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  1. Would be nice if I got it for free though. Although I would rather have an Akra for free VW if you are listening.
  2. Details of those in charge Media contacts Benedikt Griffig Head of Products and Technology Tel. +49 (0) 5361 / 9-977164 Send Email Contact details Dr. Stefanie Blabl SSP Volume I Trinity | Swarm services and automated driving Tel. +49 (0) 5361 / 9-969564 Send Email Contact details
  3. Enhanced power and speed: Volkswagen takes voice control in the Golf to a new level https://www.volkswagen-newsroom.com/en/videos-and-footage/enhanced-power-and-speed-volkswagen-takes-voice-control-in-the-golf-to-a-new-level-5952 now before you claim it’s any good VW can you test it from a cold start and quickly change the climate settings turn off stop start and lane assist, before then driving off within 30s. No one gives a crap about voice control.
  4. I thought I had read a slightly different version of that, that mentions a transporter R with 4wd.
  5. I think the power switch, volume temp thing needs a retro fit part that brings the power button across and has backlights.
  6. Maybe a gap so your finger nails don’t scratch the plastic when lifting the arm rest?
  7. It might be the 3rd person that sold it has made a profit, which is why they did. The only thing I notice that’s not standard is the rear spoiler, it’s missing the parcel shelf, I would be demanding one in the sale. I would be looking for crash damage rather than mechanical issues if it was me. Although it is rather shiny for black and the lines down the side look very clean.
  8. I think the more you ask the more backwards it goes.
  9. Has anyone measured the paint thickness on their new Golf R is it around 110-125microns like normal? (interested in white) but others appreciated too. Just interested as I will be checking it when it arrives on collection day. (when ever that is).
  10. You should get that back fine but you maybe to pay DTD some sort of admin fee around £320
  11. Possible I suppose that orders go in but maybe sit a queue somewhere until slots become available.
  12. Happy birthday have a good one!
  13. Probably the reason April 20 ordered cars have not arrived is the dealers never actually ordered your car in April as they had no allocations left. So it will have been ordered later on.
  14. I think from owning a 64plate and a 19 plate, the differences are the OPF and a set of fuel injectors. The 64 plate having 8 and the 19 plate having 4. Other things might be slight differences, like 300ps, 310ps, then back to 300ps again, obviously the 19 plate had the OPF. Not sure exactly when the 310 started and stopped year wise might be 17/18 cars.
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