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  1. Not used it yet on my new 8R - but was very impressed with it on both 7R's. If it wasn't standard - it would definitely have been spec'd 👍
  2. The MK8 has new tips. They do have a thicker edge.
  3. Which one did you get that doesnt fit properly Paul? Cheers.
  4. When streaming mp3's from my Android phone via bluetooth, the songs play, I can skip to next track, turn volume up and down, but the bluetooth player says "No files found" and doesn't list any songs?? Anything I can do so that it lists the tracks?
  5. Thank you Rebecca. So does your heated steering come on automatically as well? Maybe below 10c or so it comes on by default??
  6. Cheers @Darlo - I have seen that and turned it off there too - still comes on!
  7. Does anyone know how to stop the heated steering wheel turning on automatically? I start the car and it says "Heated steering wheel on". So I turn it off. Next time I start the car - same thing again "Heated steering wheel on". 😠
  8. LOVING it Rebecca! I have been fortunate enough to own / drive a lot of very nice cars - the Golf R is still No.1 for overall satisfaction! Cheers @Darlo - I think VW released the 3 prime colours first 👍
  9. Err - there you go then 🤪 see above
  10. Something white for a change 😋
  11. If they have no order number - how can they confirm that your order has been placed??
  12. Yes you do and yes it is a bore 🙄
  13. Mine was at Emden for 4.5 weeks. Hopefully that backlog has cleared now and everyone else will be much faster 🤞
  14. The tips just look like a push / friction fit - BUT the exhaust tip that it pushes on to look as though it is flared - i.e. not round.
  15. Anyone else had the "gunshots" yet? 😁 I just have the standard exhaust. I was out for a drive with my better half. Nicely up to temp so put it in Race. Tried a couple of manual downshifts - BANG 💥 - they were like rifle shots! Wife and I just grinned at each other 😋 Nothing as loud as this with the 2 MK7's I had.
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