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  1. Yes it’s stage 2, I’ve got VCDS and I’ll check that torque limiting one, do u know if that’s the description that is used? Sure I’ve checked starting vibration and it either wasn’t there or I couldn’t change like u say. Mine is unicorn mate, was ur issues with the 7speed box?? I know that LC won’t activate until the engine oil is up to temp so would imagine it also wouldn’t allow it if it wasn’t up to a certain temp. As mentioned I’ll check the torque limitation
  2. I’d say yes in my situation as if u get it to shift at like 6k it’s quicker than sitting there thinking about it like that video shows. My other problem is, it won’t always respond to the paddle, I’ll pull it and nothing! So it’ll sit there till it decides itself. Proper annoying!
  3. Try and grab a video next time your doing some runs, be interesting to see as ur dip is almost identical to mine! Do u launch at full revs, like 4K?
  4. Get one mate, it is a perfectly valid reason to change [emoji57]
  5. This is what I’m trying to explain
  6. Fast time that mate!! Seeing as you have a 7 speed and ur mapped both engine and DSG, how are u finding the launch? Does it shift from 1st > 2nd perfect or do u find it hesitates before changing? Only reason I ask is mine seems to hesitate if u leave it to upshift itself, and my dragy graph looks very similar to urs, where u have that little dip on the G’s which must be the hesitation. This is one of my severe ones : And here a good shift
  7. This leaves the res in place, this connects to the clamp just in front of the res. Would be worth spending the extra £20-40 to get a 3” one
  8. I have black 19” CM reps and the powder coat finish is pretty bad! Really orange peely and a few runs! They also came in the wrong size from what was advertised, they are 8.5” wide not 8”!! There was also paint missing on one wheel behind the spokes. I spoke to CM about this an they did offer to allow me to return them even though they didn’t have to as had fitted tyres. But they gave me the money to have the 1 wheel re painted. I didn’t want to send them back due to the fact I’d fitted tyres and I’d be left looking for wheels again They seem to be a solid wheel, already hit a few big potholes an expected to find damage and they are still all good!
  9. Have you got the part number for this part, it doesn’t seem to be listed on that diagram, it’s the very bottom black bit
  10. Don’t suppose you have the part numbers for the above items do you?? I’ve damaged No 20 and also the very bottom black piece that goes onto the bottom of the bumper not sure if it’s No17 in that pic, or if that is part of the lower grill. Any help would be appreciate
  11. I didn’t need to on the drivers side but with the passenger side being the shorter shaft I had to
  12. Where did you get the spoiler from mate? Been after one of these, is it the genuine VW one?
  13. If u have the car in race/ individual I find you have to cycle through all the modes back to the one you were in and have the gearbox in S or S then over to manual to get the pops back after a restart, it’s as if the car forgets until u do this, works every time for me when u do this
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