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  1. Sorry to hear. Hope everyone is ok
  2. @Booth11 Thanks Rebecca, Thanks to you and the forum members, I've learnt a lot with regards to detailing and enjoyed the process thoroughly. It attracts a lot of attention wherever I go and also brings back the old memories of when I first had it. Waiting for the long delay of the MK8 R, the MK2 will stay forever. 😃
  3. Thanks mate. It was pretty immaculate when I bought it. I did change the clutch and serviced it. I have also given it a good clean inside and out. So not much really.
  4. Sorry to hear about your wait. I ordered at the end of Oct 21 too and have been told by my dealer, at JCB Medway, that I am looking around the first quarter of next year. I think I will get it around March 23, luckily for me I am not really in a hurry as I bought a Golf GTi Mark 2 in the mean while which I am planning to keep, here's some photos of it.
  5. Good luck. Looking great 👍 When did you order
  6. Hi guys, Ordered end of October 2021. Just got the following email from my dealer: hope your all well ,i checked your golfs again for you and unfortunately i am still unable to get any build weeks from Volkswagen uk .Because of the on going situation in the Ukraine [supply of sub components and the semi conductor situation ]it has produced this backlog of orders at the factory ,i can fully appreciate you disappointment at the moment ,i am constantly checking the situation ,if i can get any further information, i will contact you asap .Assuring you of my personal atten
  7. Lights look really nice suits the car 👍
  8. Spoke to VW on live chat today and got the following response.
  9. This is what i have i think its great bit of kit. Hope it helps. DTUK Pedal Box Plus
  10. Happy birthday Becs
  11. Very nice spec you have This is the spec what i have ordered. 2nd golf 8R Deep Pearl Black Rear View Camera Winter Pack R Performance Pack DCC 2 year service plan Estimated delivery April/ May 2022 Ordered Oct 2021
  12. Vw Customer service don't have a clue
  13. Looks amazing. You can not go wrong with this colour 👍
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