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    Holidays, driving fast, tropical fish, car shows, sunny days,Silverstone,brands hatch spending money on other half (Not all of it...just some... to make it look good ;-)

    Last motor: 13 plate Citroen DS3 THP 155 Dsport, mapped, full turbo back 63.5mm Bastuck exhaust with 200cspi sports cat, uprated bits as wheels, recirculation valve, lowered suspension, sai-kou michi catch can, air intake etc.

    Nicely upgraded, but still only running 200+ BHP. So rather than spend lots money, small return, opted to get an R, and wait the long wait.

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  1. This was my first post way back in January 2014. Was going to get an R whatever happened. Eventually took a 24 month lease on advice from members here, on December 14th 2015. Ive had it the full 2 years, 20150 miles of great fun. Its just been picked up and driven off today :-( Tuning and pedal box installed, but took the tuning box off after 6 weeks, as didnt like the additional insurance premium. Never really went above 120mph anyway. lol. Scariest moment when i took it on Silverstone and on first corner a BMW spun out about 6 foot in front of me. Still wanted to track cars tho, so got hold of a Clio 172 and modified and spent about £2k on that That is now my daily, at least for a few months until i choose my next lease Thinking of leasing although i may buy. But leasing and getting a new car every couople years or so is great The R is fab, (Thanks for the memories) just sometimes its nice to have something different Will pop back to see how my items are selling :-)
  2. my R goes soon, as i havent used the perfromance as much as i thought, 300bhp isnt really needed thinking slightly smaller round 200bhp, Pug 208 gti special editions look good, even the VW Polo tfsi gti 1.8 whatever it is
  3. Mines going back December. got couple thou miles to put on it yet :-) Bit miffed it hasnt seen any snow.... Got a Clio (Track car road legal) for a runabout until nest arch, but will downsize to 200bhp i think And i love the French :-)))))))
  4. Bit cheapr i suspect, and not as much to go wrong Anyway- i'm too overweight.. for a bicycle :-)
  5. after reading this thread, my next modus transportationatus is a bleedin bicycle
  6. Couple of other members from here, and myself, met up to go to TRAX last year 2016. Was a really good day, enjoyed the Guys company If anyone fancies meeting up to go to general parking area again, then post up. MacDonalds at sillymorningoclock i think Very large meet- several thousand Track time was fab :-) Need 5 (Paid) for a Clubstand, but couldnt manage it last year, although a lot were interested
  7. Did a drive by the Chalet, on my way to Horsham for a meet, just saw Minis in the car park, must ave ad the time wrong Only went by on the off chance anyways
  8. If a car, whatever car, has a warranty period left, then why not buy and get rid before warranty expires I had the R 12 months before my excitement waned, and then started thinking of another car Modern day cars are built to last more than 5 years before problem set in IMO other than exceptional circumstances (Parts failure)
  9. Dont see why you cant be given (And have fitted) a new white bonnet, and use the car till it arrives Contact VW HQ Direct No- its not acceptable
  10. Must admit I am a bit bored after 12 months Its just soooooo perfect, and Germanically precise
  11. Happy Christmas to all. Wonder what i will be driving this time next year... suspect a Clio for a bit, to wait for the 2018 plates :-) S3 or 4 for a change maybe.. not really an idea yet Maybe even back to a DS3 Performance Black. Wonder if any of you (Especially leasers) are changing to something else?
  12. Yes- echo that. Thanks for the card Wo-Wo
  13. To answer OP. No your not being pushy I dont moan much about service nowadays, CBA, but think i might about your situation
  14. Take it off. I did mine They (VW Dealer) took a video of what they did to my car and emailed it to me (Quite impressed actually) Would have died if they said "your warranty is now void" Actually, as much as i loved my DTUK, Ive now sold, as insurance premium went up for some reason, and have bought a Track Clio to play with VW R Still pretty damn quick as standard, especially with the pedal box (Took that off too)
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