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  1. I think they all leak oil around the filler cap.
  2. Someone has to dig up the shared drive way to my Garage that has no Electricity and install a meter and charge point, after doing that say 10k, you then have to buy an EV. Cheapest is 18k (maybe more now). so after spending 28k I get to pay 14p a mile for my travel to work. I'll do the maths on that one: 50 miles per week 50*52 weeks in a year = 2600 miles per year. Humm let round it up to 5000miles just for the sake of it. @25mpg 5000/25 = 200 gallons of fuel a year. 200*4.55 = 910 litres of fuel per year 900*1.50 (at £1.50 a litre) thats £1350 per year. £28,000 / £1,350 is 20.7 years. I don't think anything will make me switch in a hurry. Never mind the UK power grid will not cope with everyone returning home from work and plugging in their cars.
  3. Mirror dip didn’t work when the switch was knackered too. It didn’t know it was in L position.
  4. Supposedly common issue the switches failing my Mums GT just had hers done under warranty, did random things. Knob up made the wrong side mirror go down. Folded in when on heated setting. E.t.c
  5. At the moment I see no reason to upgrade at all. Although I did change from a 5yr old R to a 2019 7.5R but then again if it wasn't leaking oil like a sieve I would still be in it.
  6. If the are 28mm then they are 66% worn (33% left) if that’s the first set of pads the discs won’t outlive the next set of pads, in theory. Measuring my sisters GTI in a week or so as VW have said they need replacing.
  7. Direct line £815, not really sure what’s going on. Usually quotes are around the £300 mark so not sure where all the sudden £7-800 ones are coming from.
  8. Brake Disc Thickness [mm]:30,0 Minimum thickness [mm]:27,0 https://www.autodoc.co.uk/brembo/15251183?gshp=1&gclid=CjwKCAiAqJn9BRB0EiwAJ1SztcESnaM4A8I2Ix084RxI4MpkR_XL_zkw0croqX4YnVwM1lDwzx9JKRoCIccQAvD_BwE https://www.mtecbrakes.com/brake-discs/volkswagen/golf-mk7-2012/golf-2-0-r-11-13.html
  9. Ok so Admiral or Churchhill have it £350 ish
  10. At the moment struggling to find a quote under £700 with £600 excesses. Last year £245 no change to circumstances other than I am a year older. 20yrs+ NC, no accidents, no points. Has the R become uninsurable?
  11. When mind span the wheels, the only time it ever did it the Haldex was knackered, VW replaced it under warrenty.
  12. Unlikely to get done, my speeding offence was on the door mat within 2 days, 81 in a 70.
  13. I think it looks like a better interior (apart from maybe the base of the seats) than the mk8. Normal light control Seperate controls for the heating (albeit touch ones) Normal stereo, although looks like a different nav (bring in the end of the free maps in a couple of years???) The price is horrendous 53k+ Agreed the DSG shifter should be the small one. Still not convinced the steering wheels and badge changes, just looks cheap.
  14. I expect that would still make nice Christmas present. I wonder how I borrow the car get it booked into VW and done without her knowing.
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