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  1. Painted the rear emblem insert to body colour.
  2. If you’re looking for OEM VW never offered any for the Mk7 R (& R-line) model due to the side skirts & rear bumper designs there are some limited aftermarket alternatives form companies like rally armour etc. I run some carbon stone guards on the front of mine from a company called Automotive Passion which does help but unfortunately they don’t do any for the rear.
  3. Gavin owner of Vas motion is a top chap and very knowledgeable he’s sprinkled the Revo treatment on a few of my cars.
  4. Clutch can go even on stock power. You’ve got the Phirm in Camberley (APR), Vas Motion in Guildford (Revo) both very good Indy’s.
  5. Dam it, I thought it was a serious offer.
  6. Sell my kids?, you can take them for free. 😂
  7. If You have the stock parts you can try and recoup some money by taking off the easy to remove mods like intake, elbow etc but if you need to pay a garage to remove and refit the intercooler it’s probably not financially viable to do so.
  8. Only thing you need to do to revert it back to stage1 is remove the downpipe and replace it with the original and have the car re flashed with Revo stage1 software. The re flash should only cost a small amount of labour time being you already have their software installed.
  9. Possibly yes but it is what it is, a few years back I would’ve been devastated by this kind of thing but in the past few years life’s dealt us a pretty shitty hand which has put a lot of things in perspective and I’m not so precious anymore at the end of the day it’s a bit of paint & some money out of my pocket.
  10. CS pads are a different compound designed for more fast road use I guess you could say, you’ll be fine with std pads.
  11. Been to a couple of body shops to get a quote on fixing some damage a nice person left me the other day. Some proper arseholes about could’ve been worse I guess but nevertheless a royal PITA and out of pocket.
  12. The screen upgrade is just that and contains no software so if you currently don’t have CarPlay you won’t get by fitting a larger screen you will need to replace the complete Mib unit or have yours activated by VW if it’s supported on your original unit. What year is your car as if you have a Mib 1 system I don’t think you can just upgrade the screen to a larger 8” display.
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