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  1. Just stumbled upon this video and was about to post it - searching first works!! lol I do like his videos and it being a golf also make it more interesting too. I want compressed air and a proper detailing garage.... Might get a price for him to do a new car detail
  2. Good news good spec and not too long to wait. Enjoy [emoji106]
  3. After ready the first few replies on here this ^ is exactly what I was going to point out! Glad all you mk8 owners are generally getting on pretty well with the new system, which is quite reassuring. I didn’t like the idea of the approach to buttons so was put off, then reviewers seemed all agree but sounds like both my preconceived ideas was wrong whilst reviewers still can’t be trusted… Irritates the hell outa me that Matt Watson wants all cars, regardless of class, to have acres of space in the rear for people… how about if you want more space you buy a bigger car rather than all smalle
  4. Are you not able to collect it from the dealership? Or even view it there? You would at least then be able to verify that the car is there and from VWs side they are dealing with who you are dealing with?
  5. Can’t stand Rory… his views seem to be the opposite to me nearly all the time but most of the time with no supporting justification for why he’s taken said view. As soon as he said he prefers an suv over an estate I lost interest in his opinion [emoji23] The formentor has the same sized boot as the R hatch… look at the size of it?! You should be able to get a few bodies in the boot in that thing given the size of it! These youngsters trying to kill off the estate really grinds my gears [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji2957]
  6. Agreed. The 992 is probably my favourite which is not popular opinion… it’s the interior of the newer cars that are why they look so much better to me. Too rich for my blood though [emoji17]
  7. Comparing the rs3 to the golf r is like comparing the rs3 to the m3, it’s never going to stack up as it’s a class above - the m3 is far too expensive and with a tune the rs3 is as fast, Not worth the extra cash etc etc. Same could be said with R comparison to rs3, and has/is being said [emoji23] It’s not all about numbers… Without dipping into the used car market, how else can you get that 5 cyl noise? How much longer will you be able to get that 5 cyl noise… [emoji17] The numbers do not make sense you are totally right, but it’s now or never and I got a good (enough) deal on my rs3 to tak
  8. When does buying a car on pcp ever make sense from a financial point of view?! [emoji23][emoji23] you’re paying a fee (interest) to use someone else’s money for a while so if course that makes no sense. They are after all lovely fun hunks of depreciating metal!! Anything used is crazy money at the moment so you’d be mad to go for an 8v - loads of 8v owners are taking advantage of current high residuals to jump over to the 8Y and having only depreciated like £8k in 3 years or something silly like that… The 8Y is just a sign of modern cars… everything is so expensive.
  9. I said the same on an Audi group and it didn’t go down well!! [emoji23][emoji23]
  10. With stock being what it is, likely any and all spec would be snapped up!!
  11. They were fairly stable for a while but must admit I’ve lost track recently as I’m going down a different route.
  12. Some options aren’t available in the uk, including the e interior colour options where you can get red or green accenting. Can’t have that here. Grouping options is a massive pain… Likely a consequence (in part at least) to wltp testing and wanting to get it out ASAP.
  13. Yep good shout too. [emoji106] I like the red with black touches too… Actually I just really fancied one in general but got annoyed when they wouldn’t let me have the gt4 so spat my dummy out and decided against Porsche [emoji23][emoji23]
  14. Nice choice. I spent a lot of time on the configurator for the gts4.0 but didn’t go for it. I was looking a couple of months back and delivery timeframe was Xmas so clearly things have gotten worse more recently! I kept going for gentian blue with yellow accenting but that silver is a classic Porsche colour so works great. Quite a wait but hopefully you’ll enjoy it! Your R gone? What you driving in the interim…?
  15. Agreed. No chance of seeing one on the road this year.
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