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  1. For my car test I used the driving instructor’s Hyundai Pony, finished in a rather fetching shade of red if I remember correctly. For my motorcycle test I used my mates Suzuki GT250. The night before my test I had managed to fall off my own bike (Yamaha RD250) after hitting a patch of black ice. I managed to knock the bike back into shape and ride it home, but it was too badly damaged to take the test on. As luck would have it my mate was off work and said I could use his Suzuki for taking the test. Took the test on his bike and passed no problem. Had a few bruises from the crash, but passing the test helped ease the pain!
  2. I have had numerous motorcycle parts powder coated and the finish is pretty much perfect with a uniform smooth gloss coating. I am no expert on this process but I have been told that the quality of the powder used has repercussions on the final finish. The powder coater I trust with my motorcycle parts always used Courtaulds brand coating materials.
  3. Where is the gender fluid option?
  4. New bike just arrived - Honda GL1800 Goldwing. Decided to go for the DCT version as I assume this gearbox operates in a similar fashion to my DSG Golf R. Just need the weather to improve so that I can go for a ride.
  5. Best drying towels, I use Auto Finesse and Kent brands. To dry off the car completely I use a hot air blower to force the water out of all the nooks and crannies. The dryer I use is actually a pet dryer but works perfectly for drying the car (and motorbikes) and they are normally priced a bit cheaper than ‘car’ dryers. Rebecca, who is a Moderator on this forum and has most probably forgotten more about car detailing than I will ever know is probably the best person to advise re your other questions.
  6. Very similar setup in my car. Instead of using Velcro to attach the WiFi dongle I used 3m dual lock tape, this is much stronger than Velcro. The unit works perfectly, even when the car is parked in the garage. I use it primarily to listen to internet radio station MNE1. (used to be known as Camden X)
  7. Just checked my major service report and as Delboy stated the spark plugs are replaced as part of the service schedule. Just out of interest my car only had only covered 13,000 and was first registered in June 2014.
  8. The GL1800 in all her glory. The GL1100 is in the background.
  9. Another biker here, prefer the warmth of summer to ride but keep one of my bikes taxed all year round just in case I fancy a winter ride out. My choice of bike will more than likely send a shiver up the spine of any sports bike riders, I own two Honda Goldwings, a 1983 GL1100 and 2016 GL1800. In choosing the Goldwing I wanted the comfort of a car but on two wheels - I think the Goldwing fits the bill quite nicely. Will be test riding the latest incarnation of the bike on Saturday. The new 2018 model is significantly lighter than my version and is packed with the latest technology. I have already spoken to the dealership about trading in my current bike and much to my surprise we can make the numbers work quite nicely. It all depends on how the latest version performs. I am also restoring a 1975 Suzuki RE5, one of the only Japanese bikes fitted with a rotary engine. As I understand it Suzuki manufactured the rotary engine under license from NSU. Will hopefully have this bike on the road for summer 2020.
  10. I will be giving serious consideration to the Mk8 Golf R, hopefully this new series will incorporate some form of hybrid technology. My thoughts are use the tradition internal combustion engine to drive the front wheels and use electric/battery power for the rear. Ideally, the Mk8 would have the capability to drive on pure electric power only for a few (say 50 or so) miles. I have also thought about the forthcoming hybrid version of the Volvo XC40 - supposedly this will be available to purchase in the next year or so.
  11. Will try and take a few images of the ctek setup tonight. it’s a bit dark in my garage so they may not turn out too good. The trouble with this time of the year in the U.K. is it’s dark when I leave for work and dark when I arrive home! May have to wait until the weekend so I can use natural lighting.
  12. I use a ctek MSX 5.0 charger on the R. I have the quick connector as supplied with the ctek attached to the battery. The positive cable is attached to the battery post and the negative is attached to the negative connector attachment block on the firewall bulkhead. For my motorcycles I use Optimate 4 units. The batteries on my 2 bikes are both sealed units as per the car.
  13. Trentside


    Like a few other Forum members, I also have a preference for the Cadiz alloys. Main reason for opting for the Cadiz was ease of cleaning. My old Golf MK2 Gti had BBS RA alloys fitted as standard and they were an absolute pain to keep clean. All those little 'pockets' where the lattice pattern intersected, I am sure they were specifically designed to hold all the excess dirt and brake dust.
  14. I have access to a few vehicles: Daily driver is a VW High Up! - this has proved to be a really great car. My commute to work is around 8 miles using only rural roads. The Up is giving approx high 50's to the gallon which I personally think is not too bad. Only regret is that I wished I had purchase a 5 door instead of the 3 door version. The Golf R is the Sunday car; it gets cleaned more than it’s driven! I also have a few motorcycles (both Honda Goldwing’s) first one is a GL1100 1983 vintage and a nearly new GL1800 which to be perfectly honest is a bit of a beast. I have a 1974 Suzuki RE5 M Rotary which I am in the process of restoring.
  15. STA-BIL is available in Europe (U.K.) I always use it when I put my motorcycles into winter hibernation mode. You can actually purchase a marine version of STA-BIL which supposedly contains more of the corrosion inhibitors than does the standard variant. When winterising the my bikes I always fill the petrol tank to the brim as it stops any corrosion of the tanks internal surfaces. The use of some form of trickle charger to keep the battery refreshed is another ‘must do’ thing. I use a CTek charger for the Golf R and Optimate 4’s for the bikes. I am lucky enough to have a decent garage with insulated walls, but I still use a dehumidifier to keep condensation at bay.
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