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  1. It isn't being measured at the wheel, it's being measured at the Power absorption unit. Depending on the dyno design, this figure is vastly different as it is related to speed, roller diameter and roller finish, along with tire flex caused by tractive effort. Rick
  2. This is just an example of fatigue and not specific to tuning other than that more power = more risk of failure. Rick
  3. Devil's dyno doesn't inflate figures, run that Revo car on another Dyno and you will likely see higher figures. Rick
  4. You have Cobb accessport support now, we tune cars all over the world with custom setups
  5. An engine ECU tune should be different for tuned and non tuned TCU, as you have to send different torque signals from the engine to the TCU. Rick
  6. The problem with the DSG is it's a complicated electro-mechanical interface. They are a wonder of engineering, but there are so many components each with different tolerances that no two boxes are the same. This is mostly fine when at factory states of tune (there are some horrid stock boxes out there), but when we push things it means there are different results. What works perfectly on one car doesn't on another which is very frustrating but kind of to be expected given the challenge of the task. Rick
  7. There is a discrepancy between what the Gearbox feels, and what the Engine ECU is telling it. Tuning the DSG allows it to ramp up the torque more quickly, This helps with the JB4's but may not always solve it as the box still isn't seeing an increased torque signal coming from the ECU so ti can't feed forward. Rick
  8. TD1 applies to engine ECU, however it may in the future apply to the gearbox. I'm not sure which torque limit you refer to, but it will be in the Engine ECU. It will never stall, it always changes down. It will hit the limiter. The changing up earlier can be done, yes. Rick
  9. To reduce heat you need a larger disc/totor. If they get soggy then you need to change the fluid for a high temp version. Rick
  10. Manual mode isn't selected by the paddles, that is a temporary override with a delay until the box shifts itself again. I haven't tried it though, but i'd expect it to act as it does in auto mode. Rick
  11. Unicorn Software for all 7 speed DQ381 cars including MY19 300PS models is now available. The changes are very similar to what happens with DQ250 although the internal method of operation is significantly different. The software is priced at £449 inc vat or £349 if carried out with an engine software tune. Standard Features: Removal of kickdown in manual Removal of auto upshift in manual Increased oil cooling at higher torque outputs Increased minimum temperature before Launch Control will activate Reduced launch delay when releasing brake pedal. Reduction of delay to initiate gear change when paddle or lever is activated Increased rate of torque build up under launch control Optimised Launch Control RPM - dependant on engine tune and spec. Increased Maximum possible RPM - dependant on engine tune and spec. Increased adaptation sensitivity - this allows the gearbox to adapt to changes in driving style and wear more quickly. Increased maximum torque rise during hard acceleration. Reduced shift times in Manual and Sport modes when at high throttle positions. Increased maximum allowed torque Increased maximum clutch pressures. This is a complete recalibration of the clutch operation, depending on engine spec. Optional Features: Optimised Shift points in D mode (recommended): This increases the upshift point and down shift point at low throttle positions. The shift points have been carefully chosen to provide a more natural feel without the car wanting to race into 7th gear 1st gear is virtually unaffected, with the difference increasing with each successive gear. This results in a more eager response without the feeling of revving unnecessarily. There is no constant changing of gears at typical cruising speeds such as 30mph city driving. Optimised Shift points in S mode (recommended): This results in a much more use-able S mode. Under light throttle, the gearbox will shift up much earlier than as standard, but still higher than in D mode. We can adjust the shift points to specific customer requirements, but the vast majority will use our standard optimised options.
  12. Hybrid means a modified turbo, There are many variations depending on power requirements. The quick spool TT, the L450 and the TTE470 are similar power levels. They do around 440bhp on my dyno. The quick spool TT i haven't yet mapped but will be doing soon. Then you move upto the L500, V5, etc which are 500bhp turbos. Rick
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