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  1. Clubsport S discs & pads are a straight replacement for any R so have no worries about purchasing a set, price of the discs have increased slightly and currently will set you back £400 a pair with pads coming in at around £170 P/N for discs 5Q0 615 301 C P/N for pads 5Q0698151AG
  2. Thanks to those that showed up today was good to catch up with some old faces & meet some new members.
  3. I’v been insured with LV via a broker (Chris Knott) for the last 3yrs & I’m unable to get a quote direct via their website. 🤷‍♂️
  4. I run the AS5 on the R (235/40/18) & previously on my mk7 GTi find them very comfortable with low noise personally don’t think you can go wrong with them.
  5. You’re correct popped up on my YT feed & presumed it was new 🤣 🤦🏻‍♂️
  6. Never been a fan of the chrome mirrors on any colour R and on both of mine I’ve gone body colour mirrors your R looks spot on but black badges may be too much, just my 2p of course.
  7. Only ones I could find when I was looking for a friend the other month were for a seat cupra you could get one of those paint it black and stick the R logo on it.
  8. Really sorry to hear your pride and joy has been taken. I can honestly say after 7 yrs on the forum it’s the 1st one I’ve heard of taken by relay theft.
  9. Looks awesome and the PS5 gets the award for the sexist sidewall. Has your R been lowered?
  10. A great bit of kit, belongs to a friend of mine and it’s been put to lots of use.
  11. Got around to installing the Alltrack undertray.
  12. Very nice and you beat me to it. Friend of mine popped around a few weeks ago in his Mk8 R-line and been planning on doing the same as the seats are a big upgrade over the Mk7, were these from a breakers in Peterborough by any chance?
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