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  1. No need to apologise, however gangs having something worth stabbing each other over normally means innocent people have been involved somewhere
  2. You've seen the moped gangs attacking motorbike couriers? You've seen the gangs robbing jewellers in broad daylight? You've seen the gangs running drugs businesses? You've seen the gangs robbing (with increasing violence) keys from people/homes for cars? How many more things do they need to be doing before we class it as affecting innocents? Just because at the current time they are not stabbing randoms to death doesn't mean we shouldn't deal with them and at least attempt to tackle the problem (however fanciful that might seem).
  3. phazer

    Dealers to avoid or recommend

    So many people slate them round these parts so I wouldn't get your hopes up, though I hope it goes well for you.
  4. So, what is the answer or what do we do? Disclosure, I'm white, but I will say I don't care what colour someone is though I do have issues with what is happening in our society. Some communities appear to have particular problems - black youths in London appear to be highly likely to be stabbed to death in some gang related violence and so on. I understand the reluctance to engage with the Police, past experience makes me the same but when do we take responsibility and exterminate the undesirable behaviour - I think you're alluding to sorting out between interested parties but that can't happen across the board in a country like ours. I think in our considerations we have to exclude the Police as they're regarded as ineffective irrespective of the "community" (we all live together I don't care for segregation based on colour religion or otherwise) you belong to and look at our own local area and start to take back control about what is and isn't acceptable. Sorry for rambling but all of this is deeply disturbing and I don't believe it's helpful to say this kid is innocent just because he's 14 - our expectation is that a 14 year old can't be doing these terrible things so we should be full of regret....the fact that he was and that he wasn't a "little polite boy" should wake us up to the issues we're facing. Well, that's pretty depressing. Soz.
  5. phazer

    VW Caught out again

    It has the RS exhausts and word is it sounded very much like it has the Audi 5 cylinder fitted. It was doing the rounds as a possible VW test but I think it was confirmed as an enthusiasts car.
  6. phazer

    Attempted break in for car keys?

    Seems cheap? Didn't she say it was eleventy hundred pounds? and yes agreed, but then absolute shambles seems to be the top recruitment priority for our politicians at the moment.
  7. phazer

    Attempted break in for car keys?

    She's so incompetent she probably thinks these scrotes are delivering new cars/bikes/mopeds to people
  8. Make sure they don't cut your trim/your cables routed behind said trim or your headliner....they seem to bugger mini's up for fun
  9. Word doing the rounds is that the lock pops with a strike from a hammer.....I don't like them as way back when in the 90's bar steering locks were popular they'd just cut the wheel, this one is prone to the same attack.
  10. That's not a Disklok though....it's the one that's easily removable
  11. phazer

    Should Rs Have Fog Lights?

    It's rarely foggy enough to warrant a rear fog light. What has started to happen here is that idiots put them on when its raining hard so all you can see is a blur of bright red light reducing your visibility. Careful what you wish for Regarding fronts, the only time I ever used them on a foggy dark morning they were useless, they just lit the fog up obscuring anything in front. The fog just reflects it back at you. Seems that manufacturers are dropping them anyway so it's a moot point. With my LED lights I have a button that does some funky stuff for fog and also one to reduce reflections when it's raining hard.
  12. phazer

    Golf r to s3 saloon

    They are small (well as much as a modern car can be called small!), would imagine the 5 door is a bit better but yes absolutely the Golf is much better as an all rounder if you need the space
  13. phazer

    Golf r to s3 saloon

    Very good point. I had a B7 A4 Avant to cart our two large dogs around. The squarish opening made it ideal and they could both stand up ok. The B8 A4 had the "sports" roof line and it ruined a large amount of the boot space so only one dog would have been able to stand up and move around. All manufacturers seem to be going this way, perhaps it's for aero and fuel economy I don't know, so bought a T5 instead, they have loads of room
  14. phazer

    Golf r to s3 saloon

    And yet you got an insurance quote for one 🤣 I may not want one as my own every day but having the opportunity to nick the keys for some fun. Hell yeah. Missing out on something that much fun as you can't be seen in a "girls car" is cutting your nose off. ETTO.
  15. phazer

    Golf r to s3 saloon

    And it belongs my wife, I have a hairdresser's car 😂