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  1. I've always found better deals down south weirdly. I've always put it down to the fact that there is a larger population down south so a larger concentration of cars , particularly rarer models
  2. I paid £580 for mine last year but just checked site I got mine from and they are wanting just under £800 now 😳
  3. Another vote for Kranzle, I opted for a K1152ts after my last karcher died . Would recommend them to anyone looking for a new pressure washer
  4. Still only on 26k as I don't do a lot of miles for work
  5. I made the RS3 jump 2 years ago just before the whole covid nonsense started and by the sound of it I did it at just the right time . I got my early 2018 with a relatively high spec and 20k miles for £36k 😳 from Wimbledon Audi main dealer
  6. Scirocco Talladegas are a different offset to Golf 1s
  7. KillerBrakes.com is also a good source for MQB brake upgrades , owner is really helpful. Think he might even be a member on here
  8. Yeah advertised both sets on here but ended up shifting them on ebay. Forgot to add they are also used on the mk3 Leon Cupra with the Sub8 pack so you can buy the calipers and brake lines new from a friendly Seat dealership in red or black with just the brembo logo (audi 1s have RS logo)
  9. Had them and the 8pot brembos from an 8S TTRS and test fitted both in readiness for deciding which set to run but ended up selling my 7R just as its warranty ran out.
  10. They are just the same caliper as the 8P RS3 and 8J TTRS , the Aston calipers are reversed as they use a trailing setup and VAG models run a leading setup. You can get brackets to fit them onto 340mm MQB discs
  11. Can highly recommend Absolute Stay Glassy , its super hydrophobic and long lasting 👍
  12. Yup absolutely garbage and lethal in the wet
  13. I had to actually tell the tech about the technical bulletin regarding the gear selector as when they plugged it in the error code that is stored comes back to a module in the steering column. They gave me my car back after changing a load of components in the steering column and the same error popped up as they drove it out the workshop for me 🤦 So they had to take it back in and actually look up the bulletin I had already told them about and fix it correctly. Here's the bulletin just incase: https://1drv.ms/b/s!AgIaP5c2OAIxoFsjCqjRuigYVBLT
  14. Even managed to slip a pun into the title. My buddy had his Isaac Steel Blue 7.5 GTI back at our friendly detailer today for a scuff removal from the rear bumper and a general maintenance wash . While it was there Steve @ Absolute Valeting posted a rather handy video for removing carbon build up on chromed tailpipes so I thought I would share it here for those pesky mk7/7.5 exhaust tips. He uses his own tar remover but says any will do the job , the bog roll stops it evaporating and allows it to penetrate fully 😳
  15. FFS. Did you purchase direct from Revo or a 3rd party?
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