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  1. I would suggest that a Basic Settings adaptation is carried out on it using VCDS which will hopefully sort out the jerky downshifts. The gearbox changes into 6th quickly on the standard software, and most tunes help this - it's unusual for them to change up earlier than standard. Rick
  2. You need to ask the tuner. As an example you can have any of these features with our DSG tune: Increased shift RPM in D (doesn't race into top gear so quickly) Decreased shift RPM in S (doesn't try and rev to the redline on light throttle) Kickdown disable Disable up change in Manual Choose Launch control RPM Plus there are many other things happening in the back ground by default, but the above are optional. Rick
  3. LP i've used APR and DW for the R, HPFP VIS motorsport.
  4. The low pressure pump drops down to around 2 bar at 460bhp so it really should be upgraded at 450 bhp or more. The HPFP drops pressure at around 440bhp on my Dyno. Rick
  5. You can get a new core for around £350, around the same for fitting so it's not the end of the world. Rick
  6. 360-370 is pretty much on the money I'd say
  7. For road or track use? On the road, going to stage 1 will make it feel a lot more alive. On track, the chassis and brakes is just about good enough for the standard power.
  8. Exhausts are a very personal thing, but please don't judge the sound on videos as you are missing a lot of harmonics that make up the final sound.
  9. £450, we can do you a low torque map if clutch isn't done
  10. Good point... Then £450 and £500 for Stage 1/2. Rick.
  11. 20% off Stage 1 and Stage 2 software when Engine and DSG Software taken together. Stage 1 = £500 + £350 = 850 -20% = £680 Stage 2 = £600 + £350 = 960 -20% = £760 Switchable Impulse extra £80 Applies to any car booked in between now and 5pm Black Friday. £50 deposit required. Software must be applied before 26th January 2019. Stage 1 map notes here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kybzA0TAT-CX-EP1spBnIdih63LZ78OafbajpYnVAkE/edit?usp=sharing Stage 2 map notes here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AM6z7iI0-3fmSZbtFi65L2-O2eosXaVxv6ejHMczZoU/edit?usp=sharing Please PM Chloe by clicking here : https://www.vwroc.com/forums/messenger/compose/?to=23365 Or call 0161 637 1890 to speak to Chloe to book in. Thanks, Rick.