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    Ordered:Mk7 Golf R, Deep Pearl Black, 5dr DSG, Vienna seats, Prets!, Discover Pro, Keyless, Rear view camera,
    Collected on: 11/05/2015

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  1. guy1


    To the club
  2. guy1

    New Limestone Grey owner

    To the club. Nice colour
  3. guy1

    New R wagon owner

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  4. guy1

    Cadiz standing water

    I use a pet blower to blow out the water on the entire car. Does a great job!
  5. guy1

    new member

    To the club. Nice colour choice
  6. guy1

    Just signed up

    To the club. DSG
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    To the club
  8. guy1

    Bought my first Volkswagen...Golf 7 R

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  9. guy1

    Shocking "R" behavior

    To be honest i think they have gone mad
  10. guy1

    Had my R just over a week

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  11. guy1

    New owner - Southwest

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  12. guy1

    Prison sentence for car theft

  13. guy1

    New car!

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    Hello - new Mk7.5 owner

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    New owner

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