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  1. With any tune, you are assuming that everything is is in top condition and working optimally - that's what gives you room for the tuning. What's important is to ascertain that that is actually the case. Rick
  2. 320bhp is the max you will get out of that spec. No chance any IS20 car is going to do 350bhp on just pump fuel. I have seen upto 330bhp with a wagner cooler, but that's an exceptional car. I run one of these on track a lot so know the ins and outs in detail. Rick
  3. Without doing a full data log, it's all academic. Hub dyno figures can't really be compared to anything - the losses are small to engine power as most losses on a chassis dyno are from the tire/roller interface. Rick
  4. This will 100% leave a TD1. It's not for removing maps for servicing etc, it's main use is to allow remote tuning. We make very little money on the hardware for us it is a platform to be able to do proper full custom tuning. Rick
  5. Yes it's always £100 less. DSG goes from £450 to £350 inc vat Rick
  6. The Cobb accessport is now available for the Golf R Mk7 Pre face lift for European and Rest of World markets. The accessport allows you to remotely tune your own vehicle with highly advanced data logging features. Unicorn Motor Developments are an authorised Cobb Pro Tuner, and can remotely tune your car to any spec. The accessport can be used for fast map switching for use with for example race fuel, or for high and low torque maps. Get yours here: https://www.unicornmotordevelopments.com/shop/index.php?route=product/product&path=163_165&product_id=63 Rick
  7. No group buys now till next year, we had one earlier I'm sorry to say!
  8. We have lots of customers on a standard clutch, we have a specific map for it.
  9. totally depends on the wheel design
  10. It would increase the performance yes, not critical to come back but not a bad idea!
  11. The gains at this level from a full intake are marginal, so probably not needed. Drop in k&N - that you then keep clean - is not a bad idea. Rick
  12. Hi Jeff, It will make more power if tuned for 99 - that is no problem. I would expect further gains with the TT intake also Rick
  13. If it was all ok, then really you should have a plot that reflects that.
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