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  1. batz

    Top Gear MK7 R - Just watched.

    Top Gear Ultimate Road Trip episode 2
  2. 750 miles in and noticing that the middle 2 pipes get much dirtier than the outer 2. Is it just me? Anyone got any idea why?
  3. batz

    Td1 what triggers it

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't lease cars have to be serviced, and won't the service record show the true mileage.....?
  4. batz


    Yes it does. Re #5 - Every car I've ever owned that had back windows does this. My couple of gripes: Xenons are much worse than those on my 60 plate Focus RS With Keyless - there's no 'button' on the bootlid to lock the car - again, had this on the RS ETA - my (3) doors 'stop' halfway - is the 'flappiness' a 5 door thing?
  5. Michelin Pilot Super Sports - I had them on my Focus RS and they were amazing - I'll be putting them on my R when the Bridgestones wear out. Tyreleader.co,uk have them at just under 100 quid a pop for 18 inchers.
  6. batz

    First impressions (long post)

    Re Xenons on the R - one of the few things I have even the slightest complaint about - my Focus RS was way better on high beam.
  7. batz

    Golf 7R on Fifth Gear.....

    i hate to break it to you guys but none of the new episode synopses says that they are testing the R. http://www.history.co.uk/shows/fifth-gear/episode-guide/fifth-gear-brand-new-series
  8. batz

    Pistonheads. Boring R?

    My previous car was a Mk2 Focus RS - I loved that car, if you ever get the chance to drive one, take it. I am not bored in the least by my R - quite the contrary. My wife's first words about the R were 'this feels sportier than the RS' - she is about as far removed from a petrolhead as it is possible to be. Make of that what you will.
  9. batz

    Golf 7R on Top Gear...

    The driver is more important than the car when it comes to being quick, Did you miss the TG episode where the lass was overtaking 911 turbos and Honda Fireblades around the 'Ring - in her Tranner van?
  10. batz

    Golf 7R on Top Gear...

    Much of the episode would already have been made. They could have divvied up what Clarkson was due to do between Hammond and May - they chose not to, That's what Aunty could have and IMO should have done. By suspending him AND the show they have essentially stated that he is the show. A boneheaded management decision.
  11. batz

    Lapiz blue or white?

    My last two cars were white so went for Lapiz Blue on the R - I'm not disappointed. Can't wait to get in about it with the Zaino
  12. Thanks - great minds eh
  13. Agree 100% mate - can see the 'sleeper' attraction of the R styling, just saying I personally could have lived with a tad more aggression/differentiation on the R - just my personal view. I will give serious consideration to the R400 if/when it goes into production.
  14. Sounds like fun mate. If I tell you that the ride on my 60 plate lux 2 RS was better than the ride on my then new 11 plate BMW X3 M Sport that preceded it, you'll get a feel for how truly horrific the BMW was.
  15. One other thing FWIW. I took my Mrs out for a spin last night. She is just about as far removed from a petrolhead as it is possible to be. We'd got about a quarter of a mile up the road before she turned to me and said "This is sportier than your RS, isn't it".