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  1. Just had the tyre pressure warning come on. Went round each wheel and check and all at the correct pressure so reset the system. This is the 2nd time it's happened. The last time I had to fill up one tyre a very small amount so thought it was just a bit sensitive. This time I put nothing in. Anyone else have a similar experience?
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    Android TV Boxes

    Amazon Firestick or the more powerful Amazon TV box are good, but you need to subscribe to Amazon Prime to get the best from them. Kodi is the new name for XBMC. It is a piece of opensource media centre software that ran on the original xbox console. It was then ported to Linux, Mac, PC, Android and developed from there. In fact the xbox console is a long gone depricated platform. You can run Kodi on a Raspberry Pi if you want.
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    Running in mileage

    I have a 7R manual. Now done 9k miles. It used 0.5 litre in the first 2,000 miles and none at all since. I've leased so not to precious. But haven't been stupid., Basically once warm I just drive it like I would want to drive it. - The odd 6k rpm sometimes. - Tried not to labour it in a high gear - Varied my speed and avoided cruising at constant speed on the motorway for extended periods. But main advice is forget about it and just drive normally.
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    Running in mileage

    Different cars but same experience. Don't be too gentle, but don't be stupid about it either.
  5. The car menu makes it sound like the side-mirrors should drop when you put the car in reverse. Nothing happens in my R. Is this a fault?
  6. Thanks. It's not the foot rest that's loose, it the plastic pannel to the left (ie, down the side of the transmission tunnel). Personally, I'm loving my manual. But then again, never driven a DSG.
  7. Does anyone else have a rattley plastic panel next to the footrest? I knock it it with my shoe occasionally when I move from the clutch to the footrest and it ratlles like it's loose.
  8. For those that are now driving around in their Golf R. What are you thinking of doing next?
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    12v cigarette socket in rear

    Don't think it provides power when the ignition is off though
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    R Insurance Premium Increase

    I got £320 from Liverpool-Victoria. Very pleased with this, as was paying £400 for an Impreza until recently and expected to pay more for the Golf (at 3 times the value).
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    Golf R News and Reviews

    Golf R estate review http://www.carmagazine.co.uk/car-reviews/volkswagen/vw-golf-r-estate-2015-review/
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    Bugatti and R shared bits

    Looks similar to me
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    Induction kit HELP ASAP

    Isn't that just going to be sucking in hot air?
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    Sound System & Soundaktor

    So is it just some kind of speaker sat against the bulkhead?