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  1. Gone the same way too. I'll be going the APR route. I'm planning on keeping it for a few years. No regrets at all. The Golfs were good - maybe too good. I have to respect the Rocco in the wet Far less of them on the road too! Although........... There is one exactly the same as mine in the village I live in.... We always flash each other and have spoken to him too.
  2. Once you go Vag, you won't go back Welcome!
  3. Mine too! Glad to be back in one. Got a great discount on it too. I'll be keeping her for a few years!
  4. Hope they do! I do loads of short runs and a Hybrid would be ideal.
  5. https://www.vehiclesavers.com/ They might be worth a look bud.
  6. I'd jump on that! That's a great deal!
  7. VERY nice! I think I'll be going the S4 route or RS3 next time. My S4 drank Oil - not sure what the new ones are like? But it was one hell of a car! Any plans on modding it?
  8. Seems like a good deal to me? They were about £400 a month at one point. Gone are the days of the mega cheap lease deals bud.
  9. Not sure I could live with it long term...... Seen one in th showroom and it did look great! But still think Lapiz looks best on the Golf R.
  10. Hi Hassan, What gains can I expect for a remap on my Scirocco 280 please? Most are quoting around the 350 mark! Also would it leave a TD1 flag? Thanks!
  11. Hi Guys! I'm looking at getting my Rocco R remapped. It's a 2018 280 with DSG. What gains should I expect? 350 bhp seems to be common figure for this car looking about. I had my old Rocco remapped by you and it was running about 310 bhp. Could you tell me the difference is? To achieve similar figures with my old Rocco R (265) it would of needed a new HPFP etc. Thanks in advance!
  12. Thanks for that Info! Glead the new R has the EA888!!! Wondered why some tuning boxes we quoting almost stage 2+ figures.
  13. Hi Guys, I've decided to get rid of my Golf R and get a Scirocco R again. I'm looking at this a tuning project. But I'm a bit confused and hoping somone can help. Initially I'm looking at a box or a map. I've seen some varied figures. DTUK for instance state that the 265 version will tune to about 310. But they quote 359bhp for the 280 version? Am I missing something? Are there some tweaks on the 280 version? That's stage 2+ (new fuel pump etc) figures? Any input would be great! TIA Ken
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