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  1. My FL 3 is woeful in town. Like shocking. Do a lot of driving in an around Edinburgh and I can be anywhere from 12-18 mpg. Seen as low as 9 in standstill traffic. On the motorway driving like a saint 30 - 35. Long term average having had the car since new for 6 months is 23mpg - 6500 miles now
  2. No mate, I’m a long way away from you, up here in bonnie Scotland Would be keen to take it on track, but well aware it’s not a car suited to track, so many other more capable cars like the GTI Clubsport. Track days aren’t really what I’m interested in, glorious noise and quick in gear acceleration is for motorway duals suit me just fine. If the RS3 was only 5k of a difference then every punter would have one, kind of glad I don’t see many on the road, hopefully means residuals will stay strong, unlike my R which dropped like a f*cking stone After three years, low mileage and a decent deposit the car was 2k negative equity. Thankfully it was a PCP so I just handed the keys back
  3. Let me get to stage 2 then and see how the 100 plus of difference is across all four wheels...stage 2 like for like 👍🏻 Lucky I should have a proper engine full stop lol. All jokes aside, I really did rate my R! Was Manual too...miss that on tight twisty roads
  4. I have a FL RS3 APR stage 1, having come from a Golf R previously, the 15k plus is more than worth it time and time again for that noise. 475bhp and 505lb ft...good luck keeping up with that
  5. I’ve had my FL RS3 since March and went stage 1 last month, APR. On the dyno it made 475bhp and 505lb ft...the thing just flys! Sounds unreal as well, like crazy good!!!!! No brainier, but I would say that
  6. FBF


    black badges with spacers (15mm on the rear with 12 up front) Makes such a difference. Make that your 2nd mod lol
  7. FBF


    Lol, well Tesco for momentum! It’s 1.27 here, V Power appears to be 1.42-1.46! My lowest MPG was few weeks ago in the bad snow, 6.9mpg lol
  8. FBF


    My long term average is 18 lol. Round Edinburgh I’m getting between 11 and 13. Back home after work 16-18. Motorway, which I rarely do, 34 if driving like my grandma.
  9. FBF


    Also have a Nardo RS3. Collected it in March, love it, shame the fuel economy is woeful! Sounds insane, especially in dynamic/sports mode. Wait till 2k miles on clock, just seems to get better. Ive opted for black front and rear Audi badges, as well a rear black RS3 badge....totally transforms the look, must IMO, as the silver against the nardo just looks wrong! You can order them off a guy from Instagram. Sure it was only 30 quid
  10. Yeh the R is going back. Should go back the 1st of April but asking for them to collect 1st March, don’t want to insure two cars. Month earlier but il have paid for it so don’t see any issues. Been in negative equity for the last year and a half and it’s just not got any better. 19k outstanding on the finance and offered 16k lol. Loved it though! Just keen to get back to Audi
  11. Wanted that along with the pano roof but it was just blowing my budget!
  12. PCP my good man. 4 year term. Gone for: Sportback Nardo Black Styling Pack Gloss black wheels Black roof rails Red calipers Super Sport seats Extended interior upholstery Hill hold Folding mirrors Sports Exhaust Will tint the windows prior to collection and fit some spacers perhaps.
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