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  1. Media cable on phone mount

    Not that I've found without "reshaping" the cover. Not an option IMO. A small oversight I would say.
  2. P3trolh3ads LSG...

    She is a beaut. Nice one!
  3. So I've decided to bite the bullet and start washing my own car. I think I know what I need in terms of tools and materials (eg snow foam lance, two buckets with grit guards, waffle towels, etc) but I need to know how to spend my cash to get the basics, intermediate and advanced stuff as I can. Anyone care to suggest a list and I can then compile it in this post as a definitive guide? EDIT: apologies for starting a sentence with "so"
  4. I too have completely outpaced an Aventador. This one:
  5. Accident with a lamp post

    Nuts. Gutted.
  6. At last, I am in love!

    Compared to a Soundaktor, lawnmower, or V8?
  7. I am using an iPhone 6. When I have Spotify music playing via Bluetooth, I can control the tracks from the up/down buttons on the steering wheel. But I prefer using the MMI cable because it charges the phone and the sound quality is better. However, when I do this, the up/down buttons on the wheel override Spotify and instead switch to my iPod music, forcing me to move tracks directly on the phone, which can be awkward. Has anyone worked out hot to stop this?
  8. At last, I am in love!

    I know, but it can help you decide
  9. At last, I am in love!

    For those wondering what the car is like with the Soundaktor turned off: put it in Eco but then drive in manual. You'll hear the engine and exhaust at proper revs and can then decide which you prefer. I'm still deliberating.
  10. FINALLY here my LSG 5dr Golf R

    Congrats Roon. Same colour as mine and I love it.
  11. Jasterace's LSG R Review

    Thanks. Planning to take some decent ones in the next few days, been too busy driving...! Thanks Mickylad!
  12. It's not just the fast Civic drivers. The badly tuned ones too.
  13. 1100 miles in... Quick Review/Thoughts

    Glad you're enjoying it!
  14. Jasterace's LSG R Review

    I was expecting to dislike it after so many "beige" comments on here but I love it. The way it contrasts with the black and silver trims and shifts colour is magnificent.
  15. Another 7R Owner

    Welcome to the club