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  1. Pilot Sport 4S is the replacement for the Super Sport
  2. 10% off Michelin this week at blackcircles.com so that brings a 235/35/19 PS4S down to £127 per corner. I just ordered 4
  3. I think the VR6T lump is being proposed for the new Arteon shooting brake is it not? https://www.carthrottle.com/post/its-official-a-vw-arteon-shooting-brake-is-happening-and-it-might-have-a-vr6/ Certainly won't be seeing another 6pot golf from the factory as others have said emissions and tax laws have more or less killed that dead
  4. Vagbremtechnic and awesome both do them , just depends what your idea of a competitive price is https://www.vagbremtechnic.com/ferodo-performance-brake-pads-click-for-options-go7/ https://www.awesomegti.com/shop-by-car/audi/s3-8v/ferodo-racing-ds2500-front-brake-pads-audi-s3-quattro-8v/
  5. Cheers , seen a few folk online saying the App doesn't work, but that's mostly US gti owners. If app doesn't work I'll burn a few credits and use long coding
  6. Anyone know the OBDeleven App for enabling needle sweep (staging) on a mk6 R? My friend bought my old car a few years ago and put it in yesterday to get the instrument cluster replaced as the illumination had failed. Useless tech at dealership hasn't coded it right so doesn't do needle sweep on start-up any more so I said I'd give it a bash with OBDeleven rather than him booking another appointment at dealership
  7. Never underestimate what an extra inch can do for you 😂😂
  8. Your too nice lol My neighbours are out cutting grass at 8am during summer and guy across the road comes and goes in his M2 at 3 or 4am every night
  9. Similar . I bought a k4 premium from the karcher outlet shop online , had it for years with no issue . Pressure washers are like most power tools though karcher/nilfisk are like the makita and dewalt of their sector , high end consumer products . If your going to use it for a living or on a super regular basis get a good petrol powered unit
  10. They are, I just asked for 1 when car was in for a service and was given 1. Plugged it in once and swiftly removed , it's primarily a way for VW to gather data on you with no great benefit for the user
  11. Even if you find 1 without Bluetooth the factory setup can be easily retrofitted https://www.hazzydayz.com/genuine-vw-bluetooth-handsfree-kit-supply--fit-1032-p.asp
  12. Probably using chineseium glass now to cut costs 🤣🤣
  13. Indeed, guy told me on Friday the standard non climate glass is £360 So £80 excess is a no brainer
  14. Quick Google suggests factory fitted extras declaration varies between insurer (Admiral seem to be biggest protagonist) But back on topic with climate screen, I've seen a few quotes of £1200 on other forums just for glass , Probably needs high BCM, bit of wiring, relay and an awful lot of coding. Possibly activation with a code by VW (like android auto/ carplay), though not sure if this is something that exists or would have to be done by a specialist
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