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  1. smk82

    Year 3 service cost

    Just booked mine in for the above via an indy... less the MOT, mines going to be £487.00 I’m having the MOT done at the main dealership as there are a couple of warranty points I’d like them to look at as it’s the last chance I will get as it leave warranty at end of jan. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. smk82


    Oh I’m well aware of the price match option, it’s more the consistency of labels and applications that bothers me. For example fixed price services apply from the main dealership to cars above 3 years old? Now does this mean cars on their third birthday are eligible or only beyond this point? Asked VW and told this varies by franchise as to how it’s applied... also why can’t the cars internal service be more specific, I mean the computers are sophisticated enough now to track this.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. smk82

    Decisions decisions!!!

    Very nice indeed.. dream car for me - unfortunately at the moment a bit beyond my budget as I'm trying to do up the house... Enjoy...
  4. smk82


    Is anyone else confused over the complete variation of the labelling of the different service regimes or is it just me? I know that we have "minor", "major", but now have been told I have a "variable" due as I'm on the long life service regime (>10'000/year), but according to my service book last one done was an oil change inspection so it should be a major? Also the car "service" indicator lists inspection (which I take to read as major) and oil change (minor...?) - why can't they simply pick one set of nomenclature and stick to it!! Plus now I'm at ~39K, so think I'm also due DSG, brake fluid and haldex... this is going to be an expensive couple of months....
  5. smk82


    Merry Christmas one and all.. quick question.. has anyone set their car alarm only to come back and find it not on? Walked up to in laws house today from a nearby hotel. Locked car, and mirrors folded as usual. Came back just now to find the mirrors unfolded and the internal light on, but the alarm light flashing slowly (I.e the small red signal light.) took 2-3 presses of the lock button to get the car to “lock” again.. anyone experienced anything similar? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. May or may not have just got stung by a mobile camera van yesterday...annoying thing was I’d noted it when I went past previously, but completely slipped my mind on the return trip... I don’t think I was doing much over 30 (certainly not more than 40), so hoping I will get lucky and just get a course offering as 1st offence (assuming I was done- waiting to see if NIP lands on my mat or not)...[emoji19] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. smk82

    How old are we all?

    36... only downside when buying it quite young is that the insurance premiums will be crazy... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. smk82

    LV= Very Happy

    Requoted today. And with same details quote jumped to £480 for no reason[emoji38]... also called Adrian flux and they will do all the same including legal cover for £355 so might go with them instead.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. smk82

    LV= Very Happy

    I'll probably be moving to them this year as my current insurer won't allow mods. Funny thing is that I did a quote at the end of November and got a quote of £333 with JB4 declared (didn't mention the pedal box as I couldn't find what it would go under in terms of mods - however will ring and add it post paying for the insurance), plus can get a cashback of £36 so £297/year.. which is great!
  10. smk82

    19 inch tyres

    Anyone tried the Yokohama advan flevas? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. smk82


    Does anyone else notice a "glugging" sound coming from the rear of their car once they have parked up/engine off? I parked up my mk7 estate a couple of nights ago after driving home and had just turned off the engine when I noted a glugging/sloshing noise; now it could simply be fuel sloshing around in the tank - but the car is stationary?! Also never heard that in a car before (well apart from some seriously old bangers...)
  12. Recently purchased a JB4 box for my car; but haven' fitted it yet. Decided to call through to the insurers to check I'd be covered/minor premium increase before fitting + get around to adding my pedal box as well... Result - won't cover any engine modifications at all, and don't know what a pedal box is, despite a careful explaination by me that it just sharpens throttle response time, but has no effect on power output at all.. I could move my insurance company, but my insurance is due for change in December anyway, so is it worth it for 4 months? ( I know they should refund me the balance of my premium, but still).. Insurer was Sainsburys Bank btw - for information of anyone who wants do any mods to their car - don't use them - reasonable price, but won't include ANY MODS! Also - how do others refer to a pedal box when talking to insurance companies - they don't seem to know how to "classify" it...
  13. smk82

    Two Questions in One

    I’m going to be adding a JB4 to an otherwise stock R estate, which should add another 50-60bhp. This will be more than sufficient for me, not massively bothered by exhaust system, get enough dsg farts etc at the moment... Although this will of course depend on my insurer as I need to talk to them first before I fit it... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. smk82

    New To The Golf R - Boot Space

    I dive for a hobby, so wanted a car with a reasonable amount of bootspace... I had an Audi A3 but was always having to drop the back seats.. wanted something I didn’t have to but had more power.. R estate fitted the bill. Won’t lie, would have loved an S3 avant if audi did such a thing, but for som3 reason they refuse to (they do every other body style!), plus all the other VAG stable have an equivalent [emoji849].. Still in the meantime, liking the estate.. loads of bootspace, plenty of pace and a decent spec... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. smk82

    Golf Estate 2016

    Depends how you drive it. I have a mk7 estate, and I get circa 29-35 mpg around town depending on traffic/distance driven. This is in individual mode, not ragging it everywhere. I’ve managed almost 40 on a long run (~420 miles).. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk