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  1. This is incorrect. The cars with the GPF filters have the loudest exhaust in standard form and also the most pops and bangs. This is due to no resonator and different mapping.
  2. Won’t a wider tyre get better traction off the line though?
  3. I would try a few manuals before buying. I had one and the it's not a great box. Now have a DSG which suits the car better IMO. I've also had 2 with prets and no DCC and find the ride not too bad.
  4. Aye same. Weekly wash to remove bird poo and dust.
  5. Try Esure, Aviva and Privilege.
  6. On the flexible servicing the maximum the car can go between services is 24 months. The car tells you when you need the service, usually 18-24 months intervals. I suspect that because this one was done at 26 months the warranty will most likely be invalid. Whats probably happened is that it was a 2 year lease and wasn't serviced before it was handed back. By the time the car has went through the auction system and into the dealer network its now 2 months overdue.
  7. Brake discs look bigger and the calipers are different to the Mk7
  8. Watched this too. He seems to be surprised that a lot of people shift cars when they develop problems especially expensive ones. The good cars probably don't change hands that much hence why he has been getting lemons. He even said the cars he could get at auction were the ones the dealers didn't want; the same dealers who have access to the cars history. For some perspective, I had a 2014 manual Golf R for 3 years from new and never had a single issue. I now have a 2019 model, again with zero issues so far. Everyone knows about the clutch problem that should be considered when buying a manual and the coolant problem that should be considered when buying earlier models. There's a few other issues to generally look out for such as the rear speaker leak, haldex filter cleanliness etc,. Other than that these cars are generally solid.
  9. I take mine out for 10mins every few weeks, then park it back up. I'm working from home and have a work car which does the supermarket trips etc, so no need for the R a the moment. As someone who has never waxed a car in my life, I'm actually enjoying keeping the R clean during lockdown. Partly because there's not much to do at the weekends and partly because it actually stays clean because it ain't moving.
  10. Ferrari's have done this for a long time.
  11. Mine always shows a letter then a number, M,D,S or E. 69 plate. The manual cars just show the number I think, so could it be that when your car is in manual it's using the graphics for a manual car?
  12. Are you in the 3rd year of your warranty? Pretty sure the first 2 years are with VW themselves and the 3rd year is provided by the dealership. This is how we get 3 years warranty in the UK whereas the rest of Europe gets 2 years. It makes warranty claims in the 3rd year a nightmare as the dealer pays for the repairs out of their own pocket as opposed to being reclaimed by VW.
  13. That’s because a lot of people have bumps and scrapes putting the car in the garage. It’s also usually cheaper putting it on the street for the same reason and also opportunistic thieves don’t know what house the keys are in
  14. Pretty much. Front wings are also different.
  15. Is that a McLaren and a Porsche in the garage?
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