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  1. Man that forum is a blast from the past. I was there during the AlexFi days πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  2. Cheers he bought a bosch S5 last month πŸ‘
  3. I second this. The FL RS3 is very much on a par with the mk7 R as stock in terms of handling , much more neutral setup than the PFL which was set up with the usual Quattro understeer, the FL is much more playful when pushing on and can even be provoked into a little oversteer in the wet . The stock damping is spot on for fast road IMO just supple enough to not be "crashy" over rough surfaces but weights up superbly. I suspect with a good coilover kit , stiffer ARB's and some camber adjustments it could be seriously quick on track . Some people have had issues with camber adjustment plates causing clunking and others haven't but that could just be down to installation issues. The PFL cast block cars sound phenomenal especially with the RS sports exhaust, the FL Aluminium block cars are slightly muted by comparison but honestly it still sounds tremendous (the RS exhaust is a must have option). Tuning options for the FL are bonkers with stage 2 cars regularly making circa 550bhp. If you manage to get a test drive in 1 check what boots it is wearing , the OE pirelli can be a bit lethal in the wet but stellar in the dry.
  4. My old 2010 mk6 R had oil temp on the DIS and funnily enough also had the intermittent lighting issue on the dials. New owner got the dials fixed at main dealer, they offered a substantial price reduction to replace if they kept the old part in exchange when fitting new dial cluster.
  5. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ thats my mate Steve at Absolute that originally posted that
  6. Count Drunkula


    I came from a mk7 estate to the RS , mine is a facelift model so in terms of chuckability and handling there isn't much between it and an R . But its all about the engine with the RS3 , puts a smile on my face every time I start it (warm starts are even more ridiculous than cold starts with the RS exhaust option). I get what you mean about the interior, I looked for ages to get one with the right options and one of them was the SuperSports seats they really lift the looks on the interior. Not as nice as the Recaro seats in the mk1 RS3 but a big improvement over the standard seats. The biggest letdown on the interior is the Infotainment system, its not dissimilar to the VW setup but with the lack of a touchscreen it just makes everything a little more fiddly , the facelift models do get Google maps integrated into the nav system as standard and the virtual cockpit is very nice to use. There are quite a few options on the interior for the RS , mine has the carbon trim pack which replaces the plastic interior trim and it also has the extended upholstery pack which gives you leather and alcantara on the transmission tunnel.
  7. Count Drunkula


    Gave the filthy beast a wash yesterday but didn't have the weather or time to put a coat of wax on , found a bottle of Autoglym Polar Seal in the garage I bought a while back so decided to cheat and use that 🀫 Came out of work this morning after a bit of overnight rain and the beading is actually quite tight , but to be fair the polar seal was applied ontop of a graphene enhanced ceramic coating.
  8. To give an example these are 255/30/19 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S on the left and 255/30/19 RO2 Pirelli PZero on the right
  9. Cheers I'll pass it onto him. I've actually kept 2 of the 235/35/19 RO2 Pirelli’s that I took off the rears on my RS3 just incase he needs them. Is it primarily the fronts that are the issue or do the rears catch too?
  10. @YELLOW_TT Looking for some advice for a mate. He owns my old Mk6 R and is looking at a new set of wheels that are 19x8.5J et45. His car runs stock suspension and ride height , told him he may need to go down to 225/35 (or potentially 235/35 but RO2 spec as they have a narrower footprint than normal boots) . Any insight as to what he can get away with on stock ride height???
  11. Really depends on what you classify "best" as. If you want lightweight and strength then OZ Ultraleggeras are good. Motec Ultralight are another option. Team Dynamics are a mainstay of the motorsport world and their pro race 1.2 for 18" and under or 1.3 for 19" and above are very light for their size and very strong
  12. No standard M2000 gun , after having it in hand I like the idea of the slightly longer gun for 2 handed use so gonna try those nozzles and the swivel hose attachment. Can always ask santa (aka my fiancΓ©e) for a stubby Starlet gun for Xmas
  13. Fitted the Quick Release kit today and can see me ordering this : https://kranzle-pressure-washers.co.uk/products/adaptor-to-stub-quick-release-nozzle-set Standard M2000 gun and lance is about 5 foot long πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  14. Yeah the PS4S boots are a step up from OE Bridgestones. Glad they have gone to a good home πŸ˜‚
  15. Yeah they were mine , hate to admit it but they look better on Shuff's estate than they did on mine πŸ˜‚
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