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  1. The major service shouldn't be until it's 4th year or 40k miles which is due on my car in a few months time. my last service 30k mile cost £149, 40k mile service will be roughly £400-500
  2. Thankyou for the kind comments very much appreciated. As this is the R forum I'm obliged to say I'm also still enjoying my R too lol
  3. Thanks Kev, yea I am......for now anyway lol
  4. Just though I'd throw up a quick thread on this, had it since August 2018 I love a Fast Ford, heart wanted another Escort Cosworth but the way prices were I just wasn't gonna pay £40k for one that wasn't even a Minter, always fancied a MK2 RS so the searched started around April/May 2018 looked at many cars and travelled the country only to be disappointed every time, come August I genuinely nearly gave up as I was just burning too much time and money on the search, this car then popped up in England, wife and I jumped on a flight and deal was done Got it delivered to the house the following weekend 2009 Focus RS Ultimate Green 2 owners 26k miles Most importantly for me absoloutly bone stock!! Not everyone's cup of tea I know but I love it so that's all that matters, will be used on Summer weekends and enjoyed. few random pics since owning it
  5. Oh I know it's mental, makes me wish I'd never sold my 2 Escort Cosworths Awell life still goes on
  6. I've got CM reps in Gloss black, visually I can't really tell difference from originals which I have in the garage. ive had these fitted for almost a year now with no issues, apart from the lack of paint behind the spokes as mentioned before, but this can't be seen when fitted. Ive had quite a few sets of originals and paid up to £2k for a set, but after having these I will not be doing that again Will still keep my original wheels for selling
  7. Took advantage of a rare opportunity yesterday
  8. That look sensational, spec is sublime. Good taste Sir
  9. Just throwing one in for a laugh Insta: alltheones11 , just mostly my cars though so may get boring
  10. Looks superb I reckon, haven't seen many about where I live so it would be rare too. Id have one in a second
  11. Wow been quite a while since I've updated this thread, no real updates Unfortunatly, just driving away and enjoying it
  12. Bought my first R at 33, I'm 36 now. Time sure does fly
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