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  1. I’m sure we will see some more deals at Easter. Possibly when the estate arrives.
  2. Car picked up. All good but they do not remove the pump / clean the filter on the pump for the haldex system.
  3. They called to say my bonnet release is broken but they are fixing on warranty. I hadn’t noticed anything wrong with it. they suggested my rear pads are at 90%. Discs are worn but ok. They want £262 to change pads. Umm no thanks. i also declined an air con service. re the brakes. I have done 40k in the car but mostly long journeys and I don’t drive this R at all fast really. The estate handling isnt as sweet as the hatchback and so just don’t bother that much. So I guess that’s low wear and tear. I assume the rears have gone before the fronts as there must be some auto braking
  4. I asked them to do this. They were confused and said they will call me. They haven’t yet.
  5. Well am stood at dealers now. Have added haldex and brake fluid to the service. The covid check in etc process is so much better than the normal vw process. No sitting around waiting for someone to sit with me at a desk and waste my time asking me stupid questions. Bish bash and out. Declined the vac and wash. Don’t really want someone covering my car in covid hand prints, spending more time than needed breathing inside my car etc.
  6. Ah of course brake fluid. Yeah must sort that. Haven’t given any thought to an extended warranty. I am used to cars with huge bills 🙂. Seriously I haven’t looked into it. No idea of the costs.
  7. Yeah I have selected minor service as last one was major and have only done 4 or 5k since then. The threads are as clear as mud re what the service schedule is 😞. I am hoping assuming I just need haldex oil change (and filter change) on top. the car is then out of warranty which I guess I’ll just put up with.
  8. Wow VW make it hard!! Just coming up to 3 years old and just over 40k for my 7.5 golf r estate. It’s quite challenging and enough to put me off vw for life: 1. Service history is now all online. But it’s hard to find and no details as to what was done each time. I’ve owned the car since new and so have the receipts anyway. I can see this being painful when selling the car. 2. What service do I need. The info from vw is poor and so really hard to work out which service is required and what extras are required. VW don’t know and the online info is a mess. Haldex? DSG? Seems I need minor
  9. If you are looking at leasing a mk8 and want to compare to your current costs then of course you have depreciation and interest and tax. This thread is about the deals though.
  10. Was yours new? So what has yours cost you over the first 2 years etc?
  11. Going back in time by nearly 3 years...a brand new R was about £36k (my estate in grey was) and the monthlies plus deposit for a 2 year lease we’re about £7k. You wouldn’t add extras as you pay for them over the lease period. That’s a very cheap way of owning a brand new R and less than the cost of depreciation and cheaper than pcp etc. Of course you can buy a 3 year old car for cash and it might only cost you £4K in depredation over 2 years (ignoring bank loans etc). Anyway this isn’t a thread about the benefits of leasing. The mk8 deals are starting to flow.
  12. https://www.gateway2lease.com/cars/volkswagen/golf-5-door-hatch/8-2.0-tsi-320-7speed-r-dsg-4motion-VW023646.php
  13. In notice that there are lease deals starting to appear. Currently they are quite a bit higher than the 7.5 deals from 3 years ago. But the world is a different place and the p11d is somewhat higher. anyway so far : Vertu £404.27 a month with £1,331.69 down and 10k incl vat From Inchcape on the Golf 8 R in white 3+23, 6K mpa – Initial Rental £1077.00 inc VAT, monthly rentals £359.00 inc VAT 6+23, 6K mpa – Initial Rental £1920.00 inc VAT, monthly rentals £320.00 inc VAT
  14. Think at 27 months I had paid about £10k to VW (40,000 mileage fine plus monthlies). Then paid £19k for the car. So £29k in total - my car was over £35k, so a decent saving.
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