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  1. Have a look at the Srs-tec rear spoiler very OEM+ looking cost is 140€ but does require painting.
  2. How on earth did you get a main-dealer to clean the filter gauze? most don't know it even exists.
  3. Stobsie

    7R Purchase

    Looks like you’ve got all bases covered then. 👍
  4. Stobsie

    7R Purchase

    Welcome to the forum Callum nicely spec’d R you’ve bagged yourself. Few other options were available like Keyless, Dynaudion, reverse camera.
  5. @Rob2k68 & @Jon R306 you’ve both been fantastic contributors to this forum and will be greatly missed but please remember you don’t need an R to participate here. 👍
  6. Not sure what you’re going to be charged having it repaired? If it was me I’d just buy another set.
  7. Agree VW penny pinchers have a lot to answer for.
  8. @TheBlondeFella had his calipers done by them, he had issues with their service but all came good in the end might be worth dropping him a PM.
  9. It will be a straightforward swap over with no problems, the only thing I think you may need to slightly modify would be the rear arch liners as the 7’s bumper flicks out right at the bottom. Personally think the 7 bumper is far better visually than the 7.5 thou.
  10. Spoiler is still sitting in my garage as I never got around to fitting it and the R is since long gone. ☹️ Agree it looks way better than the PP spoiler and looks very OEM.
  11. It’s the one with the part # ending DS2
  12. Good to see the leather is up to VW’s usual high standard with not a hint of sag. 😂
  13. I can tell you both go try a decent SUV & you may well be pleasantly surprised. The Sq is the best all rounder I’ve had & it certainly doesn’t lack in the power stakes. 😀 The only thing it lacks at the moment is two doors and a wing 😂
  14. Personally I’d spend the 3k on other mods/options.
  15. 19”s will fit fine. Although if you’ve managed to wreck an 18” you may suffer a similar fait with the Prets as these are notorious for getting buckled.
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