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  1. Let’s hope so & I’d love to have 70 miles of range left, went out early this morning and excepted that it would have to make do with regular 95 Ron, then got confronted with the massive 40 plus car queue at the nearest place which was an Asda ended up throwing in the towel and returned home and I don’t have the luxury of going to far searching for it. BTW anyone know how much range you have when the display states zero? 😩😂
  2. Makes you wonder if it’s a diversion tactic and what the government are trying to slip passed us this time.
  3. More media scaremongering now watch all the simpletons rush out panic buying when they have 3/4 of a tank and cause the problem. On the bright side at least we’ve a lockdown to look forward too when the NHS can’t cope this winter as it does every year but it’ll be blamed on COVID, so the fuel crisis will be irrelevant as we won’t be able to travel anywhere. 😂
  4. Take it the 17 plate is a 7.5? But regardless I’d go for it given it’s got less miles & better spec plus it’s also cheaper which is a bonus.
  5. Yeah used trim tools and worked around from the bottom probably would’ve been a good call to warm it up a little. From removal to refit was about 30mins
  6. It’s a pretty simple process the trickiest part was removing the gloss black trim just have to go slow & steady so you don’t break any of the tabs.
  7. I run the CSS setup & can’t say I’ve noticed that much difference but I do try & wash my wheels weekly regardless wether the car gets done or not.
  8. Stobsie


    A Big to the forum.
  9. Stobsie

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    Big to the forum. looks like a nice clean un-abused example.
  10. Big to the forum James. What spec you got?
  11. Got mine back from royal & fitted today, well please with it.
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