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  1. I’ve seen that and think you’ve been more than fair. Agreed you pushed car very hard throughout life, accept pay to play and didn’t bag out APR tunes. Hence their blocking you and seeming to want to turn blind eye disappointing to see and understand your frustration with it. It is an eye opener for those stage 2 HO tuned cars that track and push car regularly that there are associated risks attached. Hence for me no LC ever, tracking etc. it’s my Daily that I want to last long term and use mechanical sympathy and regular maintenance to hopefully prevent any big issues with engine/trans. Good of luck with your new build! I’m sure it will be quite epic once completed.
  2. The BCS res delete would be my recommendation as has the anti drone design. Many on here run it and happy.
  3. Sorry I don’t know. All I’ve seen in past is all their stage 2 cars on pump normally around the 240kw mark. I have seen one make 250 on a high boost tune once which they don’t normally do or recommend.
  4. Here is dyno of car tuned locally to me. First results of full e85 on FBO stage 2 car. On pump fuel cars generally making around 240-245wkw same dyno.
  5. I prefer the APR ecu tune as stronger low end torque making car more responsive as daily. I swapped when my dealer went to racingline and I had initial stage 2 APR software which had slight surging. That was around 3 years ago. I ran it for 6 months and felt it was better at time but once APR released their DP the worked hard on the stage 2 tune revising it making it stronger and without surging. So so I swapped back and changed mechanics to one closer to me that’s APR. I never got charged for swapping tunes or updated revisions of APR so I’m happy. I added the bangs and pops tune and run the 2.6 version HO and it’s been fantastic. I know there is 2.7 out but I’m not bothering to update as I’m happy. It’s a good thing with having APR if they find any fault in tune or improve it they will release updates free of charge. I think now it’s perfected anyway IMO.
  6. Yes it’s fine to have TVS DSG with other brand ecu. I have APR ecu and had racingline also for 6 months both with the TVS DSG and works perfectly. I’d go the ecu tune first simply as that’s the biggest improvement to car performance so you notice it more and the DSG tune greatly improved the driving modes making it a much better drive.
  7. I’m more than happy with my TVS/HP DSG tune on 6sp. Had it more than 4 years and made huge improvements over stock. I would believe Rick in saying how difficult the TCU tuning is when almost all the complaints about APR and others were about TCU tunes not ECU.
  8. Id say good tyres and maybe 18in rims would take your friends time down. What’s his 0-60? As it’s shown plenty that 3.2 possible on APR stage 2 HO not just by Mitch. So if he’s not getting that then maybe not getting good launch. I think 11.6-11.8 about mark APR stage 2 ho full weight 19s with good tyres. Removal of rear seats etc and 18s would prob take another 0.2 off 1/4 mile time. Like damian mentioned earlier without having same tyres, rims, weight let alone WMI or ethanol mix in fuel not comparing apples. I looked up before and 11.1 the fastest stock turbo/engine but had all of those extra things. Mid 11s stock weight on 18s with good tyres, pump fuel still awesome daily car goal. Like both you and Mitch have shown.
  9. That’s incredible! You should forward it to APR, I’m sure they would Post it on all their social media platforms. No doubt would get plenty of extra stage 2 sales with potential results like that!
  10. That’s awesome times again. I remember seeing APR cars getting to 3.2x 0-60 and your car seems every bit as fast if not faster so soon enough you’ll match/beat that and probably get 11.3x at 120 which is just phenomenal stock turbo, weight and pump fuel. I’m blown away with how fast our cars are with stage 2 mods.
  11. That's great time also and espically slight up slope. Interesting that same 1/4 mile time but TVS tuned car showed 120MPH trap. I've never tested mine so I thank people like you who show what my APR stge 2HO is capable of.
  12. Great times there, I don't doubt you can shave bit off that and get 3.4x 0-100 and 11.3x 1/4 mile, which would be one of that fastest stage 2 cars on pump fuel and stock weight I've heard of. I know TVS well known for their TCU tunes but must also be great with ECU tuning also.
  13. That’s a smart move. I read plenty of people unhappy with the APR tcu tune on the 6 speed when it was released, I believe all updated and fixed and now people happy. Im more than happy with APR ecu tune combined with Harding performance/tvs tcu software. From driving almost 200k km in both the 6sp, tuned 6sp and 7sp in Audi s3 I still believe the 7sp massive improvement stock compared to 6sp especially in sports/dynamic modes. Like most I found the 6 sp modes very annoying and was desperate to tune it which I haven’t found in 7sp. I’m sure it will be improved once tuned and I think a must when running stage 2 HO tunes.
  14. I personally find stage 2 better as daily than stage 1 in the fact that low end torque improved as turbo spools faster making car faster and more responsive so you don’t need to drive car hard. I have long term fuel usage around 8.5L 100/km but I’m fairly reserved and get lots of freeway driving also. That’s 6sp and I find the 7sp in wife’s s3 gets about 10% better fuel efficiency same driving due to 7sp gear box. Id still suggest stage 1 firstly with TT inlet and modified stock intake for best results. If you go APR, revo etc then pedal box still very worthwhile as they don’t fix the throttle response. IMO id almost try pedal box firstly and then look at stage 1 tuning and then stage 2 if you want more torque, power across rev band. Stage 1 is more than enough power but stage 2 with better exhaust note, bangs and pops tune and intake for induction sounds make the car WAY more enjoyable/fun to drive. Again that’s subjective but I’m sure all those stage 2 here would agree.
  15. Bigger turbo equals more lag, not what you want on a street driven car. You almost want smallest turbo for your power goal whilst in its efficiency level. Basically as batch has stated the racingline one does. Max boost by 3500 rpm and torque to red line. So you’re giving up only around 500-800 rpm band but gaining extra 80+ hp top end. Obviously if you’re looking stage 3 you’re aware of this and must want to track car as it’s pretty much concluded that stage 2 best set up for DD car for basically no turbo lag so car pulls from around 2k rpm to red line so the torque in that 2k-3500 much higher than what stage 3 turbos are. Good luck with whatever choice you make.
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