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  1. Hi guys - this started in my 4-yo 7R only recently, but is utterly annoying: whenever there is a heavy snowfall (especially this wet, heavy snow sticking to the bumpers/PDC sensors), the beeping will start - no matter of obstacles, when driving forward or reversing... At least how my wifey describes it (it never happened to me personally). Anyone, please? TIA Piotr
  2. So it really looks like this car is indeed special in this regard; good my SA knew "something" about it but a pity he wasn't very confident, and there is no official info (in some place we have easy access to) for us the owners that for quite a long initial mileage, it needs adding the coolant like this... BTW: does the "air lock" goes away with time or with distance covered by the car?
  3. Thanks guys; good to know that my SA at least doesn't confabulate things Will be watching my coolant level closely; hopefully no more top-ups will be necessary... Piotr
  4. Nothing dramatic, but it seems my R is the first "proper" car in the 46-year motoring life of mine which requires adding some coolant twice a year. Never paid special attention to the level in the compensating container under the bonnet, until this past summer my wife reported the warning light came on; of course topped up with a quart or so (making the level to be exactly at the max marking with engine cold, in order to make comparisons easier), and started watching closely. Now (4 months after topping up) - with the engine cold, of course - the level is again at the very middle between the min and max marks. The car is standing in a garage with rather constant temperature of 15-20C, so the outside temperature being much lower now than when I added the coolant is no excuse; there is some very minor leak somewhere Of course my SA at the VW Dealership is trying to convince me that "all VWs need the coolant to be added", is he right or should I get them diagnose the problem more seriously? If he's right, the R would be the very first car out of the many I have had over this 46 years period actually losing the coolant... Thoughts, please? Piotr
  5. Yeah, I'm aware of all this (with my mechanical engineering background and with some 46 years of driving). This is why I'm asking this question on the R users' forum - to get some perspective of how my car is doing against the average). Well, I guess my next long trip (including some motorways) must be in my R - I'll then be able to compare efficiency between my 2 cars. If only my wife didn't hate RWD as much as she does, I'd be shuffling my cars much more often Anyway - thanks for confirming that 21 mpg is not anything alarmingly high with the R... Piotr
  6. On the other hand, with my 6-pot M235i - driving very aggressively - I'm getting from 32 to 21 mpg, but with the latter at some autobahn >200 km/h speeds... Piotr
  7. some 21.73 Imperial mpg... http://www.markporthouse.net/rangie/fuelconsumptionconversion.htm Piotr
  8. Hi guys; been a long time since I posted here. Which may be considered good sign: I'm having no problems with my 7R; on the other hand though I've mainly driven my M235i and my wifey - well - she's only done some 30,000 km during the 3 tears of my lease period which is just coming to the end. I definitely will be keeping my R, but do have one doubt that is bugging me: even with most of the driving done by my wife, the fuel consumption is quite high at some 13 l/100 km. True - this is mostly stop&go traffic in the city, but still.... Don't you think it's a bit excessive - and if so, what can be done about it? I'm too old to believe in coming to the dealer's and complaining about the consumption; they'd say it's within the spec - or even if they agree it's too high, I don't feel like letting them "search" for the reason... So I'm asking you instead: - is some 13 l/100 km too high for city-only driving at very moderate speeds/accelerations my wife does? - if so, what would you check in the first place? Cheers; TIA Piotr
  9. Unfortunately, I must give up my theory of the Active Sound, causing unusually strong windshield vibration due to low temperature - the noise comes and goes with only weak and uncertain relation to the ambient temperature... Yesterday it was -15 C and everything wa normal (so I resigned from driving to my VW garage) - today it's much warmer, and yet the vibration returned... Any ideas, folks? Piotr
  10. Thanks for the confirmation. I'm now suspecting it's the "active sound" thingy - unlike other cars (like my M235i) where it's pumped through the audio system speakers, our Rs use the entire windshield as the "membrane". In extremely low temperatures, both the shield and the rubber seals contract, effectively changing the frequency response and increasing the amplitude of vibrations... Do you agree guys? Piotr
  11. Nope; when I put the gearbox to N and rev the engine, it sounds completely normal. The noise/vibration is only present when on drive, and decelerating.
  12. Only did some 20kms in the city, but it didn't stop. It's really cold - some -20C...
  13. I'm not 100% positive it's just the extremely low temperature (it's the first winter since I bought the R with such freezing conditions) - anyway, even after the engine is warmed up, there is a huge noise & vibration specially when decelerating (with engine braking). Almost as if I was in Race mode, only much louder (and I'm talking about Comfort mode now which used to be quite - well - comfortably quiet)... So before I take my R in, a quick question whether somebody can confirm it's just the low temperature? Cheers, and All the Best in the New Year 2017 Piotr
  14. Thanks guys for all your comments; I already ordered 2 tires for the rear. Piotr
  15. You sound like you didn't understand my reason for asking this: I'm not talking about safety or legal requirements here (however important they may be), but about technical necessity for (reasonably possible) identical rpm speed of all tires (in my case - rear vs. front) in a 4-wheel drive car like the R... Piotr
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