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  1. Crashed 3 weeks ago, broken collarbone, painful Just turbo currently, follow up with consultant in 3 weeks.
  2. I've a 5 door, just lie seats flat and remove front wheel (forks in first). Got a single duvet over the back of front seats Enough room around it put clothing in etc.
  3. My mate had a GT with sus forks, sus stem (cant remember the brand) and USE sus seatpost. Comfy:)
  4. Cheers! I can still remember picking it up with my dad, the smell of GT85 in the shop (couldn't afford it back then) and riding it as often as possible Explosifs are very nice! Any on Ebay?
  5. Sorry mate, been out smashing the G170 Pretty much as I left it in 1997, except I replaced tyres and chain a few years back (rode it once ) I couldn't handle that seat to bars drop now 😛
  6. I've still got my Kona Lavadome with Pace RC35s from 1995. Don't use it, but will get some snaps up.
  7. Just picked up a G170S - Anyone seen any good solutions for the boot to hold the muck and water? Currently got a tarpaulin opened out, tucked in under front headrests:)
  8. Mine went 2 wheel drive before Christmas, had oil and clean but still the same. Took back for a new pump and the technician did an adaptation and it now works. Kudos to Mids VW as I'd wouldn't have known if the pump was replaced or not. Im not sure what it does, but it sorted mine.
  9. It needs adaptation doing also, not just oil and clean.
  10. UPDATE: Turns out the hadlex had stopped working (was serviced Mar 18, less than 10k since) and an oil change, filter clean and adaptation has sorted it. Thanks Mids VW! Grip now back to previous levels and faith in the tyres restored Forgot how good the grip was Yes, I do feel a numpty 🤣
  11. Can you stay in scheme and spec the Golf?
  12. Impressive he has the strength to push the brake hard enough
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