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  1. If I remember rightly it didn't get repaired properly the first time. There was water pouring across the island. Think there was a damaged pipe that they knew about but still went ahead and resurfaced the road.
  2. I'll watch out for it on the way back tonight.
  3. That's defo one to watch out for. Is that going towards Pelsall?
  4. Wait and see now. Took pictures and paint depth. Apparently VW gettting stricter.
  5. Not the place to go then. Anybody had any joy with the white worm issue at another dealer in Staffordshire/ West Midlands?
  6. Could be right. The 19K would be cheaper.
  7. If you are thinking of extending your lease it might be worth knowing there seems to be a shift on their pricing. I have just looked into extending with a formal lease for six months. I was quoted £1200 ish per month.
  8. I am going to jinx myself now but never hit a deer. Surprising as there is loads by us. My brother has had a run in with them twice. Needed a new wing and repair to bonnet.
  9. I have a small dent on the sill where I dropped my phone about a week after I collected. I managed two years without a kerbed alloy. I was careless the other month so now have one. It has the odd scratch inside. I think the car is in better condition as a leased one rather than owned. After all there is the fact that you could be changed for damage on return. I nearly always use super fuel. On the few occasions I haven't, I felt bad. The car gets washed when I am in the mood, it looks filthy or our feathers friends leaves a present. I always wash it and put some time into it rather than a quick wash. I was put off hand washing places. I had oil change with VW. I would have taken it to the guy I normally use but I think the wording of VW lease ruled this out. Anyway, I used indy quote to drive VW down price.
  10. Hope the police get a result for you and perp(s) get caught.
  11. I extended my lease for three months with VWFS. If I don't order the FL I'll probably take a longer formal extension.
  12. Mine is standard. Are these the pieces you are referring to:
  13. Thanks for the browser suggestion. Still no joy. I'll give them a call
  14. Sorry should have been clearer. On the form for the personal details there is a mobile number field. I got error here even though a valid mobile number was entered.
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