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  1. If it’s over £600 i think there is some sort of duty that needs paid
  2. Yeah, point I was trying to make is that with the GPF cars they are not running more boost than the non-GPF car to make up for any deficit in running the standard downpipe with oem cat and GPF. As always with modding, it’s always a risk and if you want to play you bettered be prepared to pay should the worst happen
  3. Marketing ploy to get some onto the UK roads? There’s no better advertisement for a car than actually seeing one on the road
  4. Loving this. Must be going through a fair few miles of MIG wire.
  5. Good stuff. Despite all the negativity the GPF cars were getting, it looks like it may be the best of the bunch for modding and keeping everything road legal. Retaining the standard cat and GPF, and still making decent power at safe boost levels is a win win win IMO.
  6. Is 1.9 bar of boost more, the same or less than what a non-gpf car is producing at stage ?
  7. Do you have any evidence that such a thing exists, as I had an A4 on lease with VWFS and they weren’t interested when I called them to get out of it for my Golf R even though I was PCP’ing my Golf R with VWFS. I had to pay the 55% for the last 2 months of ownership (deliberately mind you as it was cheaper than the service it would have been due had i kept it another month.) Not saying such a thing doesn’t exist, just annoyed (although not surprised as VWFS customer service is appalling) that they never mentioned it.
  8. The brakes are all to do with the weight distribution in the car as opposed to what axle is driven. Even though the car may be FWD the rear wheels still turn as fast as the fronts. In a front engined Golf, a lot of the weight will be on the front tyres under heavy braking. In a mid-engined car not so much, but the brakes will still need to be front biased.
  9. PCP usually beats lease if you have a few options. The reason for this is that the cost of the options is spread over the period of the lease. With PCP, the options increase the GFV of the car and this reduces the amount for the options spread across your term. Another thing with PCP is that you can get rid of the car mid way through the agreement by trading in, or paying the car off and selling. To get out of a lease with VWFS you need to pay 55% of the remaining rentals (ouch!) Buying your car at the end of the lease is typical a good bit more expensive than the GFV had you PCP'd. With regards to them going over the car with a fine tooth comb come handing back time, if the lease is with VWFS then the process is identical. They use BCA to inspect the car.
  10. I too love a manual, but the manual box in the Golf R is truly awful ( I owned one for 3 years.) A manual is only worth having if the box is decent, something like a Civic Type-R. On the other hand, whilst the R has one of the worst manual boxes I’ve ever experienced, the DSG (7sp) is one of the best auto boxes out there at its respective price point.
  11. tbf the old 6 speeder was proper jerky. The 7 speed is almost as smooth as a proper auto, if you can get over the noise of the engine revving.
  12. Deano

    7.5R vs TCR

    If you’re in Edinburgh I would get the R for the couple of times a year it snows. They are excellent in the snow.
  13. Great write-up and definitely something I’m gonna look into once I start driving the car again. I looked into the Macan calipers also, but the initial dead pedal has put me off. These are a perfect solution as they are designed for an MQB master cylinder.
  14. Anyone paying £45k is doing it wrong. You can get 14% off the mk8 R already.
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