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  1. Absolutely, a policy in force is all that's needed
  2. The bit about the certificate is out of date now as most insurers don't issue one as it's all done electronically.
  3. It is true due to a provision in the Road Traffic Act. If you have a valid insurance policy in place at the time of the offence/accident/whatever, your insurer cannot dispense their third party liability. It's pretty dry but have a read of the legislation. I'm sure I've posted the relevant section on here before. There's so much pub bullshit on the internet about what is and isn't right - for example you still see old chestnuts such as no tax = no insurance: not true.
  4. Yup, just checked on ETKA for a 2015 car and satin black caps are listed. So they switched to painting them at some point. Can't be arsed looking when
  5. Yes and I'm sure that info will have come from me on a previous topic
  6. Well that's handy! What year is your car? I picked 2018 when looking on ETKA didn't show gloss plastic.
  7. If you have insurance in place then nothing you do to break the law can revoke your third party cover. Which is why insurers pay out for drink drivers who demolish a load of stuff etc Not declaring modifications is not illegal it is a contractual obligation which can lead to legal issues. An insurance company can cancel your insurance and declare you uninsured if you have failed to declare modifications (your obligations). They would still cover any third party liabilities if this was discovered in the aftermath of an accident. Best bet to just declare everything and then you know it's all good
  8. Just bear in mind that If it is a poor respray then it'll lift across the bonnet. It's possible it's a localised smart repair but it wants sorting really.
  9. phazer


    You teach dogs to use multitools with agility? nice
  10. phazer


    I first used mine at Uni in 1996 😱 on a Telnet chat thing called Caves...yeah I know but it was a computing degree. When you signed in you could have a tag line, mine was cheesy and the name stuck. 22+ years, oh dear, I think I've been on the internet too long!!
  11. No, they're listed as primed, aluminium or carbon and that's it. Some Audi's have acrylic caps that are gloss black, on my own Audi they are painted brilliant black but you would think they're plastic - hard to tell just by looking!
  12. Ahh yes, just spotted the age of the car, out of warranty anyway. Won't get anywhere with dealer anyway then so best to suck it up and get it repainted at a decent bodyshop.
  13. It doesn't say on ETKA (does for Audi caps). It's usually solid black, on Audi for instance the caps are painted Brilliant Black (if they're not plastic)
  14. Yeah that's lacquer peel. I would imagine the bonnets been repainted at some point and a poor job done. I would push for warranty as they didn't tell you that car had been repaired and therefore you believed it had the full VW body warranty
  15. I'm the same, I love a drive where you have to work for it and actually sometimes it's nicer to have a lower powered car and drive it at 9 tenths as opposed to a crazy quick car where you can't get your kicks. I do like acceleration but don't really care what speed is hit, top speed is not a thing for me, eyeball tearing-ly fast getting there, very much so!
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