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  1. Had a quick look to see if anyone had posted this before, couldn't see anything so apologies if this is repeated information: http://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/2017-volkswagen-golf-r-facelift-spotted-estate-form Hope they give it a bit of a power boost. I am going to hold off sorting out my next car until some more info is released.
  2. Is that with VAT included? I have just cancelled my R order due to the long lead time and been offered the above in estate form, 1 x 23 at £328 including vat plus £360 for processing fee. This also includes delivery on a truck 400 miles away. Haven't paid a huge amount of attention to the Leon deals but know they were very good. Just wondering if what I have been offered is competitive compared to what has been around recently?
  3. I had basically all but ordered my R. Until I got an email yesterday saying that it is not going to be delivered until Feb at the earliest. My current lease runs out at the end of Nov so considering my options, don't know what to do! It's either use my brothers Smart Roadster for that time which constantly breaks down - and I am 6'3, and stick with it. Find something else to lease that isn't a R which offers great value for money and no more per month (was going to be paying £327 incl vat, 1 month initial payment). Or buy a car. If I did that then I'd looking at things which are no more than
  4. Both manual and auto are great - depends what you use them for if the extra cost of the dsg needs to be considered. Well I have a windows phone! Does absolutely everything an iphone does for a fraction of the cost and the battery last 2 or 3 days without having to charge. You can't get Tinder on it though. No contest, dogs. Cats are dicks. Need....no. But preferable. Estate looks horrendous and takes away the only very nice looking bit of the R. If you took a lease when they were at £200-odd pounds a month then you'd be paying less than what the car would depreciate ov
  5. So it does! But after I gave them a call, the prices they actually quoted me were higher? I am asking for a 1 down term but didn't think that would change the total over the 2 years much - I also don't want a 5 door so not too disappointed (told me they didn't have any 3 doors even though the manual is on their site). What they quoted me was about £9400 over the 2 years and that didn't include metallic paint. So I would bite their hand off if they have given you that quote. I have settled for a quote I had saved from weeks ago (the day before the prices went up) which is a 3 door in lime
  6. Baring in mind that the above excludes VAT and processing fee so works out about £8850 for the manual. Best deal at the moment is with CVL for the estate which works out around £7400 including VAT depending on how you split payment and mileage etc. https://www.centralukvehicleleasing.co.uk/vehicle/choose_your_lease/75538/volkswagen/golf/20_tsi_r_5dr_dsg_nav.html
  7. Found them on ebay from a company called F1 Tyres - have good feedback so hopefully alright. They arrived after a few days, just waiting for a guy I know to come round and fit them (doing it as a homer for £12.50 each) and he will inspect them to see if they are good - if not I will return them.
  8. I just bought a pair of part worn Bridgestone S001's for £33 each. They have 4.9mm tread left. Not the best tyre but will see me over the line as the car goes back in a couple of months. Didn't want the worry for that time and keep on having to check how much tread I had left, plus have a bit more grip in the wet.
  9. Yeah that's pretty good at the moment if all that includes VAT.
  10. Despite a recent post on another topic I am still considering an estate for my next car (rather than the hatch). If I go for it the only 2 colour options for me are night blue and limestone. I have been searching for some good photos of both from a few angles, but they are few and far between. I don't suppose I could trouble you for some on here? Or, if you could point me in the right direction that would be great.
  11. ..ok after a quick search I found quite a few on ebay etc that are part worn and are the correct size. Didn't appreciate how easy that would be! Quite a few say 'XL' after though, not sure if that makes a difference. But reckon that's the answer.
  12. I am with VWFS also. They sent me the BVRLA Industry Fair Wear and Tear Standard booklet which reads: 'All tyres, including any spare, must meet minimum UK legal requirements and comply with the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations of tyre type, class*, size and speed rating for the vehicle' Then the asterix bit underneath says: 'replacement tyres should be in the same class as those which are sold on the new vehicle.' So a bit confused as to what the manufacturers recommendations are and what the same class is. I am assuming that means I can't put on some cheap rubbish? Finding
  13. Ah, was 160g/km 2 years ago when I leased. Still, point remains, he should be speaking to his accountant about his situation. If I could be getting free, reliable accounting advice from folk on a car forum I would be doing it all the time and save myself some money
  14. Hey, just wondering - says in the fair wear and tear guide that the tyres just have to be legal before the car is handed back. On of mine (bridgestones) is at about 2mm with a few hundred miles to go before handing it back (was on the front, now on the rear). So probably going to be cutting it fine for whether it is going to be fine or not. First, any opinions on if it will last a circa 3-400 miles on b-roads from folk who have had these tyres? As if not I may as well replace it now and not worry about it for the next couple of months. If I were to change it, could I just put a cheapo tyr
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