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  1. Just checked and it’s saying it’s still with the factory so BW not confirmed yet. I ordered on the 8th in the end...
  2. Good idea. If I didn’t have my bbs I would do that. Maybe the Jerez will look better in person... maybe.
  3. If I’m time it becomes available to retrofit, I will buy one. That way I can sell it on and get some cash back when the car goes. On Instagram R said it would be available.... just not yet. Time will tell if that’s true of course.
  4. That’s got to have the transport blocks in there still!! Lol Makes the Cadiz look good with that new wheel design - straight on the bbs will go!! Shame about the bridgstones but no real surprise as the deal they had for them on the mk7 must still be running [emoji23]
  5. The driving modes are a gimmick imho. Is it actually a different diff fitted too? If so then fair enough more worthwhile. Unless you have adaptive dampers and the mode affects the damping too, it will be negligible difference imho - at least not worth £2k for in isolation imho. Drift mode is fun but it won’t be the same as proper rwd. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] I have a bmw so can drift if I feel the need but on public roads it’s not something I do. Again, for me they are things that are nice but not essential and so not worth parting with the extra cash to have. I think I will be perfectly happy B road blasting without the “performance” pack
  6. Same as me. Not had any details on delivery confirmed yet but my order says it’s estimated for March.... we shall see!!
  7. Surprised vw didn’t say to you that the options will however make it easier to sell the car and so you’d likely get more than the GFV amount... that’s their standard line I’ve found, even though it’s a load of balls in my experience. Any time I’ve commented on the future value being really low they’ve said it’s so you have more equity to put towards another car - with options they say that’ll help with equity.
  8. From my perspective the wing is the only reason to have the “performance pack”. The driving modes are gimmicks that’ll be rarely used and I don’t need bigger wheels as I already have summer wheels. If the wing came separately I would have been interested in it. Knowing how vw do things it probably would have been a £1k option though [emoji23][emoji23] Ie £1k for the wing, £1k for the wheels and £1k for the driving modes - get the pack and you “save” £1k [emoji23][emoji23]
  9. Looks good. There will be many who won’t spot I’ve changed cars when mine arrives [emoji23][emoji23] Is that the standard tints? Looks more like my current 90%...? Looking forward to getting my bbs on it and the good thing is when it comes we will be close w Pugh to summer that I will put them pretty much straight on [emoji41] Does anyone know what tyres are fitted from factory for the 18 and 19 options? Presume the same as for the mk7.5 but we shall see...
  10. I flagged that issue with them a week or so ago - it is being updated just don’t know when exactly yet.
  11. I was lining up the rs3 for 2020 but that didn’t happen. With the new model likely around a year off at least and me unlikely to buy it brand new, the timings for that should be right for me too [emoji106]
  12. I’ve noticed this too. My R has taken a dip recently, most likely because I took the plunge on the mk8, but I think it’s a January thing. In two months new car sales will kick on and used prices will fall. January is slow so used prices are lower currently but into feb they will rise once people have been paid. I predict they will then fall again into March/April as new cars start being delivered on the new plate and hence there’s more used stock around. I’m planning to sell my R in feb when I hope prices will be strongest.
  13. Don’t think they would tbh - although that might be fun actually - as they have the rsq3
  14. I think it will be into 2022 before we see the new rs3... quite fancy one of those too, although no details have been released yet [emoji23][emoji23]
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