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    Ordered:Mk7 Golf R, Deep Pearl Black, 5dr DSG, Vienna seats, Prets!, Discover Pro, Keyless, Rear view camera,
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  1. To the club. Great looking car and colour
  2. I checked the tracker this morning and my car is now with the dealer! It's finally here! Will wait for them to get in touch...
  3. i was looking at the same ones just wanted to make sure if they are any good
  4. Can you send the link please and did you buy for both screens Thanks
  5. I think he copied and paste from this forum 😃
  6. The tracker has been updated to Stage 6- Arrived in the UK this morning! 😁
  7. This car was at Midlands Car Care in Walsall. Came in with 30 miles on the clock and had quite a few swirls marks on it. Looks great now though! This one has a performance pack with Goodyears and Akra. Anyone on here own this? 👀
  8. And it looks awesome
  9. Mine is still stuck on Stage 5c, will let you know if I notice it changes!
  10. I think both of our cars will be arriving at the same time
  11. I got an email from JCB Medway today and they have told me my car will be ready for collection by the 3rd week of May. I will probably try and arrange the collection for the first week of June. Looking forward to it!
  12. Two biggest clowns i have seen for 30 seconds. That was the max i could watch
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