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  1. My recent acquisition in the last few months, certainly raises a few eyebrows 😀 Untitled by Ollie Dunstall, on Flickr Untitled by Ollie Dunstall, on Flickr
  2. Unable to PM you, but I may be selling mine soon.
  3. Possibly, however I was only there for about 6hrs on Wednesday 09 May, there was another white 6R there with a TTE420. :-)
  4. Stunning - would have to be a red Weissach pack for me though!
  5. Two weeks since my trip to R Tech, the car feels totally different. The torque is sublime and has made the car a LOT more useable. Can't reccomend the guys there enough, very professional and accomodating. Got the wheels on, four wheel alignment and went for a drive through Brecon Beacons - been ages since I've properly driven it and it felt good! Now running 19 x 8J OZ Ultraleggera with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S' all round: Thanks for looking!
  6. My 6R in the Brecon Beacons this weekend:
  7. I would recommend doing what I’ve done - both 😆
  8. Judging from the images I'm fairly confident the Mk7 one is the same as the Mk6 one anyway!!
  9. Thanks! http://www.kerscher-tuning.de/styling/index.php?marke=VW&typ=Golf+7+(AU)&gruppe=Frontspoiler+%2F+Spoilerschwert
  10. Tried this a few years ago. You'll need to write a letter and provide evidence, it's a long and painful exercise.
  11. Slightly off topic, but do you ever speak to Mark the former owner? Just wondering what he is driving now; haven't seen him on here since he sold the car to you!
  12. For the price of my 6R, a 987 Cayman S. For the price of a new 7R, a 981 Cayman S.
  13. Yes I'm not surprised, you had a great buy there, some great kit on it. Enjoy!
  14. In fairness Huwgo, yours was done first!!
  15. Long time, no update. The car is staying - toyed with the idea of a 981 Cayman S however prices are holding strong (not a bad thing!) but my budget would see me in a car which I wouldn't 100% be happy with spec wise. So, the Golf gets some more loving... Fuel pump fiasco - long story short, bought a "brand new, never fitted" LOBA fuel pump from eBay. Fitted it and it was knackered - pissing fuel everywhere which is of course extremely dangerous. Took it off and upon further inspection there was a hairline crack in the side, and several of the fittings had been butchered. Managed to get my money back through PayPal after opening a claim. It just so happens that this was the day before I was due to go to R Tech for Stage 2+ map. Unfortunately I couldn't make it, spoke with R Tech who were very understanding and allowed me to move my booking without losing the deposit. I have ordered new internals which are currently at R Tech who will fit them for me when I go there. I'm sick of taking my fuel pump on and off and was cheesed off with the LOBA pump so decided to let them do it for me! Bought a set of 19" OZ Ultraleggera HLT and some Michelin Pilot Sport 4S for them to wear: Oh, and a Kerscher front lip: Car hasn't been driven in around 2 months, hoping to give it a blast this weekend. Will wait until the car has been mapped (09 May) before I fit the wheels and splitter! Here are some trial fit pictures: Thanks for looking
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