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  1. Just read the article and this is new to me. So that means that all the people that switched to company cars and got an EV to avoid paying tax on their car allowance now have to pay the same tax and are stuck with the EV? If that’s the case the taxman has royally stitched them up.
  2. Car allowance is just extra salary and you’ll be taxed accordingly. Company Car allowance you pay income tax to the benefit amount on your P11D. It all depends on what cars are available to you to work out which way is better for you
  3. I’m still convinced its the console bushes. I would try and replace the LCA’s if it bothered me that much.
  4. Booked my car in today for its 3rd year service with Specialist Cars Dunfermline. Without me prompting they offered two haldex service options. 1. Change oil for £99 2. Change oil, remove pump and clean filter for £149 An extra £50 to clean the filter is a bit excessive but tbh I’m just glad they offer it so I don’t need to bother doing it myself, try and convince them to do it or go elsewhere. The fact it was offered up front gives you some confidence.
  5. Deano

    Petrol Price

    You should get 45p per mile for first 10k miles and 25p per mike thereafter.
  6. CM reps have a different offset so would be a bit weird driving about with one wheel sticking out further than the rest. They are also a different colour
  7. Black is a nicer colour than white so win win. I can see the triangle camera at the top of windscreen so I assume this is a later 19/69 plate with keyless, DLA and reverse cam as standard?
  8. All 3 brands listed are big OEM suppliers and will generally be just as good as OEM pads from VW. I’ve had good experiences with Pagid over the years so that’s what I’d choose.
  9. A new haldex pump doesn’t need coded to the car. It just needs primed/re-learned via a scan tool such as VCDS or OBD11. As Dave says, worth replacing oil, cleaning filter and priming/re-learning first as that can sort a lot of issues. New haldex pump is circa £200, so not the end of the world if it has failed. If you have warranty send it straight back to garage. Is it a VW dealer you got it from?
  10. Thats correct. I think you’ll he fine with 5mm as well but haven’t tried it personally.
  11. The Mk8 R does not have the same arrangement. It has an individual clutch pack for each of the rear wheels. Unlike the mk7 there is always drive going the the rear diff on the MK8 R, and then the individual clutch packs engage to send power to their respective wheel. The system is not made by haldex. The mk7 haldex system essentially is a single clutch arrangement which when engaged connects the rear diff to the propshaft which is always spinning. The rear diff is open so power goes wherever the traction is. This is somewhat improved by XDS which brakes the inside rear wheel when g
  12. Deano


    Your AC compressor must be some size
  13. Yeah, the system is made by Haldex (hence the name) which are in turn owned by BorgWarner. I’m not aware of any 3rd party pumps available. https://haldexparts.co.uk/collections/awd-cargo-pumps/products/0cq598549-cargo-pump-5th-gen-for-awd-4x4-quattro-audi-vw-skoda-sea The pumps can burn out if the gauze on the inlet gets clogged up causing the pump to run dry. Unlikely to happen if serviced every 3 years, but not unheard of. I’m not saying don’t service it, but at £115 a service there’s no point in over-servicing it. For example if you serviced it every year as
  14. https://www.vagbremtechnic.com/57-1mm-hub-spigot-extenders-pair/
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