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  1. Wow I ordered last day of July 21 and have mid October 22 at the moment.
  2. At the moment mine is heading for a 16 month time to build
  3. Rumour has it the my23 build of the mk8 R has a gloss black trim around the gear selector
  4. No glass black centre console. I.e a my22 build, but congratulations
  5. TechieAli


    When this happened to me I repaired the tyre at the same time as getting it replaced just kept it as a spare. I just bump off it in the garage when parking the car. Never did use it in the end but still had it just in case.
  6. Got an email update today from Eve not James at Medway.
  7. VW have lost the plot it looks gross 🤮. Just give me the engine you can keep rest. Although by the time you get it they will need to change the badges to 21 or 22.
  8. Better get the orders in for the anniversary model. Since mines not built yet just upgrade it for free VW. Pretty please.
  9. Then again I thought I had read the mk8 was the last golf….surely they can’t kill the golf.
  10. I figured VW are prioritising VW direct sales rather than through a significantly reduced broker. I.e full price dealer orders rather than reduced DTD orders.
  11. Clutch bearing? Initially thought air leak. Video of noise may help.
  12. In 2010 it took two days to build my Golf GTD brand new. Equally it took 7 months to turn up.
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