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  1. Stobsie

    Satin Silver to Gloss Black Mirror Caps

    Might stick my OEM ones on and see what I get.
  2. Stobsie

    Satin Silver to Gloss Black Mirror Caps

    Only if their in the classifieds with your username and date. 😜
  3. Stobsie

    Satin Silver to Gloss Black Mirror Caps

    Your dealer is talking rubbish. https://www.vwmotorparts.com/accessories-c-37_472_473/genuine-vw-golf-mk7-facelift-mirror-caps-high-gloss-black-p-1474.html
  4. Stobsie

    Youtube videos

  5. Stobsie


    You say your thinking of getting a bike do you already have a license?
  6. Stobsie


    Sadly an Ex biker now, had been riding sportsbikes for 25yrs up until last year when I finally sold up and put the leathers away for good.
  7. Stobsie

    jb4 TB1 at dealer ?

    From what I’m reading in to this, car went bang, owner went oh shit removed the tuning box (as stated) and didn’t clear any codes then took it to VW where it was plugged in and the ECU was interagated back at VWHQ which ultimately showed various sensors running outside of their parameters and rejection of the claim. Hard pill to swallow but as the saying goes, You gotta pay to play & on this occasion it’s cost the owner.
  8. Welcome back and not a bad way to get from A-B. 👍
  9. Stobsie

    JB1 in VW Golf R MK7

    Have a read here.
  10. Stobsie

    Front Bumper Removal

    Go to Sheffield 😬
  11. Stobsie

    Front Bumper Stolen

    Chaps you need 25 posts before you can send and receive PM’s.
  12. Stobsie

    jf automotive stage 1

    You’ve got Regal Autosport based in Southampton who are APR dealers.
  13. Stobsie

    Autowatch Ghost

    After a day or two it becomes second nature and really isn't a issue entering the pin code. However if you do find it challenging you can also get the AWG App so you don't have to do anything more than have your phone on you.
  14. Stobsie

    What did you do to your R today?

    Give @TheBlondeFella a shout he might be able to help as he's just picked up a set of the hard plastic type from a company but they weren't listed on the site and called them direct.
  15. Stobsie

    Rear light coding

    Hope this is of help. Vcds coding instructions for the pace light mod