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  1. I was going to suggest CV grease, that's a dark green black colour but it would be thrown all over the inner of the wheel if one of the boots had failed. Still, as above worth taking the wheel off and having a good old look around.
  2. No worries dude Decent info out there is all any of us want/need.
  3. The post above is all you need 👍 I can recommend Tayna too having bought from them. Do a quick google as there's a 5% discount code out there too.
  4. Rumour is (your post kind of verifies it) the exhaust valving is biased to the driver side to enhance the noise heard from the driver seat. Problem is, they don't swap it over for right hand drive so it's the wrong side for us.
  5. The car charges the battery when the engine is running - that should be obvious, particularly to someone "in the trade". It has specific charging routines depending on the type of battery that is fitted - that is the crucial bit. Shortening the battery life is one thing, seriously overcharging a battery can be exceptionally dangerous, oh and there are warnings in the service manual about the battery conditioning circuits, but you've read those haven't you? You clearly don't understand this function so it's probably best you don't advise people on it.
  6. I think that means we agree I'm interested to see graphs to see how smooth the torque deliver is and so on. Can't wait for the pubs to open, so many people with sooooo much they've been saving up lol
  7. Quite. Never mind the under/over charging potential to harm the battery life, unless the replacement is identical it could actually be dangerous. Part of the coding required sets the charging profile - different battery types need different charging patterns. It's all well looking for workarounds but manufacturers don't put things in for the sake of it as it bumps up their manufacturing costs. Not like it's exclusive tech either to lock third parties out as all battery outlets can do the coding from a simple handheld device.
  8. Does it drive the way you want? Does it have more grunt? If so, then job's a good 'un. Dyno figures are only for back to back runs when modifying and pub bullshit.
  9. Good Luck Penguin hope you get a decent drive on collection. I have visions of the Yorks moors being a bit...😂
  10. Please do not insinuate I am talking about/believing or discussing conspiracy theories. Your stand point is alien in the UK, simple as that. I have friends in the US that hold the same opinion as I do of your chief idiot, I know it's not all of you - however, that doesn't mean your country isn't batshit crazy and doing things at odds with medical advice. Behaviour that is funnily enough contrary to the advice in our part of the world. Your claim to work for a respected medial centre sums it up really. If it were really respected it's advice would be in line with the majority of the world and your perspective would be entirely different. But hey, you feel free to question if we need to keep ourselves safe from the virus. I'm oot.
  11. I'm not sure the American, f**k the people let's get on with economy, it's all a conspiracy/the virus doesn't exist sits well with opinion in the UK. You're suggesting the medical opinions (as that's what we're using not some orange fuckwit with dementia) is worthless or that they know nothing - it isn't speculation - and that my friend is ridiculous. It might be best to step away from that aspect of the convo and leave well alone as it's only going to end in conflict.
  12. phazer

    Social Distancing

    Many years ago when the garage queen was my daily driver I parked in a totally empty carpark to pop in to pick something up. When I came out a fiesta had parked so close to the drivers door I couldn't get in. Had to clamber over the passenger side and move it. I can only assume it done on purpose out of jealousy. I'm not proud of what I did (early 20's) but perhaps they never repeated the same trick.
  13. phazer

    Social Distancing

    I'm afraid it was soft close toilet seats that made me play nice 😂 No excuses then though.
  14. I loved the VC in my TTS, super nice with the large rev counter in the middle etc much more colourful than the VW version. They could do soo much more with it though, it seems artificially limited at the moment. I do like some old fashioned well designed dials though.
  15. Audi's is *loads* better. That said, when some of the novelty wears off it's still only a dash.
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