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  1. Update. I've done about 12k, all tyres with 6mm left all over. They are now quite noisy which isn't pleasant on long motorway journeys and the grip has gone, even in the dry traction will flash easily which it didn't before. Haldex is working fine. Anyone else had this early deterioration in performance with them? They started off great and I was pleased.
  2. Yeah, I would be able to do it (would need cheap trim removal tools) but can't be bothered 😛The harness is £15 I think, but free if they fit it. It's only £30 fitment for front only.
  3. I've looked at a few review sites, nextbase 522gw comes out well. Been halfords - £109 for camera, £34 for rear camera and £50 fitting including harness. Can get 64gb U3 card on Ebay for £20. Seems reasonable, only concern is the fitment....
  4. Thanks all. Will have a look at those options. It needs to be rear view mirror mount as also don't want to see it/ look a mess. Was thinking about £200.
  5. Hello Long time no post G has been faultless - touch wood 😛 Looking for a dash cam that records all the time whilst driving and when parked, so will need live feed and good memory. Anyone seen any deals? Can I fit it myself (2015 5 door G R)? Cheers, Dave
  6. Looks very nice! Should have left out the stool truth as it sounded way cooler :D Dave
  7. My previous S3 had a noticeable improvement when it dropped below 12°. Haven't noticed in golf yet. Dave
  8. Nightmare! Sounds like they used some sort of acid based product. Try the search for removal, fairly sure I've seen something on here before. Dave
  9. Not sure I'll bother again. The main advantage is supposed to be lower tyre pressures, but I don't like them less than 27rear/25front anyway and not sure it's prevented any smaller punctures. Maybe it has and i haven't seen the fluid bubbling. Needs more fluid that advertised and it blocks the valves eventually. Admittedly the valves are peanuts from China:) Dave
  10. Standard to 2 a huge jump. Tyre condition and pressure an easy one to check. Dave
  11. Good luck! Much more satisfying when it makes a bigger difference Dave
  12. That was very easy! Have only done the one to see if there is any difference left to right No heater element to remove (just the water hose) which I assume is because I don't have winter pack. She's a March 2015, only options I went for were paint and DSG. Dave
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