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  1. Think gold would look good but don’t think it would suit the BBS wheels personally.
  2. That R belongs to @Stefan88 iirc it’s on VWR springs running 8.5x19 et45 GMP Atoms with 16/11mm spacers.
  3. A DTUK pedal box totally transforms the car and takes away the initial dead pedal feel. Also have a browse through this.
  4. Even if you got the center of the ball spot on as per the original picture( if you could find it) it boils down to the decision of the 3 judges to determine where it is so pretty much like pinning the tail on the donkey. Saying that I’ve just had a look and played for the ABT RS3 this week. looks like I won’t be buying anymore chocolate for the rest of the month. 😂
  5. BOTB don’t sell a set amount of tickets their completion is based on spot the ball and runs for 7 days and is open to a world wide audience. Don’t know the odds but I’ll hazard a guess you’ve got far more chance of winning Calvin’s comp than BOTB.
  6. Exactly by reducing Unsprung weight In the axle area is like getting power for free. This is is an interesting read. http://www.rightfootdown.com/cars/thoughts/go-faster-with-lightweight-brake-rotors/
  7. Can’t understand why there’s so much hate for this guy, fair play I say. I drive an expensive car and bought a ticket for the R and I’ll probably do the same for this one also.
  8. Think it looks spot on as is. 👍
  9. God even for an old fart like you I’d have thought you could have worked it out. https://www.ecstuning.com/Volkswagen-Golf_VII_R--2.0T_Gen3/Engine/Covers/
  10. Insurance makes no sense! Few years back I was with a specialist on a modified Golf I changed towards the end of the policy to a Diesel Scirocco with no problem but come renewal the price rocketed from the previous year so questioned it and got told because the car was std they weren’t that competitive with the brokers they use so I said well I’ll put a K&N filter on it then and the quote dropped by £200.......Mental. As for the mainstream insurers if all the details you’ve entered are 100% true and correct everything will be fine with no surprises.
  11. Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday. 😉
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