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  1. Can any one recommend a good reasonable place to either fit or by and fit a resonator delete in London or Surrey. Many thanks
  2. Danb

    Dynaudio or no?

    I have dynaudio in my 3 door and couldn't do without it.
  3. Update - Was sent to Enterprise Rentals near me. When I got there all I saw was Vauxhalls on the forecourt. The guy just said "don't worry we have a BMW 320d Msport being cleaned out back". Honestly, I'd have taken an Astra. This BMW is £252 per day. In all honesty I feel embarassed.
  4. I posted about my accident on Saturday on another thread. The scenario is a follows: I called my insurance company (Chris Knott) to report the accident and I was sent directly to a no fault solicitors. Today an engineer inspected the car and it’s not road worthy of which I agree with. The other party has 21 days to accept liability and repair will commence if not it will commence after the 21st day and claim will be made on the other party. Although still waiting for the above, the solicitors are pressing for me to get a hire car and leave mine at the garage awaiting repair. Is this normal for claims to be outsourced and handled in such a way?
  5. Danb

    Accident today...

    I did report it to the police on line as there’s no face to face contact anymore. Their website said they will review my report within 10 days.
  6. Danb

    What was your first car?

    1981 MK3 5 door dark green Ford Escort 1.6 Ghia with XR3 alloys on it. The constant whining of the gear box and poor driveshafts....Oh 12 inch soundlab speakers on the parcel shelf which of course got stolen.
  7. Danb

    Accident today...

    Cheers, just a complete ball ache at 8:45 this morning.
  8. Danb

    Accident today...

    This happened this morning, a Lexus came straight from a side road and attempted to to go straight across me from a side road. He stopped but then drove off luckily i got a picture of his car and number plate. But hey, I'm ok. My Finance agreement ends in March next year do i have to mention the accident at point?
  9. Danb

    Dynaudio speakers

    And very impressive
  10. Danb

    My R is too quiet

    Had the back seats down (carrying a tv) and could hear a lot more, so it must sound a lot better from the outside.
  11. I'm 3 years into a 4 year deal and considering an Audi TT 230 bhp's the TTS is quite expensive for what you get. Gonna test drive a TT 230 bhp tomorrow.
  12. Danb

    Mk7r to mk7.5r

    Agreed. I have a march 2015 3 door. Was planning to wait for the mk8. But if it's 5 door only then I'll be looking elsewhere.
  13. Danb

    Which watch does a Golf R driver wear?

    Oris F1 Pointer and Rolex Milgauss
  14. Danb

    Would you get another R?

    Have to say it has been one of the best all round cars I've driven. I was looking at the M240i but lacks 4wd, Focus is a no no, A Class AMG too expensive and 4 door only. looks like I'll be going for the 7.5 R with similar spec. Think I'll love it too.
  15. My PCP deal is on my 2015 R ends March 19 so I'm casually looking around for what I would want next. Tempted to go for a 7.5R as this one ticks all the boxes. Rumour is the MK8 is due 2019 but I would guess the R version might come along later.