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  1. hi rick,


    Been trying to contact you through your website but have not had a response. Is  there an email I can reach you at ?

  2. Lots of people have had issues with this turbo, regardless of tune or not. Emissions are unaffected on Stage 1.
  3. 67 plate cars are not immune, but it's rare to see a failure. No promises though! Rick
  4. Hi Rick, I found your post on Golf R turbo failures very interesting & informative. Have you any knowledge if the same issue applies to the 67 reg onwards (7.5s)?


  5. Pumps can remain standard, I prefer a racing spark plug such as a Denso IKH01-24.
  6. If anyone has any specific queries please contact us directly as there are so many variables. But to try and summarise: This car has full stage 2 spec so you need to take that into account. That is a full turbo back exhaust, up rated intake system and Wagner intercooler. If you put this turbo on a standard car you would make more power then the stock item, maybe 10-15bhp. This turbo makes more power as it is able to deliver more boost higher in the rpm range. But with boost comes heat so really an intercooler upgrade is needed to maintain efficiency. APR runs a lot of low down boost and so with this turbo you may get surge or overboost over the 2 bar sensor limit. It’s never going to be ideal as the ignition profile is also wrong. If you want to keep the software then it would be better just to use an updated core with standard wheels. Software for this turbo is £649 inc vat and all dyno time. Fitting around £400 depending on specifics. Rick
  7. It's to make more noise, pure and simple. Rick
  8. Here we have a brand new 2019 Golf 7R 300PS tuned to over 420bhp using the L380x turbo upgrade. The L380x gives the same spool and response as the stock turbo while supporting more power and stronger internals. For those worried about standard turbo reliability or wanting an extremely wide usable power band this is a very good choice. With a full scorpion exhaust system and Wagner intercooler this car made 423bhp and 395lbft of torque. We tuned this car first as a Stage 1, then 2 Stage 2 with Scorpions first GPF delete down pipe and now with this upgraded turbo. This turbo is available through ourselves either as a supercore which reuses the original exhaust housing and actuator or as a complete unit priced at £800/£1050 Thanks, Rick
  9. It isn't being measured at the wheel, it's being measured at the Power absorption unit. Depending on the dyno design, this figure is vastly different as it is related to speed, roller diameter and roller finish, along with tire flex caused by tractive effort. Rick
  10. This is just an example of fatigue and not specific to tuning other than that more power = more risk of failure. Rick
  11. Devil's dyno doesn't inflate figures, run that Revo car on another Dyno and you will likely see higher figures. Rick
  12. You have Cobb accessport support now, we tune cars all over the world with custom setups
  13. An engine ECU tune should be different for tuned and non tuned TCU, as you have to send different torque signals from the engine to the TCU. Rick
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