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  1. Fruitloop

    1st Service Cost

    November last year I was quoted about £240 from local VW dealership - I said that was a huge jump from my previous 1st service on another R 2 years previously (£140). They immediately dropped it to £190 with no argument.
  2. Fruitloop

    What will your next car be?

    As mentioned in another post - A35 4Matic polar white. Have had 2 R's - certainly haven't fallen out of love. Just no good lease deals and it was the A35 interior as much as anything that swayed it.
  3. Fruitloop

    What are your plans for 2019?

    Current lease up next March. Have had 2 R's and been the best all round car I have driven! Would have happily got another, but no decent lease deals at present and haven't been offered an option to purchase - so its a polar white A35 4Matic for me.
  4. Fruitloop

    VAG Alternatives?

    I test drove an i30N 2 weeks ago. As others have said - a good first attempt, but no DSG (yet) and the suspension in sport was ridiculously stiff. I couldn't drive any distance at all in that mode. Just about lost my fillings. Nice sound, but on a damp road the front end was squirming a lot when putting the power down off a roundabout. Suppose I am just used to the Golf. I was pleased to be back in the VW after the test drive. If I hadn't owned / driven the R, I would have been more impressed no doubt.
  5. I am considering buying my PCH from VWFS too. This is my second R from VWFS. At the end of the first lease I was offered a chance to purchase (even though their paperwork specifically states that you cannot purchase at the end of lease!) But I didn't get a quote as I already had my second lease sorted out.
  6. Fruitloop

    'Inspection now'

    The first service is just an oil and filter change. Sounds like they haven't reset the service interval as already said.
  7. Fruitloop

    How can I tell if my R is mapped?

    My standard MK7 acts the same as this - doesn't change to 5th until over 30mph.
  8. Fruitloop

    Someone scrapped my car door.

    Yes! Even in non-fault claims, your insurer will see you as a greater risk and your premium will increase.
  9. Fruitloop

    Woman who loves her VWs

    Well done for seeing anything past the car! Welcome BTW.
  10. Fruitloop

    Frustrated Car order. -WTF-. Is this the Norm?

    I have ordered 2 - both took about 5.5 - 6 months from order to delivery - so normal.
  11. Fruitloop

    Stuck temperature gauge?

    That would be tapping
  12. Fruitloop

    Picking it up Friday

    You will love DSG!
  13. Fruitloop

    How common is the Golf R where you live?

    Usually see the same 3 or 4 around here each week.
  14. Fruitloop

    Reasonable request?

    The person at the garage looking at your car will look at the tyre tread depth - I very much doubt that they will notice / care about the make of tyre.
  15. Fruitloop


    Has there been an approximate release date for the MK8?