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  1. I’m going to be parting with my R - was going to keep for a future rs3 purchase but I’m looking at an F type R and sadly they wouldn’t fit... You’ve made a nice choice of summer wheels [emoji41]
  2. Ordered a new jack and will be swapping these back on soon. Going to do a proper arch clean whilst the wheels are off too, as well as stripping the wheels back and reapplying fresh coat of C5 wheel sealant. [emoji41] Will be selling them at the end of the summer I recon [emoji17] Can’t wait to get these back on though - hurry up Amazon!!
  3. My renewal was £25 more this year despite the reduced mileage.
  4. Just coming back to this as things have changed since the thread was started... With the new puppy arrival, I am getting an estate at the end of the summer/later in the year so that means the replacement can be more compromised as it will be the weekend fun/toy. I had all but decided on an rs3 or high spec mk8 R but I am now looking at the F type as a genuine option with the v8 the desired choice. Rs3 vs ftype is not a comparison people make that often but that’s where I find myself currently - funny what lockdown car hunting can do [emoji23][emoji23]
  5. Have the R a pre spring clean, clean last weekend. Just to remove the bulk of winter build up. Zero protection on there now and needs a clay so really need to get it sorted - just got to keep the car cleaning demons at bay for a bit longer until the weather is a bit better. Was hoping the weather would have been good this weekend as I had planned to have a proper session but will have to come back to it when it’s warmed up a bit... The dog has left me with some scratches to sort on the rear dust collector (bumper) [emoji849]
  6. Man that’s a garage detailing dreams are made of!! Congrats!! There was a house near me for sale recently that was huge and an upstairs games room with pool table etc, but the ground floor had compressed air plumbed in with strip lighting everywhere and built in drainage so you could wash the car inside, plus filtered and hot water too. I wanted the house just for the garage!! That looks excellent though - again, congrats!! [emoji106]
  7. Jasper is now 6 months old and weighs 12.4kg having been 3kg when we got him. Started doing some retrieves with a dummy and he is holding it well for me - he loves the dummy and isn’t trying to chew it which is great. Just recently started change of direction work as the foundation for quartering and as an intro to whistle. So far so good but very early days. He is very friendly with everyone and very easily distracted by people/birds/flies - here is a great example as he was sat nicely for a pic then a bird flew by and caught his eye just at the wrong time [emoji23] Still a pup tho so plenty of time to work on that [emoji106]
  8. I think you’ve made the right choice by going for it. If I go mk8 I will add the akra for sure. I found the exhausts open up around 10k miles so there will be more to come too [emoji41]
  9. Ah yeah lapiz looks great. Superb in the sun in particular. I was really on the fence between black/lapiz when sorting my order but took the easy way out really [emoji23] Wonder if/when they will start adding colour options....? I think they should offer and individual colour option so you can get whatever you want... maybe a £2k option say. In for a penny in for a pound - I would go for it if getting the mk8.
  10. How you finding the akra? Worth the premium? Must admit I’ve been staying off here a little as I have a lot of cancelling my order regret!!! Really fancy a new motor at the moment... Seeing more pics of the mk8 is making that worse for me too!!! [emoji23] Plus it seems to be proper quick vs it’s competitors too...
  11. I’ve not checked my order number to see if it’s come through or not as knowing my luck it probably came through much quicker than the June I was told... I darent look! I’ve pretty much decided I’m going to sell my R at the end of summer and get a used 330d xdrive touring for dog duties and then get a new rs3 when it is released (hopefully ready for order at the end of this year for delivery around a year from now). If the rs3 isn’t quite as good as I’m hoping/expecting it to be I will get a mk8 R and throw some toys on it, pretty much you have but I will stick with DBP [emoji12] Will enjoy my mk7.5 over the summer before moving to the touring - looking forward to giving the R a proper spring clean soon and putting my bbs back on too [emoji41]
  12. Bit late to the party but congrats on the new motor - came through pretty quickly in the end!!! Looks great so hope you’re enjoying it [emoji106]
  13. Lol excellent - or another perspective is it means one can speak from a position of authority on the matter having had plenty of experience of poor sounding cars! Whilst true it has focussed my attention on what’s important to me: fast isn’t everything if it sounds like a lawn mower. Loved my R but my next car has to sound good - I don’t mind if it’s not as fast so long as it sounds good.
  14. I wanted to like the m3 but it’s heavy, sounds naff and looks terrible. The front grill gets all the attention but the front apron/bumper is terrible. The price is mad even after discount. 2022 for the next m2 with a manual box... although it’ll probably sound awful [emoji107] If you want a 3 series I don’t think you need to look beyond the m340...
  15. Sounds like you’re having fun!!? [emoji23][emoji23] It’s so up and down with cockers I’ve found, but building a bond and keeping them naive helps a great deal otherwise they get into everything (or at least try [emoji12]).
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