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  1. I notice mine has weeped a bit underneath, at the back of the under tray. Ive wiped it off to see if it returns. 2015 car, with 25k miles.
  2. I dont even think the shift logic changes in Eco, it changes exactly the same as in D, at least when driving 'normally'. It just puts an 'E' in the display in lieu of a 'D' .
  3. Im really happy with my TT pipe / elbow. As others have said, probably no power gains (as ECU is very good at holding back performance without a map), but throttle response is much improved - especially at motorway speeds. Few cheeky whooshes from the turbo too
  4. Min to Max is a litre. Easy to work out how much to put in once you know that
  5. Honestly mate, it will slip at some point, they all do. May be straight away, may be a year later. Budget for a clutch anyway
  6. Yeah i had to do the same. All sorted now. I think its a c0ck up at their end where they have lost some users accounts
  7. I think it varies depending on load. Full WOT will be rich, especially towards the redline. Cruise under light load will be very lean (lambda 1)
  8. You dont need 'Race Mode' it will launch in Eco if DSG is in S, and sll other parameters are met
  9. I've got this issue too. Seems they have deleted my account. Evidence of purchase provided, just waiting to hear now. . .
  10. These buildup with carbon anyway, regardless of the port injection
  11. Clutch slip is (under load) revs rising without a corresponding increase in speed. Typically it will 'bite' again futher up the rev range when the torque drops off. Bit like crusing on the motorway in a manual car, dipping the clutch and reving the engine.
  12. Not directly, different mounting points. Mk7 engine designed to fit in MQB platform vehicles. MK6 CDL engine is a solid unit (some say stronger than the mk7), so not sure why you would want to change
  13. Was it clutch slip that you were getting?
  14. Clubsport S disks & pads sound good. I've got some, but not fitted yet
  15. I dont think Mat got his facts quite right regarding the warranty. From watching Mr JWW's youtube video of the ABT install on his wife's Audi S1, ABT provide their own warranty on the engine as the manufacturer's warranty would be invalidated.
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