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  1. Picture of the CTEK negative cable as attached to the connector mounted on the bulkhead.
  2. I have a CTEK MXS 5.0 attached to the battery of my R, no issues whatsoever. I also use them on my classic motorcycles to keep the batteries topped up during the winter season.
  3. As stated, the tint on the windscreen and driver/passenger door are already at the maximum tint level. Rearwards of the vehicles B pillar is up to you. I assume you can go as dark as you like without any issues.
  4. As the originator of this thread I thought that I would do the decent thing and actually purchase and install the stop/start module as per the original YouTube video. I purchased the module from Aliexpress at a cost of £12.99 delivered to the U.K. It arrived a few days ago, the package contained the module itself and a trim removal tool, but no printed instructions though. The Aliexpress website does cover the different modes the module can be set to but personally I would have preferred the inclusion of some written instructions. I have set it to memory mode and it works perfectly. Only issu
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