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  1. Unfortunately the car had a front end respray about 2 years ago under my ownership to get rid of stone chipped bumper and bonnet. Wings weren't painted but clear coat was blended along them. VW wont honour warranty if paint depth readings dont match up
  2. Screw removed from arch liner and liner is tucked over the inside of the lip , gives a few extra mm clearance to prevent tyre rubbing
  3. Was well documented on mk5's , lots of people removed it to prevent rust. More worryingly my friend that bought my old mk6 R sent me some pics of rust bubbles on both front wings. Had a look in the flesh and did some googling , turns out most mk6 Rs with 19s from factory have had the arch liner mod (same mod mk7 owners do) done at dealerships as part of the PDI because of complaints about rubbing . This has allowed moisture to gather over time and caused rust
  4. Had my drivers side 1 replaced under warranty as technician noticed it was dead when in for its last service. Took about an hour all in when they got the part in.
  5. I've just fitted some new 19x8.5j rims with 235 section pilot Sport 4S tyres. Defo wouldn't go down to 225 as I don't like the stretched look. Plus 235 will at least give a little rim protection
  6. Looks a lot lower than any Eibach setup I've seen on a 7R. Wrong springs perhaps?
  7. Great cause , best of luck I'd be out of breath driving a marathon distance 🤣🤣
  8. It's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission has always been my motto.
  9. Think its activated on US cars iirc
  10. If it's a post WLTP car I don't think they do it anymore. Dunno if its because of the GPF or different mapping, my friends MY19 GTi PP is the same
  11. Pilot Sport 4S is the replacement for Pilot Super Sport. But not to be confused with Pilot Sport 4 which replaced pilot Sport 3
  12. Thanks, warranty is done in June so I'll get a set ready to go on when it runs out
  13. Holy thread resurrection... How do you find the ride quality on the Eibach springs and have you had any clearance/rubbing issues with the TD 1.2s? I've just fitted 1.3s in 19x8.5 ET45 to my estate and while I know the car still has to settle after being jacked up , it looks like it could do with a 10mm or so drop .
  14. Have you looked at Kumho Ecsta V70A? My friend used to run a time attack car and switched from 888s to the v70 and said they were a vast improvement in every respect.
  15. I ran them in a BBK on my Astra VXR on a few track days. As you say bite from cold is better than expected for a track oriented pad compound and progressively get better , I never experienced any fade on them and performance when hot was brilliant. But brake dust was horrific after a track day but again that's to be expected. Funnily enough my Astra was on Federal 595Rs-R in 255 profile too
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