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  1. It is made and discredited by the same group It's just an excuse for ball achingly loud exhausts on certain bikes. hateful sounding things that they are. I would argue that if someone isn't using their mirrors and paying attention they won't notice a loud noise somewhere in the vacinity. I've seen plenty oblivious to a Police car or Ambulance behind them with blues and two's in full swing, how the f you don't notice that.....
  2. This has come up lots on biker forums and so on following the "noise camera" debate. It's straw man. You don't need a loud exhaust for a driver to see a biker - if your mirrors are set correctly and you're paying attention you'll see them before hearing them anyway. There apparently are lots of bikers who feel that saying a loud exhaust is useful for safety detracts from the wider and more important safety aspects. Besides the tones a motorbike emit do not help human ears to locate them - which is why our emergency services use high pitched sirens with added pink and white noise rather than low frequency gruff noises...pretty sure none of us would want pink/white noise exhausts
  3. Blimey, how many owners has the house had and no-one's changed the front door lock? All the houses we've ever bought it's been my first job! Although crappy it sounds like you got lucky in a lot of respects. Now to change all of the locks...
  4. Fair enough. Don't think I'm jumping on that forum bandwagon of slating the Potenzas, I hated them the minute the golf arrived, well before all of that started. IMO they are awful, I didn't remove them from the car though as I'm not into throwing money away Wouldn't ever choose to buy them though. That said the TTS turned up with PZeros which was nice but I think I was expecting more from them. Not bad by any stretch but I'm looking forward to chucking Michelins on in due course. Not a fan of the cost mind...20" tyres ain't cheap! Anyway...sorry for the distraction...back to facelift motors
  5. So you agree the Pilot Sports is a much better tyre....hmm but the Potenza isn't terrible If that's the only performance tyre you've driven on before the PS4s then fair enough but there are bucket loads of better tyres out there. Wet performance is some of the worst I've ever experience in a "premium" tyre. Never again.
  6. The wet performance from these is shocking, dry isn't bad when they're warm. The upside is they wear pretty well as the compound is hard. Had Potenzas on our old Golf. Never ever again. Worst tyre I've ever driven on. Pilot Sports are soooooo much better.
  7. I wouldn't count on it, they are terrible tyres I'm afraid.
  8. I think you're spot on here as it'll increase the lifetime lease % cost and let's face it lease business is bigger for VW than any of us.
  9. Parts are warrantied for two years, however warranty parts are covered for the remainder of the warranty. I'd be asking VW to cover it though, especially as they know it's a common fault. The cost to replace is very high, the part is cheap. I'd want them to cover labour too.
  10. Bugger off with your well put together and reasoned argument.
  11. Someone on an Audi forum has noticed the increased rev hold for launch too so I guess they've changed it. My own (non VAG) car with aftermarket management has it's launch control set to an ideal of around 4k rpm so 3200 was always a bit low :)
  12. This. If anyone else in the group was going to do it would be Audi at a suitably higher price. That said if it was warranty safe I'd do it to my TTS in a heartbeat
  13. You still have to get it to the "safe" garage without it managing to record it's location. As I said, if 5G becomes as prolific as suggested you're going to struggle to block the signal well enough for long enough not to give something away. The car industry doesn't have a great record on working against the latest theft tech though. I suppose it's all moot while the Police can't/won't commit resources generally to stopping car theft.
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