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  1. You will have absolutely zero issues running the 225/40/18 on the 8j rim.
  2. Mines the same & is caused from the heat emitted from the downpipe. It was also flagged as a (safety) advisory at the last MOT.
  3. Looks stunning as always Rebecca. So the saying isn’t always true, once you go black there’s no going back. 😉 🤭
  4. Side spoiler is 5G6805945C & 5G6805946C & as far as I’m aware the centre gloss black portion is part of the complete upper spoiler assembly and can’t be purchased separately.
  5. Big to the club buddy. Arguably the best colour for the Mk7.
  6. It’s only part of the PP.
  7. Should be a easy retrofit if your really that fussed about it as long as the mk8’s bonnet has the provision to accept the ball stud ((P/N 1J6827439A).
  8. Because it probably cost 50p more than the metal pole.
  9. How can VW charge a grand less for leather in this than they do on the R. 🤔
  10. Was just thinking the same.
  11. There’s already been one on the dyno, it made 309hp but was being run on 95 Ron fuel. https://www.instagram.com/p/CLjW1G3nGWn/?igshid=1otmqi0x2ji6a
  12. Think that’s the first time I’ve watch a AHR video from start to finish.
  13. VW aren’t the most helpful at the best of times let alone taking a tuned car in with problems. As for the tuner of course he’ll say it’s nothing to do with his map when he could’ve potentially caused ££££ of damage.
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