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  1. 😂😂 I might trade some our our lovely soft water for your lovely smooth roads, every time I drive down south its like the roads are paved with gold compared to ours that resemble bombed out runways
  2. Another vote for Tulsion 115 from me , filled my DI vessel with it 10 months ago and used on every wash of car but still under 1ppm on output. Works a treat with soft scottish water
  3. I'd say its more a flat spot in the rev range. If it was the clutch the revs would continue to rise without any increase in speed
  4. I've asked 4 different companies based in Germany recently about importing a set of these in matte Bronze and all said they were not posting to UK at current time 🙄
  5. No difference as the calipers are identical bar the silver colour. Just a different pad compound iirc
  6. Was a common issue on the mk6 R with its tfsi ea113 engine but not on the mk7 tsi ea888
  7. Highly recommend an inline filter for the Kranzle especially if your going to be feeding it from a DI vessel. Amazed at the amount of crud mine has caught https://kranzle-pressure-washers.co.uk/products/kranzle-water-inlet-filter-inlet-outlet-made-of-brass
  8. From what i have read it's lazer etched into the paint before the clear coat is applied
  9. I like how they have replaced the Audi Sport etching on the lip with RS etching . Really need to get my wheels refurbished as white worm has started on 2 of them but don't think anywhere can recreate the etching 😬
  10. How much is plenty? The warning usually comes on when there's 4 or 5mm of friction material left as its just 2 wires embedded within the friction material and once both are in contact with the disc surface it completes the circuit and triggers the warning. If you have a lot more than that left it could be moisture has got into the wiring and shorted the circuit and caused the warning light
  11. The calipers are a direct fit with the rs3 carriers but you need ttrs discs, another option is vagbremtechnic.com carriers and AP discs as the new carriers move the caliper inboard slightly so thinner spacers needed
  12. I have the Kranzle K1152tst and can highly recommend it , it has a 15M hose reel and onboard tool storage . Unfortunately prices across the kranzle range have jumped since I bought mine a few years ago
  13. If you know anyone with a costco card go there instead , they have 235/35/19 PS4S for £151 each fitted with the same offer of £100 off when you buy 4 so works out at £504 for 4
  14. I've used both in the past . Bilt Hamber is the superior product for me and has been my go to snow foam for about 2 years , it definitely doesn't have the thickest shaving foam like consistency when applied by foam lance but it's dirt shifting ability is far superior. I also have a 5L hand pump spray I use to apply it as a pre cleanser when needed during winter months. Dilution ratio can differ from pressure washer to pressure washer but I go by the 1:10 ratio and always works well for me if you can't be bothered working out the panel impact ratio
  15. Borrowed my mates Ctek MXS5.0 a few times over the years but recently invested in a Noco Genius 10. Only advantage of the Noco is 10A output but both great bits of kit
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