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  1. Yes, it slips the clutches for faster changes without momentum loss
  2. That's true, but it exceeds those specifications anyway, with the exception of longlife. YOu really have to change your oil every 8,000 miles with millers in
  3. I’ve done OEM, Millers, back to OEM. Definitely smoother on millers, and seems to run a bit cooler too. Millers will offer more protection at higher temperatures than OEM
  4. Air filter & pollen filter are rarely changed by dealers, so nothing unusual there. My 5k oil changes yield same results with oil colour. I wouldn’t worry
  5. My 7R (6 speed DSG) has done a 12.8 1/4 mile at Santa Pod. That 7.5R wasn’t tuned
  6. R-tech May be able to help, they also check injectors if required. Niki is a great guy and will do anything to help
  7. BP ultimate isn’t 98RON (it’s 97). Other than the extra cleaning stuff in there, it’s the same octane as Esso, Sainsbury’s etc. . You want either Tesco Momentum (super) or Shell V-Power. Both are 99RON, and exceed the recommended min octane set by VW.
  8. I bet it would make the same difference leaving the mode in 'normal' and pulling DSG lever back into 'S'. You wouldnt get the fake noise, but all the other improvements will be there
  9. Thats good to hear! No, VAG Manchester didnt have a Racingline DSG map for my particular box at the time (12 months ago) so had to use an 'Ascarli' DSG map. Was terrible - jerky shifts on part throttle (and full throttle first>second) and was getting clutch slip in the higher gears too. In the end i ditched the lot & went back to Stock. Been bit too scared to tune it since
  10. Apparently they have sorted the surging now, was something to do with the cam changeover
  11. No, there were a few issues with it - apparently specific to my box code - surging under part throttle being the main one. Went back to stock
  12. Take it to AKS Tuning. Alex is a wizz with the DSG boxes and will tell you if there is a problem. . . If there is a mechanical problem, he can take it apart & fix it
  13. The map alters the temp the oil cooler thermostatic valve opens. I tried an early version of the OEM+ map & noticed the oil temp was cooler.
  14. I thought all TCU maps were harsher changing at half throttle, is this the case with APR etc?
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