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  1. jds

    Annual mileage?

    So far this year,,1,800,
  2. jds

    R smitten??

    Burn it, crush it, then burn it some more then melt it, what a pile of shite
  3. Elm Green, 1302S Beetle, what a beaut, WOC 507J
  4. Gave the old girl a proper detailing,, 2 stage machine polish, using Menzerna 3 in 1 polish, then using Menzerna Show Finish, and finally finishing off using Maguiars Fast Wax, which I highly recommend, lasts ages, next up, is to polish and seal all windows using Maguiars Glass polish and sealant.
  5. There are numerous videos and other forums showing these mods on their own do not provide any gains, the remap provides the gains. I have changed the air filter to a K&N only to make savings on buying new air filter for when it’s serviced. The removal of the lower grate is asking for trouble, as I understand it these are in place to prevent larger debris and water from entering the air inlet, water in the cylinder is catastrophic as we all know. Think I’m right in saying, when using 99ron fuel, the Mk 7 has been, in a few cases shown to increase the bhp to 312,, the Mk7.5 increases to 322. The manufacturers never mention gains by adding these inlet pipes or elbows etc, just aesthetically different
  6. Totally pointless, just like the inlet pipe, and new panel filter, no gains whatsoever, keep the cash in your pockets
  7. This is what you get when you think you have parked out of the way,, £1,400 worth of repair, the filthy bastard drove off leaving me with the bill, I do hope Karma bites the git,
  8. Filthy bastards,, hope you get it back
  9. jds

    Bad start

    Come clean, the pain will ease after the first 10 minutes of a bollocking, the heavy atmosphere should last for a couple of days, if not take her out for fish and chips, sorted.🤓
  10. Great post,, get in it and give it the full beans, these things really are great, enjoy and welcome
  11. jds


    Mine farts and pops when in S mode on DSG, . No need for all this res delete bollocks, they’re loud enough 💨
  12. Not very often you hear my Mrs swear, but Sunday gone she let rip at me🧐, we all know the R is quick, but while coming home from visiting our daughter, there’s a point in this particular road where you have to “filter in” as you pass through the traffic lights, nah, not me, right hand lane, 1st at the light and rolling, hits the throttle, she disappeared backwards, causing her to drop some crap see was messing with, Jesus where did that come from, the acceleration was phenomenal. My apologies were not acceptable for an action of that magnitude, oh no.. so everyone be careful how much you stab the accelerator, and now I have to give her the heads up before any power is applied.
  13. Well this happened a week ago, filthy bastard cleared off leaving us with a £750 bill, slight crease in the door and more of a dent in the quarter panel, I’m feckin fuming, not a mark on it until now😢😢😢😢
  14. Not sure where you live, but look out for paintless dent repair, have a look on YouTube for 1st track dents, he’s a bloody god
  15. More utter bollox, I don’t drive my R like a loon, although sometimes I feel like it,, it’s all about common sense, albeit some folk haven’t got a grain of it, lock up the idiots that drive like they stole it,, we’re not all the same.
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