.
  2. KDS are shocking. You are mad if you go there, wether you are paying or not. So many horror stories. PM me if youd like the name of someone who will do it properly.
  3. I think this is an awesome plate: If only it was for sale...
  4. AdDaMan


    Top quality E-Liquid here guys...and 50% off at the moment!!! https://www.platinumfog.co.uk/
  5. AdDaMan


    A little sad yeah. Mixed feelings really. Next im not sure...M140, E46 M3, E92 M3 or a C63 maybe. I dont know. Not for a couple of months yet though.
  6. AdDaMan


    Well....The R went today. 2 Years and 14k later. Standard then boxed then mapped then back to standard (booo). Was fun but definitely ready for something else! Will stay around just to laugh at the retard posts (R400 etc)
  7. No that wasnt me. I ordered in June 14 i think.
  8. Why did you think that? Its ok 13k. Dont know whats next, change my mind every other day.
  9. I dont have a specific place of work unfortunately.
  10. No one? Basically ive been told they need to come and inspect the car one day and collect it the next, which means i need to take 2 days off work just to facilitate this! I think its bang out of order. They cant do weekends and cant do evenings either. Anyone else had this? Also the service is due in a week, are they going to try and stitch me up?
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