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  1. monkeyhanger

    I killed my R

    I've had a buggered Turbo, and mine was a May 2015 build, not sure what revision it was, wouldn't have been the first release, might've been a late 2nd or early 3rd. My failure wasn't catastrophic though, it just failed to spin up on a few occasions and was then replaced.
  2. monkeyhanger

    Should all my exhaust be open?

    Pipe down! :tongue:
  3. monkeyhanger

    How low is too low? - tyre tread depth

    I'd be interested to know how well my tyres wear, considering my wheels have been realigned by VW 3 times when I was having regular ACC issues and they were recalibrating it.
  4. monkeyhanger

    Oil Light?

    If it's just the yellow light warning, no harm done but I would be looking to top it up as soon as possible, stop to top up unless I was literally 5 miles from home (and take it easy getting it there). My R has used a smidge in almost 7k miles. I did have a Golf GT 140TDI PD that was thirsty for the oil - it had a motorway run in after picking up from a dealership in Preston, driving it down to Southampton, taking it on the ferry to Le Havre and then back up to Newcastle in the space of 4 days. Its first 800 miles was sat on the motorway at 2200revs in 6th at 80mph. 350 miles in I got the yellow warning and it took a litre. 400 miles later it took another litre. Thereafter it did a litre in every 1500 miles. I'm convinced it was for the very easy run-in, I haven't seen oil thirst on any of my other VWs bought from new, but I don't baby it on run-in either, lots of variety.
  5. I'd say so - I chopped in a Scirocco (with gen 1 DCC as standard) for a MK7 GTD without DCC and found the ride better. My MK5 Golf GT Sport 170TDI was woefully crashy in comparison. I'd say my R on Prets has a noticeably better ride than the MK5 on 17", my GTD on 18" wheels was a little less "knobbly" on poor surfaces. If you want to be sure, go have a test drive or 2. If you have DCC on your MK6 and don't spend all your time in Comfort, you might find DCC a waste, the MK7 has a much better chassis than the previous generation (for handling and ride comfort). If you sit at 60/65mph on the motorway you might see 40mpg. 30-32mpg is what you will get if you sit at 80 on the motorway. I have a relatively uncluttered 20 mile each way commute and see about 33mpg in the Winter, might push 35mpg in the Summer. If you are stuck in traffic on a regular basis or do short journeys, you'll be in the mid 20s.
  6. Eco is a waste of time unless you like really light steering, keep it in Race, mpg differences? Never seen any on the MK7 GTD or R between Eco and Race/Sport, the throttle response is duller in Eco, so you push harder. When I jump back into my R after driving the wife's Audi A1 1.6TDI, the steering feels massively heavier for a couple of minutes. If mpg is your priority then the you'll see more with a manual box (hopefully mpg isn't a huge consideration for you, otherwise an R isn't the best choice). 19" wheels without DCC is comfier and more compliant than MK5/6 ride on 17"/18" wheels, with 18" wheels most would easily do without DCC as it's a little softer again.
  7. monkeyhanger

    Michellin pilot super sports 88Y or 92Y

    Did they tell you your £75 voucher was coming, or did it just drop through the letterbox unannounced? I haven't had an acknowledgement email for my application or anything else, although I was late submitting the application, only did about 10 days ago, despite getting my tyres on day 1 of the promotion.
  8. monkeyhanger

    Michellin pilot super sports 88Y or 92Y

    That is usually the case, however I got some new ones at Costco 3 weeks ago (235/35 R19 91Y) when the latest redemption deal started (£75 Costco voucher for 4 tyres). I checked a few days before, expecting to have to order them in and to my surprise they had 16 in. The Costco lad didn't believe it either, they were stashed away from the main display wall of racked tyres. They almost always have 18" Michelin PS3s in stock, never seen any 18" PSS there as general stock ever. BTW, the PSS are amazing - completely planted, unlike the slippery Bridgestones.
  9. monkeyhanger

    How do you 'own' your car?

    Everyone's old when you're 15 years old (except your little sister).
  10. monkeyhanger

    How do you 'own' your car?

    Here's a poll for you...What did you drive before your R? More than a few leasers got shot of an old Saxo/Corsa/Clio to lease an R, what will they be driving next if there isn't a decent lease deals when they need to give their R back? To lease the same again right now most are looking at an extra £2500 over the term. Nowt wrong with leasing if you can jump on a great deal when it materialises, but what if it isn't there when it's time to change? The cheap leases came off the back of unusually high GFVs available at the time (never seen any car with over 60% of RRP retained at 3 years unless it has been seriously limited in availability) and anticipated high residuals. If those lease companies didn't have guarantees of 2 year old value (going to VW dealer used stock perhaps?) then they're going to get their fingers burnt over the next 6-8 months as those R's get disposed of.
  11. monkeyhanger

    How do you 'own' your car?

    . Who paid £4.5k over 2 years to lease the R? Nor a single person. About £180 a month and no deposit down? Carry on dreaming.
  12. monkeyhanger

    How do you 'own' your car?

    Owned outright. The cheap leases are gone, adding options to a lease is prohibitively expensive (if that's what you want). I'd prefer to buy outright than lease on current deals, though i'd probably rather lease than PCP if going light on the options. Bought outright also gives me the flexibility to change on my terms, when I want to.
  13. monkeyhanger

    Night Blue vs Lapiz Blue

    I do like grey cars, but i'm not a fan of CG in certain lights - it can look quite green for a grey. My fave shade of Grey was Pewter Grey on the Scirocco which had a violet hue to it. If that was available on the R i'd have had it in a heartbeat. DBP would've been my second choice, i've had it on 2 previous Polos and a Golf. A metallic mid red would probably tempt me next time.
  14. monkeyhanger

    Manual R stiff and clunky gears

    Ask for a test drive in one of their used stock (as it'll have had some miles on it) and see if yours is like theirs.
  15. monkeyhanger

    Change oil service schedule

    I changed mine myself at 1500 miles, new filter and sump plug (new plug probably not required, but as it is plastic and a few quid, I wasn't taking the risk), and 6L of Castrol Edge (at less than £7/L on an Amazon special) £54 all in and an absolute doddle. Never done it before - I think it was mainly the paranoia of the early failures of a few Rs, having a fair bit more power than i'm used to and not having had a petrol car for a very long time (this is my first petrol bought brand new, i've had 8 new TDI VWs (diesel fuel being a natural lubricant is reassuring). Fixed servicing request messages from the car will be at around 9300 miles (ignore it for 700 miles) as the interval is actually set for 15000km.