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  1. Trentside


    The GL1800 in all her glory. The GL1100 is in the background.
  2. Trentside


    Another biker here, prefer the warmth of summer to ride but keep one of my bikes taxed all year round just in case I fancy a winter ride out. My choice of bike will more than likely send a shiver up the spine of any sports bike riders, I own two Honda Goldwings, a 1983 GL1100 and 2016 GL1800. In choosing the Goldwing I wanted the comfort of a car but on two wheels - I think the Goldwing fits the bill quite nicely. Will be test riding the latest incarnation of the bike on Saturday. The new 2018 model is significantly lighter than my version and is packed with the latest technology. I have already spoken to the dealership about trading in my current bike and much to my surprise we can make the numbers work quite nicely. It all depends on how the latest version performs. I am also restoring a 1975 Suzuki RE5, one of the only Japanese bikes fitted with a rotary engine. As I understand it Suzuki manufactured the rotary engine under license from NSU. Will hopefully have this bike on the road for summer 2020.
  3. Trentside

    What will your next car be?

    I will be giving serious consideration to the Mk8 Golf R, hopefully this new series will incorporate some form of hybrid technology. My thoughts are use the tradition internal combustion engine to drive the front wheels and use electric/battery power for the rear. Ideally, the Mk8 would have the capability to drive on pure electric power only for a few (say 50 or so) miles. I have also thought about the forthcoming hybrid version of the Volvo XC40 - supposedly this will be available to purchase in the next year or so.
  4. Trentside

    Rs battery maint. free?

    Will try and take a few images of the ctek setup tonight. it’s a bit dark in my garage so they may not turn out too good. The trouble with this time of the year in the U.K. is it’s dark when I leave for work and dark when I arrive home! May have to wait until the weekend so I can use natural lighting.
  5. Trentside

    Rs battery maint. free?

    I use a ctek MSX 5.0 charger on the R. I have the quick connector as supplied with the ctek attached to the battery. The positive cable is attached to the battery post and the negative is attached to the negative connector attachment block on the firewall bulkhead. For my motorcycles I use Optimate 4 units. The batteries on my 2 bikes are both sealed units as per the car.
  6. Trentside


    Like a few other Forum members, I also have a preference for the Cadiz alloys. Main reason for opting for the Cadiz was ease of cleaning. My old Golf MK2 Gti had BBS RA alloys fitted as standard and they were an absolute pain to keep clean. All those little 'pockets' where the lattice pattern intersected, I am sure they were specifically designed to hold all the excess dirt and brake dust.
  7. Trentside

    Other cars in your household

    I have access to a few vehicles: Daily driver is a VW High Up! - this has proved to be a really great car. My commute to work is around 8 miles using only rural roads. The Up is giving approx high 50's to the gallon which I personally think is not too bad. Only regret is that I wished I had purchase a 5 door instead of the 3 door version. The Golf R is the Sunday car; it gets cleaned more than it’s driven! I also have a few motorcycles (both Honda Goldwing’s) first one is a GL1100 1983 vintage and a nearly new GL1800 which to be perfectly honest is a bit of a beast. I have a 1974 Suzuki RE5 M Rotary which I am in the process of restoring.
  8. STA-BIL is available in Europe (U.K.) I always use it when I put my motorcycles into winter hibernation mode. You can actually purchase a marine version of STA-BIL which supposedly contains more of the corrosion inhibitors than does the standard variant. When winterising the my bikes I always fill the petrol tank to the brim as it stops any corrosion of the tanks internal surfaces. The use of some form of trickle charger to keep the battery refreshed is another ‘must do’ thing. I use a CTek charger for the Golf R and Optimate 4’s for the bikes. I am lucky enough to have a decent garage with insulated walls, but I still use a dehumidifier to keep condensation at bay.
  9. Trentside

    Hard day today

    Sorry guys, just wanted to bring you back to reality. This is the view from my office desk.
  10. Trentside

    Is the Golf R your Daily Driver?

    I have a VW Up! for my daily driver, the R was purchased as a weekend car. In fact I try not to take the R out on wet roads if at all possible.
  11. Trentside

    Battery chargers

    Phil, I agree with you regarding the ‘confusing ‘ display on the Optimate units. From what I have heard the latest variant of the Optimate (Ver 7) has an improved user interface. I have also thought about adding a Battery-Guard device, this unit lets you view the status of the battery via an App on your mobile phone or tablet device. I must say that being able to check the status of the battery whilst relaxing on the comfort of the sofa does seem rather appealing.
  12. Trentside

    Battery chargers

    For the Golf R I use a CTEK MSX 5.0, the main charger unit is wall mounted with a connection lead which runs to the eyelet connectors which are permanently attached to the cars + & - battery terminals. As the CTEK unit is an intelligent device their is no problem with just connecting it up to the car and then just leave it to do its stuff. The display panel on the unit indicates the status of the charging program. For my motorcycles I have a couple of Optimate 4 charger units. These operate in a very similar principle to the CTEK unit. One advantage of the Optimate unit is that it can be set to charge bikes which use the canbus type electrical system, such as my BMW GS1200.
  13. Trentside

    Turmeric owners - good choice?

    I always pick the colour of cars to suit my individual preference, but I remember the words of my Father when he used to say “remember, at some point in time you will want to sell the car, so opt for a colour that will sell”. I really like Turmeric, on my last visit to the VW dealership they had a car this colour in the showroom and to be perfectly honest it looked really nice. Would I be brave enough to tick this on the options list, probably not.
  14. Trentside

    Boot liner my 7

    I also opted for the genuine VW boot liner, mainly because of the lip on the liners periphery - hopefully this will retain any liquid spillages. It is made from some form of expanded foam type material, and consequently is extremely lightweight. I found this out to my cost when I removed the liner to vacuum the carpet in the car. It was a windy day and a sudden strong gust lifted the liner off the floor and over my fence, deposited it into my next door neighbours back garden. I had to knock on his door and ask for it back - most embarrassing! I also have another (non VW) rubber style liner under the VW foam one, bit of an overkill on my part but I want to keep the car looking nice.
  15. Trentside

    Plans in 2018 for your R's

    In no particular order: Oil Service. Haldex Filter clean. (and oil change) DSG oil change. Have the car professionally detailed (heard good reports about Auto Di Lusso, at Langley Mill, Nr Nottingham - they are quite local to me) and finally..... use the car a bit more, instead of driving my VW Up! all the time.