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  1. Is that because you’d have to fit smaller brakes and so wouldn’t be able to stop? [emoji23][emoji23] Actually, what is the smallest size wheel that fits? Could 17s fit over the brakes? Could be tempted by some 17s and chunky rubber for track work... although brake upgrade may be more worthwhile.
  2. I run factory 18s for winter.. ...and 19s for summer. 18s are on bridgestones vs the 19s on Michelin PS4S. In short: 18s ride better and are better for making good progress on backroads vs the 19s, tyres are cheaper but can only get PS4 not the PS4S. 19s look better. Like for like and all things otherwise equal, you can’t get away from 18s being more compliant - you can make 19s tolerable though. [emoji106]
  3. keano

    Best snow foam

    Is it?! Mine has lasted so long I can’t recall what I spent on it but in tests they both came up well so if price is the only real separator then Easy decision. Not tried BH yet as got the dregs ofthe VP to finish off. I liked that the VP wouldn’t strip wax so that was basically the main reason I went for that tbh.
  4. After recommendation from booth I bought some chemical guys butter wet wax to try - along with a few other bits. Weekly wash will be done Tuesday so will give it a try then [emoji106]
  5. keano

    Best snow foam

    Just finishing valet pro advanced neutral snow foam and think it’s great. I’ve bought some bilt hamber to try this time around... ...but the valet pro is very good in my experience.
  6. Agreed - I think because beading is fairly rare on wheels, it makes it seem quite a treat!! Many thanks. Really hard to pick up in pics how much the colour / finish appears to change in different light, anything from bright chrome through to dark anthracite! I am quite happy with them [emoji41]
  7. Not too sure how well this shows up but the C5 is beading up a treat and washing is very easy indeed. [emoji106]
  8. 19s for looks (and you can get Michelin ps4s) but in all other respects, 18s are better imho.
  9. If you like ocd cleaning take a look at ammo nyc on YouTube. Great channel imho. I’ve learnt a lot from his recommendations. Cheers for the tip [emoji106]
  10. Started watching a few of his videos recently. I love how nerdy he gets - nerdy / ocd is best when it comes to detailing in my view. [emoji106] Been compiling a list to stock up on cyc recently as lockdown has helped me get through a lot of things. Just waiting for chemical guys clean slate shampoo to come back in stock to get free delivery and then I will pull the trigger.
  11. Congrats on the arrival penguin [emoji106]
  12. Dust shelf is doing what it does best [emoji849] Wheels change colour depending on the angle so much... I like it [emoji41]
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