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  1. GrayMK7R

    I know this sounds ridiculous but....

    I bet it would make the same difference leaving the mode in 'normal' and pulling DSG lever back into 'S'. You wouldnt get the fake noise, but all the other improvements will be there
  2. Thats good to hear! No, VAG Manchester didnt have a Racingline DSG map for my particular box at the time (12 months ago) so had to use an 'Ascarli' DSG map. Was terrible - jerky shifts on part throttle (and full throttle first>second) and was getting clutch slip in the higher gears too. In the end i ditched the lot & went back to Stock. Been bit too scared to tune it since
  3. Apparently they have sorted the surging now, was something to do with the cam changeover
  4. No, there were a few issues with it - apparently specific to my box code - surging under part throttle being the main one. Went back to stock
  5. GrayMK7R

    Dsg Whining noise in 1st

    Take it to AKS Tuning. Alex is a wizz with the DSG boxes and will tell you if there is a problem. . . If there is a mechanical problem, he can take it apart & fix it
  6. The map alters the temp the oil cooler thermostatic valve opens. I tried an early version of the OEM+ map & noticed the oil temp was cooler.
  7. GrayMK7R

    DSG/TCU Remap

    I thought all TCU maps were harsher changing at half throttle, is this the case with APR etc?
  8. GrayMK7R

    WLTP and Res Delete

    I dont think these exhausts will get 'broken in' much as in carbonned up & sound deeper & louder as the carbon (soot) gets burned off in the PPF and therefore you maintain a clean exhaust system - bit like diesels with DPFs, the tips are clean & shiny
  9. GrayMK7R

    Littco IS38 Turbo

    Its not just a case of asking for higher boost, the best balanced stock IS38 can only flow X amount of air before it becomes ineficient, you need bigger compressor wheels etc to provide more boost. Stage 2 asks the most as possible (safely) from stock turbo. Bigger turbo= bigger boost. litco can modify the turbo to create more boost, but this then becomes a hybrid turbo, and needs a Stage 3 map
  10. GrayMK7R

    Turbo Revision

  11. GrayMK7R

    Launch control counter

  12. GrayMK7R

    400bhp confirmed for Mk8 R

    Mild hybrid isnt 50bhp, more likely 12bhp or similar, so a small tweak to the petrol engines ECU map, and a little electric motor to support = 328bhp
  13. GrayMK7R

    GTI PP vs R

    The PP has a proper LSD (haldex operated) not XDS (mimmicing a diff) like the normal GTI.
  14. GrayMK7R

    Dyno mode

    Also comes out of Dyno mode when rear wheels turn
  15. The IS38 usually fails by blades catching on side of housing, as there is very little clearance in the housing (which is why turbo performs so well). Balancing is usually the route cause. This is the second 7.5 turbo that’s failed and been publicised on here