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  1. I have had this a few times. Does clear itself.
  2. This feature I love. I think it’s 10 degrees too also seems to turn passenger one. I will maybe get to see if it does the rear ones in a couple of weeks if it’s cold.
  3. Exactly this, every time I have to press the lightning bolt even though it is already selected makes a massive difference to the sound. Sounds like it might be fixed. Yeahhhhh
  4. Mines underway took about 40 minutes of driving to download.I hope it fixes the sound issue with the Harmon Kardon so I don’t have to press the Lightning bolt every time.
  5. Exactly this, that would be worth coding if it’s possible.
  6. I have to admit I have a profile set in individual but since it never remembers where you left it, I just leave it in normal (rebadged as sport). They ruined so many things it’s unbelievable.
  7. When they offer you 20k for your old one and want 50k for the new one, hell would have to freeze over first. My 8R 6 months old 2k miles on the clock webuyanycar 26k. That’s a depressing deprecation of 11k in 6months………… if it was full price at today’s rates that would 20k……🫣
  8. 1978 miles from new 31.7mpg, Av speed 28mph, 71hrs 41minutes driving.
  9. They claim to be able to do it https://www.vw-retrofit.co.uk/product/golf-mk8-reverse-camera-hatchback/
  10. Maybe I need to give that a go.
  11. Anyone got ios17 and Apple Music and found the library section permanently empty?
  12. Yeah I would have hoped maybe they would have fixed all those issues I am quite familiar with them. I have fixed three golfs speakers, three golfs badge drains and three golfs rear bumper grills in the mk7. Luckily no sun roofs! But everything is dry. I have to admit I am not one for using the air con either.
  13. I think from memory you press the up arrow on the right hand control on the steering wheel to change what is displayed in the middle.
  14. @gregozedobe No eating, no animals, just me. I have to admit the condensation is pretty bad. It lives in the garage when it’s not being used to. So lives quite a sheltered life. All my previous R’s have. I was wondering on checking if the pollen filter exists or is fitted correctly. @Booth11 i use Autoglym glass polish which I have always used. It’s clean now used first time since in the dark today and it’s perfectly clean. Will see how long it lasts.
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