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  1. You shouldn’t have any problems running those specs at worst may get a little scrub from the front arch liner under heavy undulation so may need to do the fender screw mod.
  2. Yes it’s fairly straightforward to fit obviously need to remove the boot trim which isn’t hard but if you’ve done the sub yourself your obviously very capable. Yes I believe there is 2 camera options but most seem to fit the P/N I quoted which I believe is the low line, as for if it’s compatible with what you’ve had fitted I couldn’t tell you I’m afraid but I would of thought it would be? If you check eBay item# 174476776527 it does list all the units it does work with.
  3. No the wiring isn’t installed for either and both will require coding. I retro fitted the camera myself in around 2.5hrs and coded it with VCDS. P/N 5G2054634 purchased it from Wrexham VW £240 via there ebay store, IIRC my local dealer wanted £550 supplied & fitted.
  4. Yes for sure the FL is the way forward. I also looked at the M2 earlier in the year and had a couple of test drives almost pulled the trigger on one in March but on the way back from test drive the Rs3 got a little love tap in the rear from a careless driver which stalled the deal then COVID hit & it didn’t happen, probably a blessing in disguise really as I don’t think it would’ve suited my driving style in the long run (I.E I’m shit and like AWD) 😂
  5. I sold my PFL Rs3 back in July & the only thing I miss is the sound and was generally underwhelmed by the way it drove.
  6. For that price point I’d rather be in a Rsq3 or Sq5.
  7. It’s not one I can recall on here.
  8. Stobsie

    Pan roof

    Had the pan roof on my Sq5 and it was plagued with constant rattles. I’m not sure I’d have one again tbh.
  9. Wouldn’t put it past him to tell you to appeal as he knows there’s probably a greater chance of the fine being increased but that’s the cynic in me saying that. He could of just given you a rectifier notice but I guess his cop pet peave is number plates. 🤷‍♂️
  10. When I ran spacers had the same issue with mine. I ordered some clear PVC tubing off ebay (couple of £) cut it down to size to fit inside the std locking caps which then sleeved over the Mcguard locking bolts. Hope what I’m saying makes sense? I’m sure I posted it on here so I’ll have a look & see if I can find it.
  11. @ 4.45 is where mk8 starts
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