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  1. Count Drunkula

    Automatic Boot pop kit

    I asked this a while back and got a few options but never went for anything in the end as couldn't find anything tried and tested for the estate
  2. Count Drunkula

    MOT fail - lambda outside specified limits?

    Have your spark plugs ever been changed? I had a car fail on emissions a few years ago after repeated attempts and the CAT very hot. Problem was coked up plugs causing incomplete combustion within the cylinder
  3. Count Drunkula

    Golf R 2012 First Mod Suggestions

    Stage 1 remap really brings the 6R to life and gives it the power it should have had from the factory . That with a VWR intake was my first Mod on my mk6
  4. Count Drunkula

    TTRS Calipers Fitment

    I'm sure the vagbremtechnic mounting kit moves the caliper inboard a few mm so less spacing required (on 362mm kit anyway)
  5. Count Drunkula

    TTRS Calipers Fitment

    Depends on price and condition really , I picked up a really good condition set of calipers for £250 (set on left) and discs for £200 on ebay
  6. Count Drunkula

    Drive Mode Percentages

    99% in normal with box in manual with the very occasional burst in race when roads/conditions allow
  7. Count Drunkula

    General question about the 6R

    That's mk7 OP is asking about mk6. The seats are very rare over here as IIRC they were a 2.5k option. Same seats as used in 8p RS3 and B6 RS4 as optional seat upgrade (think they are Recaro sportster CS) Its probably easier to find a set from an audi and have them retrimmed but should be a straight fit
  8. Count Drunkula

    Gift for petrosexuals

    I had 1 of them with the quote "dead or alive I'm having a tea" on the base . 😂
  9. Count Drunkula

    Wheels with BBK

    Essentially the same but minor design changes to accommodate the larger sizes as 1.2 only available up to 18" . 1.3 developed for 18" upwards
  10. Count Drunkula

    Wheels with BBK

    I think you can get logo on both it's optional
  11. Count Drunkula

    Wheels with BBK

    I'll definitely need to check if vagbremtechnic kit moves the caliper inwards a bit then
  12. Count Drunkula

    Wheels with BBK

    Brilliant, are you on stock suspension? Need to check but I'm sure the vagbremtechnic mounting kit for the 4pot brembo with their 362mm discs moves the caliper a few mm inwards
  13. Count Drunkula

    Wheels with BBK

    What rubber are you using ? I'm looking at a set of pro race 1.3 in 19x8.5j 35et as I have a set of TTRS 4 pots & a set of TTRS 8 pots I need to choose between but didn't know if I'd have arch rubbing on 35et
  14. Also. Love your wheels , a buddy had a set of team dynamics done a very similar colour on his Astra
  15. I would keep insurance company appraised of all changes anyway, I believe they only recommend not exceeding 235 width on 8j rims for safety . Seems to be more than a few on here running 255 without issue on 8.5j Didn't particularly fancy 30 rubber as you say due to the crashy ride but was an option for keeping rolling radius within tollerance. Offset was my biggest concern , I'll need to get a dry day in the new year and mock the brakes up so I can check clearance with a vernier caliper and find out for certain if 45et will clear