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  1. I'd speak to Ecotune directly on this , they are a great bunch of guys and are very helpful. It might be a bit of a drive for you to get there after lockdown but your car will be in the best hands
  2. Yeah , quite a few people on audi-sport.net running them . Just unsure on import duty when purchasing from Germany now after we left the EU. I've read on some eBay support pages that 20% import duty is already included in the buy it now price on purchases for outside of UK and if that's true the price is brilliant. I just don't know for certain if it is already included 🤔
  3. Yeah I've used Gyeon Q2 Rim and Gtechniq c5 on previous wheels. Gyeon seemed easier to apply of the 2
  4. I'm humming and hawing about ordering these for my RS but in matte bronze. Found them for a really good price on ebay but company is in Germany so unsure if I will get stung with a huge import duty fee ontop of cost and postage 🤔
  5. Best engine and manual box combo I've ever driven still to this day. With some coilovers and a diff it was an absolute beast on track in its day. My favourite pad to fit would be Pagid Rs29 yellow but for little more than spirited Road use just now its not worth the outlay as they are crazy expensive for pads I might try Tarox Strada when they need doing . Rears will be first looking at remaining pad thickness 🙄
  6. I had a set of DS2500 pads in an AP 4pot kit on my VXR , on a track day at Cadwell Park the pads left deposit on the surface of the disc that built up and caused massive brake judder. Had to have the discs skimmed to remove the pad material. I chose those pads having had great experience with them on my previous EP3 Type R so was well aware of the bedding in process. Could just have been a dodgy batch but put me off buying them again.
  7. Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.3 They are a mainstay of motorsport so as such are very light for their strength and look great on an R estate. Good choice of colours available too
  8. If you get it done at a main dealer front pads and discs are £1150 under fixed price servicing. I'll probably be going for reyland 2 piece replacements when mine need done. Not decided on pads yet as most go for DS2500 but I've had bad experience with them in the past
  9. Check front arches for bubbling as that's a sign of rust. Dealers were advised to remove the arch liner screw and tuck the liner over the arch lip on cars delivered with 19" wheels to prevent scrubbing and I know a few cars now that have suffered rust as a result Also check if the HPFP has had the cam follower replaced at all as that is a known weak point
  10. Behind me on M80 heading towards Robroyston this morning. Recognised the DRLs instantly in my mirror from my own mk6 days 😃
  11. Nice choice. My buddy has had an A35 for a while now , love the interior. Augmented reality sat nav is really nice
  12. I dont think so as the downpipe is different for haldex cars
  13. As predicted another 20hp and 8R trick rear diff https://www.motor1.com/news/465925/2022-audi-rs3-more-power/
  14. That's the problem with a well sorted 7R , it punches so far above its price bracket it gets into scary money to find something that will make it worthwhile replacing 🤣
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