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  1. Change to an IS20 turbo. You will have power from virtually off idle, and can comfortably run 300bhp. Rick
  2. I like posts like this - 2.4 bar on this engine is not going to last. You here people saying "mine is fine" but that is hardly proof of durability... It's fine as long as you accept that risk! Rick
  3. Swap the plugs and injectors as mentioned. I have however seen this when the injectors are failing. Rick
  4. There are too many maps to post but this is an example of the standard and modified upshift points from 3rd to 4th in Sport mode. Y Axis is the tractive force being produced and the X axis is throttle position.
  5. The S4 owners club are having a dyno day and we have some spaces left. £45 4wd £35 2wd. Any make or model welcome. Come down and have a chat! Rick
  6. We are slowly documenting our software and calibrations in more detail. Below is the information for the DQ250 6 speed as found in the preface lift Golf R. Thanks, Rick Standard Features: Increased oil cooling at higher torque outputs Increased minimum temperature before Launch Control will activate Reduced launch delay when releasing brake pedal. Reduction of delay to initiate gear change when paddle or lever is activated Increased rate of torque build up under launch control Optimised Launch Control RPM - dependant on engine tune and spec. Increased Maximum possible RPM - dependant on engine tune and spec. Increased adaptation sensitivity - this allows the gearbox to adapt to changes in driving style and wear more quickly. Increased maximum torque rise during hard acceleration. Reduced shift times in Manual and Sport modes. Increased maximum allowed torque Increased maximum clutch pressures. This is a complete recalibration of the clutch operation, depending on engine spec. For stage 3 cars, 17 bar of pressure can be applied while maintaining smooth shift operation. Optional Features: Removal of kickdown in manual (recommended) Removal of auto upshift in manual Optimised Shift points in D mode (recommended): This increases the upshift point and down shift point at low throttle positions. The shift points have been carefully chosen to provide a more natural feel without the car wanting to race into 6th gear !st gear is virtually unaffected, with the difference increasing with each successive gear. This results in a more eager response without the feeling of revving unnecessarily. There is no constant changing of gears at typical cruising speeds such as 30mph city driving. Optimised Shift points in S mode (recommended): This results in a much more use-able S mode. Under light throttle, the gearbox will shift up much earlier than as standard, but still higher than in D mode. We can adjust the shift points to specific customer requirements, but the vast majority will use our standard optimised options.
  7. It should be very smooth in D, If anyone has an issue with this happening on Unicorn Software, please arrange to come and visit so we can take a look. Rick
  8. Stage 1 is very similar, but not going to be faster.
  9. Your warranty will be void once you put the tune on.
  10. We have been tuning the DQ381 for a couple of years now!
  11. You may want a Haldex Service. We see a few a week on the Dyno, and some are lazier than others. But working properly it transmits the torque virtually instantly. Don't forget it can only ever send 50% to the back, and on track you can still spin the inside front with it fully locked.
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