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  1. I think your right to follow your gut instinct
  2. eccie


    Can you tell me does it have DCC & a reversing camera?
  3. eccie

    Tyres for winter

    I’ve just put Conti Wintercontact TS860s on my winter wheels ready for the drop in temperatures. I’ve run them last winter on my wife’s Merc, they were very good. I’ve got them on 17” wheels 225/45/17 they are replacing Nokian’s
  4. eccie

    17 Inch Winter Wheels

    I run 17” monza on my Mk7 GTi performance (with the r brakes) they came off my mk5 GTI
  5. Hi

    can you recreate the noise by pushing the interior lamp housing , mine creaked in hot weather ,I lubricated the head lining surround trim in both of front corners of the aperture there,s plastic trim which overlaps push it down with your fingers and spray silcone under it, I cured mine

  6. eccie

    whats the point in a sunroof?

    I wouldn’t be without one, but understand it’s personal choice My car is a 64 plate GTI and I’ve had no issues with it and it’s used almost everyday
  7. I thought I’d seen some settings in the menu on the radio under phone, where you can adjust the microphone sensitivity, I’ll have a look tomorrow
  8. I fitted some ST2 paddles today, I found it easier to just turn the wheel a 1/4 turn and extract the pins etc with the drivers door open and me outside the car looking at the wheel side on
  9. eccie

    An annoying rattle from my pan roof

    You might want to try lubricating the seals with krytox, they can dry out
  10. eccie

    Problem with Locking Wheel Nut

    I had a similar problem with one of mine 2 years ago, I hammered an old socket over the top and managed to loosen it. Threw them all in the bin and replaced with normal bolts- I suspect the tyre fitters had over tightened them with the gun thingy.
  11. eccie

    Winter snow predicted

    Just put my winter wheels (17" Monza from my old MK5 GTi) and winter tyres on since the temps are dropping - Its not an R but a GTi PP, it shares the brakes so will show people that the wheels fit, just its a tight fit!
  12. My Mk4 GTi was similar, futura yellow - loved it and love this MK7.5 in yellow
  13. eccie

    Winter wheels

    Its only a GTI - Am I allowed