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  1. I wonder if the box is considering second gear? Sometimes you can put your foot to the floor and the pedal will push it third but click the switch and it will jump to 2nd at high revs then quickly change to third again. Nearly a waste of time changing to 2nd.
  2. The noise from the engine off white car. Not when idling.
  3. 15.07.08 15th July 2008 Mk5 leather non gti I think from a GT
  4. Off for 15 minutes to reset like the radio. The old MFD in the middle did this once on me was at least 15 minutes off before it came back. It has never done it again.
  5. This is a common whiplash claim scenario. I know a chap had exactly the same, went stop, went, stooopppped nobody coming he smacked into the back. Was two days before the insurance company was on the phone about whiplash claim. Common way for fraudsters to get you. Hopefully the new R will be better than the old Golf.
  6. Windows down with the hot weather, are you just hearing it more?
  7. My plugs were done at 4 years old.
  8. Must give it a go at the weekend then
  9. How much of a difference does this make, mine has some serious jerks when chucking it in certain gears. Gets better once warm but not perfect?
  10. Mine broke after VW serviced it, replaced under warranty (outside of the warranty) would have cost £500 odd pounds. (they never cleaned the filter).
  11. Is it a correct statement that the gunk looks like its caught on the inside of the filter. I think mine is getting bad again as some times there is a kick in the pants from the back when taking off swiftly. 30k 5year mark is September it will be interesting to see if I can convince the dealer to clean the filter.
  12. Mine seem to wear fairly even. Mainly short journeys.
  13. Mine were the lower parts of the coil packs causing issues. No engine light though just the EPC one.
  14. I think I would be in tears if it was mine. I assume they crawled in folded the seats down and got all the bits out. Locking wheel nut is lying on the floor. Bonnet looks slightly open too.
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