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  1. The sound of that 5 pot will have you giggling like a 6yr old, for me that’s the appeal of the Rs3. But still miss the R we previously had which was far better on the twistties.
  2. Stobsie


    It’ll be the tyres for sure mines exactly the same as was my previous Audi (sq5) on P-Zeros.
  3. Seems an odd response from the parts dept & wonder why they even have one if that’s their response. I’d try find another dealer that’s more helpful. I can walk in to my local VW or Audi dealership and buy parts regardless if they have them in stock or not.
  4. What about your VW parts department.
  5. Stobsie


    Agree PZero’s are shocking and insipire no confidence whatsoever.
  6. Haldex is time based at 3yr intervals not mileage. Also Echo what others have said, something isn’t right the R is a very planted car and should be filling you with confidence when pushing on.
  7. Stobsie

    Demo Car

    Generally it’s 90 days.
  8. Give Footman James a try. https://www.footmanjames.co.uk/?gclid=CjwKEAjwyqOwBRDZuIO4p5SV8w0SJAAQoUSw4OYX1DxTp2KoAC-2dcyidsjQXZ3lYSgNIDdQycCqfBoC25Tw_wcB
  9. Looking good there Dean. 👍
  10. I know @TheBlondeFella has a rear cam fitted and has 90% tints. But as Booth stated above std tint % is 65.
  11. Yes and I don’t mind shaming the crap ones either so if anyone on here is in the unfortunate position to be sent to DLG Crawley goodluck, you’ll need it. 😂
  12. No you’re spot on VW approved doesn’t mean a thing in most cases but if the previous reply was in response to my comment I can only report on what I observed and the car’s they were working on and how I was dealt with for the reason I mentioned the company. 👍
  13. I see the OP is in Surrey area if it’s not to far I can highly recommend H&L motors in Twickenham proper Audi/VW and aluminium structural approved repairer, mine had to go there for an independent assessment. https://www.hlmotors.co.uk/
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