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  1. I can’t believe they managed to bypass the strategically placed wheelie bins and unlocked gates. 😂 But all joking aside to have your car nicked once is bad enough but twice poor guy.
  2. Big to the forum.
  3. Has the car had the Dsg service done as this is due @40k.
  4. The biggest benefit from a brake kit doesn’t come from tracking the car. It’s more about when parked up in Tescos car park, everyone loves a bit of brake porn. 😆
  5. Think gold would look good but don’t think it would suit the BBS wheels personally.
  6. That R belongs to @Stefan88 iirc it’s on VWR springs running 8.5x19 et45 GMP Atoms with 16/11mm spacers.
  7. A DTUK pedal box totally transforms the car and takes away the initial dead pedal feel. Also have a browse through this.
  8. Even if you got the center of the ball spot on as per the original picture( if you could find it) it boils down to the decision of the 3 judges to determine where it is so pretty much like pinning the tail on the donkey. Saying that I’ve just had a look and played for the ABT RS3 this week. looks like I won’t be buying anymore chocolate for the rest of the month. 😂
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