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  1. Lovely 6 R , probably the rarest colour too
  2. My friend found during his stint competing in time attack that cooling or lack there of can have a huge impact on rotor life longevity. The hotter the discs got the heavier the wear seemed to be. He was running RS29 Yellows in an Alcon kit and was getting through a set of rotors every 2 events. After improving his brake cooling setup and changing to a thicker rotor (while thicker it still had the same usable wear tollerances but thicker material allowed for much better heat dissipation) he was getting a full season out of a set of rotors.
  3. I dont think greenstuff would even be recommended for the R , surely Redstuff would be an OE equivalent for that . Greenstuff is an "upgrade" for cars under 200bhp according to their own old blurb
  4. another vote of confidence for Yellowstuff from me. Haven't used them on an MQB car but have on previous gen VAG and Vauxhall cars , cold bite is great and get much better as you get heat into them . Dust is worse than stock but that's a trade off for increased performance
  5. As was one of their customers in his 400bhp polo 😳😳😳 https://www.instagram.com/p/CDZYDxjnW_L/?igshid=116moqawglvqz
  6. Dont be fooled into thinking just because a product carries the Brembo name it will be an upgrade. Unless it is specifically from one of their performance product lines it will be made to within a few percent of the friction coefficient of OE items and not always in an improvement direction . If you don't want to go down a BBK route OE discs (or a 2 piece design from reyland and the likes) and a good set of performance pads with braided lines is the best option for actual improvement. Quite a few people on here recommend Ferodo DS2500 and Tarox Corsa pads for the R which are a big step up in friction coefficient so will offer an improvement at the cost of higher disc wear and dust On the subject of Discs , Ecotune had a track day at Knockhill last week and their Mk7 R development car running circa 450bhp was fitted with EBC Brakes 2 piece 340mm rotors ,first time I've seen anyone running them. They had the rotors glowing red hot on several laps with zero fade , could be an option for people to consider
  7. I can recommend this : https://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/carpro-inside-leather-interior-cleaner I've used it to clean the steering wheel in my car which is half leather and half alcantara. Work into surface gently with a soft brush then wipe clean with a damp microfiber
  8. Did you see the latest on Arthur's TTRS??
  9. Rusty hubs shouldn't be an issue on Clubsport discs as they are 2 piece with a cast alloy bell are they not?
  10. Guy on Audi-sport.net had his facelift RS3 done by them the other day
  11. Also for folks with the Alcantara steering wheel I can highly recommend this https://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/carpro-inside-leather-interior-cleaner
  12. Same seats with grey stitching in my RS3 too , gonna give those gliptone products a bash 👍
  13. I've not had it on track yet unfortunately as only picked it up at the end of September last year . The PFL models used a 365mm wave style disc that was changed to 370mm traditional style on the facelift but many owners still complain of brake squeal on stock pads, DS2500 seems to be the go to pad upgrade for them but I'll need to look into pads a bit further as my personal favourites of Pagid RS29 are circa £550 for a set of front pads for the 8v RS3 . I was at Ecotune on Tuesday who are Scotlands Premier VAG tuner for an interim oil service and was talking to the guys there about potentially going APR stage 1 once warranty expires. Still undecided on what route I'm going to go down as I'd love to see what the RS would be like on coilovers with a good setup all corner balanced as like you say I suspect it would benefit highly from some camber adjustments and stiffer ARBs . But for the price of a good set of coilovers and setup for the RS I could pick up a Renault Clio 197 Cup and strip the interior out and run it as a dedicated track toy with the knowledge if I break anything I wont need to cry myself to sleep 😂😂 I have my wedding and honeymoon next June plus a new house shortly after that so finances will be directed towards that for the short term.
  14. I havent no , I found out about them after seeing the brakes on a Peugeot RCZ-R and doing a little digging . Alcon sell calipers to a few manufacturers using the exact same design with different brackets in the same way brembo do. The 4pot Brembo calipers on the older RS3 & TTRS is the same 1 used on old subarus and renaulsport models to name a few . Its more cost effective for them to reuse their existing designs with different brackets than design bespoke setups . The K-Sport were my first foray into BBK and for fast road they would be adequate as the caliper is just a Chinese copy of an old AP design but the rotors supplied with the kit were terrible and were trashed after 1 track day . I think peugeot use them on the 308 gti 270bhp and the RCZ-R, the CAR97 6pots were also used on the Mitsubishi EvoX FQ400 as an upgrade over the brembo items and on some supercharged Jag XKR models , mountune use them as their bbk supplier as do Revo and Litchfield for GTRs And while the pistons can corrode stainless and titanium pistons are readily available if you ever need to rebuild them , the Alcon CAR97 kit I had was actually the only 6pot kit ever developed for 888 motorsport when they were an authorised Vauxhall tuner. They were well used in testing before i got them and I then ran them for a further 4 years with no piston issues . As for a favourite setup the Alcons win hands down , phenomenal pedal feel and stopping power. I traded my R in last year for a facelift RS3 sporthatch , wont be upgrading the calipers on that but will be fitting Reyland fully floating discs when the OEM items wear out
  15. Dunno if he has started up again but I can highly recommend Dave Woodall at Opentrack Track Days . He keeps numbers low and generally runs open pit lane with free tuition (if booked in advance) and free photography
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