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  1. Stobsie

    OEM Tyres

    Same can’t be said with the std fit Pirelli’s on Audi RS models
  2. Nice one Gaz not been on for a while & thought it had changed looks fresh 👌
  3. Is the coding just to deactivate the rear wash pump? If that’s the case you could always unplug it at the washer bottle.
  4. Matt Armstrong latest video shows how it’s done @ 2.30.
  5. After a year of all this Covid crap I’m now lucky if I can afford to shop in farm foods. 🤪
  6. Looks like it’s backed in to the ugly stick.
  7. Yes it is shocking at how quick and brazen these types of theft happen but I wouldn’t worry about your Golf being a target in this type of crime given the location of the catalytic converter, it’s your Japanese and french makes that are high risk as generally there cats are placed much lower down and can be accessed from beneath.
  8. I’d say that’s easily fixable as it’s only the plastic sill, personally I’d remove it and try heating it up myself to get it back in to shape. I damaged my passenger side sill using a jack from a Mk6 golf and it put 2 gouges in it and was quoted £150 to put right.
  9. I take it back maybe Archies figures weren’t so optimistic after all.
  10. Glad you’ve got it sorted, I’d challenge the charge & I bet they’ll say it was for a diagnostic to confirm the fault code.
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