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    Holidays, driving fast, tropical fish, car shows, sunny days,Silverstone,brands hatch spending money on other half (Not all of it...just some... to make it look good ;-)

    Last motor: 13 plate Citroen DS3 THP 155 Dsport, mapped, full turbo back 63.5mm Bastuck exhaust with 200cspi sports cat, uprated bits as wheels, recirculation valve, lowered suspension, sai-kou michi catch can, air intake etc.

    Nicely upgraded, but still only running 200+ BHP. So rather than spend lots money, small return, opted to get an R, and wait the long wait.

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  1. chris_blue

    Hi all. Deciding whether to put my deposit down

    This was my first post way back in January 2014. Was going to get an R whatever happened. Eventually took a 24 month lease on advice from members here, on December 14th 2015. Ive had it the full 2 years, 20150 miles of great fun. Its just been picked up and driven off today :-( Tuning and pedal box installed, but took the tuning box off after 6 weeks, as didnt like the additional insurance premium. Never really went above 120mph anyway. lol. Scariest moment when i took it on Silverstone and on first corner a BMW spun out about 6 foot in front of me. Still wanted to track cars tho, so got hold of a Clio 172 and modified and spent about £2k on that That is now my daily, at least for a few months until i choose my next lease Thinking of leasing although i may buy. But leasing and getting a new car every couople years or so is great The R is fab, (Thanks for the memories) just sometimes its nice to have something different Will pop back to see how my items are selling :-)
  2. My R deal is up mid December, and fancy a change. You still posting up deals? You havent seem to have had for last few months Go on- post up a corker.... Loved the Pug 208 gti for £60. One of them will do... :-)
  3. chris_blue

    What car to buy next after the golf r?

    my R goes soon, as i havent used the perfromance as much as i thought, 300bhp isnt really needed thinking slightly smaller round 200bhp, Pug 208 gti special editions look good, even the VW Polo tfsi gti 1.8 whatever it is
  4. chris_blue

    Who's handed their R back in 2017 or due to?

    Mines going back December. got couple thou miles to put on it yet :-) Bit miffed it hasnt seen any snow.... Got a Clio (Track car road legal) for a runabout until nest arch, but will downsize to 200bhp i think And i love the French :-)))))))
  5. Anyone considering? Or a no goer?
  6. chris_blue

    The Saga Continues!

    Bit cheapr i suspect, and not as much to go wrong Anyway- i'm too overweight.. for a bicycle :-)
  7. chris_blue

    The Saga Continues!

    after reading this thread, my next modus transportationatus is a bleedin bicycle
  8. Couple of other members from here, and myself, met up to go to TRAX last year 2016. Was a really good day, enjoyed the Guys company If anyone fancies meeting up to go to general parking area again, then post up. MacDonalds at sillymorningoclock i think Very large meet- several thousand Track time was fab :-) Need 5 (Paid) for a Clubstand, but couldnt manage it last year, although a lot were interested
  9. Did a drive by the Chalet, on my way to Horsham for a meet, just saw Minis in the car park, must ave ad the time wrong Only went by on the off chance anyways
  10. chris_blue

    Lease Rs - what's the issue?

    If a car, whatever car, has a warranty period left, then why not buy and get rid before warranty expires I had the R 12 months before my excitement waned, and then started thinking of another car Modern day cars are built to last more than 5 years before problem set in IMO other than exceptional circumstances (Parts failure)
  11. chris_blue

    Delivery damage

    Dont see why you cant be given (And have fitted) a new white bonnet, and use the car till it arrives Contact VW HQ Direct No- its not acceptable
  12. chris_blue

    A funny thing happened when Selling my R

    Must admit I am a bit bored after 12 months Its just soooooo perfect, and Germanically precise
  13. chris_blue

    Happy Christmas from the Admin team

    Happy Christmas to all. Wonder what i will be driving this time next year... suspect a Clio for a bit, to wait for the 2018 plates :-) S3 or 4 for a change maybe.. not really an idea yet Maybe even back to a DS3 Performance Black. Wonder if any of you (Especially leasers) are changing to something else?
  14. chris_blue

    Merry Xmas Wo-Wo

    Yes- echo that. Thanks for the card Wo-Wo
  15. chris_blue

    Lease Car delivery, issues

    To answer OP. No your not being pushy I dont moan much about service nowadays, CBA, but think i might about your situation