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  1. opie oils did a post on another forum (maybe MK5GTI) several years ago with a technical comparison between the OEM & Millers. Will see if I can find the post
  2. VW’s recommendations are based on average usage with a standard car, this guys is tuned. millers Nanodrive CFS NT+ far exceeds the VW standards for oil, providing changed every 8k Miles. I’d go with the specialists advice like Will from VRS, and go Nano
  3. Some threads on here that point towards injectors. If it’s idle, then it should be port injectors. ‘The fuel injector clinic’ (on Facebook), part of R-Tech will clean them for £12 an injector.
  4. Horrible situation, really feel for you with this 😢 As a last resort, if VW don’t play ball (fingers crossed they do!) one of the reputable VW specialists will no doubt have a spare used gearbox knocking about, they will sort you about for less than half of what VW are after.
  5. Ive done that too (bar the snow grate)
  6. Tyres with soft sidewalks - like MPS4S really improve the ride on 19s
  7. One thing I’ve noticed after a good 2+ weeks of driving is the throttle calibration is now the same across each driving mode. It’s 100% the throttle map from DSG-S mode (Pre-OBD11 tweak), which I was always a fan of. Just a shame that a switch to DSG-S mode now only offers improved exhaust sounds, without an improvement in response. fuel economy is the best it’s ever been, which I wasn’t expecting.
  8. turbo gives the power, however different oil circulation system, sodium filled valves, stronger pistons and different head makes it resilient at this level of power. t-Roc R has same engine as Golf R google differences between Golf GTI and Golf R for more techy detail
  9. custom remap (like R-Tech) can sort the throttle response / pedal map without the need for a pedal box
  10. I recon the standard Golf R will have 306bhp, just like the S3, however there will be a ‘Performance Edition’ with 328bhp - just like the mk7 GTI, which would align with the leaked specs.
  11. I recon if you have a pedal box, you wont really benefit from this tweak, as the pedal box has so much adjustment anyway. I’ve been out today and done around 50 miles, the difference (to me) at light throttle inputs is very noticeable. The initial response is probably the biggest improvement though. Unlike some feedback i’ve read, my fuel economy is unaffected.
  12. yeah, the image attached shows the difference. Basically you don’t have to push your foot as hard down to find the power. biggest difference is low-mid range I found. I actually did the tweak last weekend, but only drove the car today (forgetting I’ve done it) and thought to myself ‘the car feels more eager today’ then remembered that I did this tweak.
  13. Hi All, Tried the ‘increase throttle response’ today, via the app (had loads of free credits). Initial thoughts are - VERY IMPRESSED. First inch of travel is much improved, and I find I don't have to work as hard to find the torque, the car is much more eager to go on partial throttle, and it’s much easier to modulate delivery towards the bottom of the pedal. It’s never been an issue that bothered me before - at least enough to buy a pedal box, but I’m really enjoying the improved response. 100% recommend it!
  14. I’d say it’s worth replacing with an upgraded unit for peace of mind. R-tech have tweaked their tune to be more turbo friendly (it was quite turbo-friendly in the first place) to minimise pressure on the bearings through sharp pressure changes, all to try to minimise risk of failure
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