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  1. Almost 64 ... perhaps why i'll accept Sainsbury's 97 Super Unleaded rather than be ripped off by Shell?
  2. Smile: every time I clean it & stand back and admire. Cry: argument with the gate post last week trying to avoid the bins thrown around as usual by the bin men. £945 repair estimate!! An acquaintance had his pano roof explode at 85mph on the M6. He did a bit more than cry lol.
  3. Used the MAN meet & greet this year with no issues. There again my R is 3.5 years old so long past the paranoia.
  4. Having declined the external valet for the last 3 years, I let them do it last month as the car was in a shocking state what with all the snow, slush etc. Have to say Inchcape Chester did a top job, near-showroom result, no sign of swirls, etc..
  5. DBP here with silver Prets. I swopped out the side mirror backs for black early doors. Too much silver/chrome otherwise. Black Prets would've been a nice option back in 20i5. At the end of the day it's just a superb drivers' car.
  6. Off topic in a way but how would driverless cars cope with potholes.
  7. Just extended mine. April 2015 reg. A bit steep but the only warranty claim in the last 3 yrs involved taking most of the front apart to get at a leaking water pump hose which shut down the car basically. Once bitten .....
  8. Pricey though. Had mine done at 40K service (just under the service pack limit) and came out £275 lighter!!
  9. Top floor of T3 Short Stay right at the far end by the lifts. Easy peasy. I'll be there this weekend! Booking with the official website and you get regular 15% discount vouchers.
  10. Water pump hose split. Caused a 'Don't drive this car one metre further' warning. To quote Michael Caine, 'They had to take the whole bladdy front off' to fix it!
  11. Coolant leak & thermostat here too. Car in three days as they had to take the front end off to get at the leak then didn't have the parts in stock!
  12. Piano black. Pledge Dry Dusting cloth. Job done.
  13. My sympathies! I hit a badger a while back, low speed and amazingly no damage whatsoever. Not so the badger.
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