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  1. IYeah I took it out today. Haven't driven it for a couple of months, but Sunday's episode made me take it out again. Love it! I Highly recommend getting one!! FYI much more fun than the R!
  2. 2 kids you say? Umm I'm good thanks....Maybe when I'm a little older and broodier
  3. Haha 36 (just last week!). 2 houses. 3 cars. No kids that I know of. Single. Interests include mainly fast cars and women.
  4. I'd happily meet, but not sure I'm allowed now. I upgraded to the Rare Clubsport S. I live in Berkshire by the way. If anyone's about lol
  5. Haha nice! I sold mine in March and got a Clubsport S! It's amazing!
  6. What an epic car!! If you imagine the R to be a Rally toy, the Clubsport S is a Track toy! Soo quick, and makes real, loud popping noises similar to that of the Focus RS.
  7. Hey guys, im telling the world because I'm mega excited!! My Golf R had to go back at he end of the lease because the clutch started to slip. I've bought a Clubsport S to fill the void!! Does anyone else have one?
  8. oh wow! I was going to keep the lease for another year, but not worth it if the clutch slips! I may just give it back and get a DSG !
  9. Hi Guys, Has anyone has their Manual Clutch slipping? It's done 30k miles, is this normal? Also, does anyone know the cost of fixing this? Thank you
  10. Minnu

    New here - Golf R :)

    I'd say you're looking at the best part of 50% of a month.... tough times...
  11. Minnu

    New here - Golf R :)

    Should Arrive around the same time as the Facelift lol
  12. Well, he drives this beat up 2003 Seat Leon diesel and thinks he doesn't need to drive a nice car. So i'm hoping this will spur him into spending some cash on a decent car. Also, it means i can upgrade my weekend car to something with 2 seats.... (Golf R is currently a weekend car).
  13. lol i thought you were just calling it a "Ho" box for other reasons.... If we're meeting up, it has to be soon, I.e. before Thursday as i'm giving my Golf R to my little brother (god rest it's soul).
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