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  1. I love my 5 cylinder lump but I fear its days are numbered. Audi has just cancelled all orders of new TTRS and RS3 in Canada due to new regulations and as such are discontinuing the 5 cylinder in Canada.
  2. Could always try Santiago replicas from CM wheels. https://cmwheels.com/products/19-golf-santiago-style-wheels-gloss-black-machined/ Lots of people on here have bought Pretoria reps from there with no issues that I know of
  3. For caliper painting speak to BCS automotive their work is top notch. https://www.bcs-automotive.co.uk/ For discs I'm sure Reyland can supply their own brand discs to fit just about any BBK as they do replacements for AP/Alcon/K-Sport. Martin Hadland at reyland would be the man to speak to
  4. The Macan calipers are different from those used on the Leon which is also used on the 8p RS3 , 8J TTRS, renaulsport Megane , Evo 6/7/8 , Aston and others. The caliper used on the Leon and Audis is a generic Brembo part with different carriers for different brands. It's setup as a trailing caliper on the Aston so the crossover pipe and bleed nipples need to be swapped around to be used as a leading caliper on the golf (which I'm sure Vagbremtechnic do) . As it's such a widely used caliper there is a massive range of pads available. The benefit of the Vagbremtechnic setup is the red
  5. Big brake kits can be a bit of a minefield especially in terms of caliper design , I have personally had 4pot AP racing , 8pot KSport, 6pot Alcon, 4pot Brembo & currently 8pot Brembo. The number of pistons in the caliper isn't as big a deal as many people think. The important thing is to find calipers with a piston volume that's as close as possible to the original setup as possible, as fitting calipers with a larger piston volume will ruin the pedal feel and give no confidence in stopping from higher speeds , conversely smaller piston volume will make the brakes feel grabby an
  6. The LSD on the cupra is basically a 2WD haldex system , it's a hydraulic operated clutch pack called VAQ Vorderachsquersperre (German for “transverse front axle locking”), They are very good enjoyed my 280 before moving onto my mk7 R
  7. I've run aftermarket wheels that were made with correct centre bore and run wheels with both plastic and metal spigot rings and honestly never noticed any difference.
  8. Quite a few RS3 owners running 19x8.5J et43 Ultralight over the stock 8pot brembos . It's ultimately down to the rim width and offset you buy as to whether or not you'll need spacers . It's relatively easy to calculate https://jr-wheels.com/et-calculator
  9. Haven't read through every post but if it's happening at the same location on more than 1 occasion but nowhere else is it possible there is diesel or hydraulic fluid being spilled by a bus or similar. Hydraulic fluid on a wet surface is akin to sheet ice
  10. 8V2 DAZA model , keep saying I'll never get another black car as they are soo difficult to keep clean . But then they look so good when they are clean 😍
  11. Ecotune have their 15% off Milltek products black Friday deal going already. Just waiting to see what else they do this year
  12. Also , kudos on joining the Mythos Black club 🤣
  13. In fairness I've never had a single squeal from my brakes. Think the pre facelift with wavy discs was more prone to it
  14. And if they are anything like audi carbons of previous they are eye wateringly expensive to replace when worn out
  15. I really wanted sepang blue but also really wanted the pre OPF DAZA engine 🤣 Went and seen a Panther Black facelift and loved it but salesman was an arse so walked away and found a Mythos Black example with much better spec , still love it
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