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  1. Creaking noise in the door frame?

    Had the same issue after the car was cleaned. Drove me mad for a few weeks until I was backing the car up off a kerb with the door open, no noise from the drivers side. Got my missus to open her door slightly and there was no noise from the passenger side. GT85 on the seals, noise gone. Krytox is 15 times the cost of GT85 as well.
  2. Why is the clutch in the manual so weak!

    10k on my year old R. Mainly riven by by partner who very rarely puts her foot down, let alone rags the car. Took the car out last weekend and clutch is slipping, not even at max load. We've both had high powered cars and have never had a clutch go between us. I ran a HGP Mk5 R for two years on a stock clutch and our Mk2 RS Focus was remapped on the stock clutch and went 30k before it was stolen. Spoke to VWCS who said it was out of warranty but took it to the dealer who'll hopefully argue my case and get it done for free. The car has been to the dealer 4 times for warranty work including the rear suspension, ACC issues, front brake issues, head unit black-out, so hopefully they'll accept that it was a Friday afternoon car and get it sorted. It goes in on Monday for a week, ill let everyone know what they say.
  3. Golf R compared to MK2 Focus RS?

    If mine wasn't stolen a couple of years back then Id probably still have it. Miss the noise and attention though I was 21 when I got it. Always felt planted, even in the wet. Felt a bit more savage than the golf and although it obviously isn't, a bit faster. Dont miss the rock hard ride or the shoddy interior, or the noisy spoiler bouncing about. The panel surrounding the sat nav had such a poor gap around it that it wound me up every time I looked at it. Ford could never get it aligned properly. Hated having no spare wheel. The approach to my work means I am prone to punctures and not having a spare got to me so much that I bought a wheel and kept it at work. Ive had so many issues with my R but the RS didn't miss a beat (except the interior) Glad I had GAP though they hold their values amazingly well. I had about 11k in equity just before it was stolen. To be noted, it was stolen without the keys and with no obvious sign of glass breaking.
  4. Volkswagen Scirocco R Offer

    Any offers on the Scirocco at the moment? Any engine, pref 8k miles or more?
  5. Does The Haldex Work In Reverse?

    I had no problem reversing up my drive in the snow in my previous Haldex-ed cars. Never considered if it worked or not, just knew that after heavy snowfall, i was the only one able to reverse out of the drive.
  6. Not just me then. I was convinced it was my driving but it has been doing it with my partner driving and I doubt the car hits 2k revs when she's behind the steering wheel. Worse instance was cruising along the A1 up in Scotland overnight when I passed a HGV. I was in the middle lane but the sharp right bend meant that not only was the HGV not in front of me, it was well out of my radar. Warning was proceeded so quickly by the brakes that I had no option to override it. It has happened numerous other times but that shit me up the most! Mine is going in Monday for that to be looked at amongst other things. I am convinced I have a bad egg because a colleagues R is in a different league. Ill give them a fair chance at dealing with the car before I start my own moan-up thread!
  7. My 7 Week Old R Is Dead!

    I was going to post earlier and suggest checking the pointing on your chimney stack, but the Liverpool game completely sidetracked me. Even the slightest crack in the pointing on a chimney stack can pull water in through capillary action. The smallest lift in a bit of flashing will result in water coming in as well. Sounds silly but a lot will depend on the type of rain and the angle it hits the problem area. A significant amount of water can bounce of the roof and find a way in. Ive dealt with many many roofs/lofts with leak problems and people leave it too long because "it only happens sometimes" in the hope it will go away.
  8. Not that it matters because of how close I am but was it Cranbourne, Ashwood or Oakmere? Makes me feel a little bit sick that its happened so close to home. Im a carpenter though and literally tooled up when in the car...
  9. Rattle at the back.....

    Moved the bootlid bumpstops further out today but the knock persists. I presume moving them in will loosen the boot lid even more but feel free to correct me if anyone thinks its worth a try. Ill move the headrests about tomorrow though the noise seems further away than the cabin.
  10. Rattle at the back.....

    Excuse the ignorance but what are you referring to when you say "tailgate"? The boot lid or spoiler? TIA
  11. Rattle at the back.....

    Exactly the same problem, near side rear as well. Ive stripped everything out of the boot including spare wheel/trims/liners/parcel shelf and its still there. Pretty sure its not the exhaust as I've had someone shake it whilst I'm in the closed car. Sounds exactly the same as top mounts on my r32 mk4 and then mk5. Ill give it to VW in a few weeks, not likely to have a chance for the foreseeable future.
  12. Cars you've driven in your lifetime

    Comparatively short list but my age probably has something to do with that. Owned... Fiesta 1.2 (first car, bought new with 2 years free insurance, cost less in payments than insurance would have) Mk4 Golf 4 motion Mk5 Golf R32 Focus ST3, bought exclusively for a start button, only had for 6 weeks until... Focus RS Mk2, The Tyre Shredder. VW Polo 1.4 Mk7 Golf R Driven... Plenty of generic pony hire cars, Leon's, Astra's, Golf's Audi Q7, felt like a boss! Audi S4 2004 BMW M3, belonged to a friend and took me a while to learn to enjoy it.
  13. Hi and a few noob questions

    Mine was delivered from Warrington to London on the road by the dealer. It showed 34mpg for the trip (190 miles) and an average speed of 38, far better than anything I've seen!
  14. Sound Actuator on or off?

    Dealer was umming and arhhing about altering it for me so disconnected it myself during my lunch break and wished I had done it 1000 miles ago. Much nicer honest sound, no booming in race mode and generally a better place to be. If you're on the fence, have a go. It only took me 10 minutes even though the cable was a bit stubborn to remove and I have quite big hands. Can always be connected again if its not your thing. Im thinking 20% would be a happy medium if I do get a chance to alter it.
  15. Headlight height adjustment...

    Appreciate that. First HID'd car I've owned and didn't put that much thought into it before! Mods: please delete before anyone else gets a chance to point out my idiocy.