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    Ordered:Mk7 Golf R, Deep Pearl Black, 5dr DSG, Vienna seats, Prets!, Discover Pro, Keyless, Rear view camera,
    Collected on: 11/05/2015

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  1. guy1

    Golf r stolen video

    Yes it has its in birmingham
  2. guy1

    Hello All!

    To the club
  3. They don't give a s**t about other people’s property. He still did not say any thing to the kid. I hope you get him to pay for the damage and shame him.😡
  4. guy1

    Hey up.

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  5. guy1

    New Member

    To the club. what car are you driving
  6. guy1

    OBDeleven Pro - members area thread

    Received my OBD11 Pro today. Still need to buy Android phone West London
  7. guy1

    New member

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  8. guy1

    Good morning from a noob

    To the club. whats the spec
  9. Filled mine today Tesco momentum £123.9
  10. guy1

    Remove number plate adhesive pads

    Yes it should do the trick. It will remove it
  11. guy1


    To the club
  12. guy1

    And another new owner

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  13. guy1

    How would your rate the Golf R?

    I would rate it a 9/10. It's a great all rounder and ticks pretty much every box the only thing is - The sound of exhaust is lacking - Small turning circle
  14. guy1


    To the club