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  1. Your agreement with VWFS will require servicing by a VW franchised dealer.
  2. I live in Hatfield and would like a VCDS done on my car to check for faults. Do you offer this as a service?

  3. Low miles - but its less than two years!
  4. Not sure why you are saying the middle position between L and R has a heating element sign - it should be '0' (pointing straight up) and it does nothing! The rotary knob has five settings: Left, 0 (neutral), Right, Folded and Heated. Turn the rotary switch so that the small white line on it aligns with the heated mirror symbol (ie: thats the one with the small curly lines going through it), bottom right: https://www.google.co.uk/search?safe=off&hl=en&biw=1920&bih=922&site=imghp&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=vw+golf+7+mirro+knob&oq=vw+golf+7+mirro+knob&gs_l=img.12...4480.4558.0.6104.
  5. Good advice from Lawrie. Sadly the VW GFV's or 'balloon payments' are no longer at a level likely to give you a couple of grand surplus at the end of the deal to put towards a new car. I had a GTD on a 36 month PCP (started March 2014) - last year, after 24 months it was only worth around 1,500 less than the settlement sum at that time (and that was in a private sale - dealers were offering even less). As it was just about to need its second service and four tyres I decided to sell it and swallow the 1,500 loss - then I got myself in to a lease car. I did not expect the situation to recover after another 12 payments. I was over the mileage allowance by a good margin too - so even if I had paid for the tyres, service and carried on at 350 a month I would have had to pay out to hand it back at the end. PCP just does not seem work any more unless you have a substantial deposit and are happy to have that turned in to a less substantial deposit by the end of the agreement. Either that or there needs to be a significant reduction in GFV's (which of course puts up the monthlies and largely negates the attractiveness of this form of finance).
  6. Thanks Don - still baffled by this - I altered a few things in module 17 in June when I got the car and did not have any security access issues then....
  7. I did a similar thing when I was running a GTD - I got a C1 on a stupidly cheap lease for a year. Then I found myself using the C1 nearly all the time as most trips were local and not really suited to diesel! Plus paying 5 pounds a month for a car always put as smile on my face. Sometimes two cars can make sense.
  8. It can be a pain when parking though. I always turn it off for that.
  9. To Colin Carter - No problem at all and no suggestion you were :-) Looks like you have a very new unit with some improvements to its usability! Not that it was very hard for them to get the letters pad to come up first on UK cars but welcome nevertheless. Sadly the rest of us are stuck with the clunky five step process!
  10. If thats what they said then fine. Just check with them that you are not responsible for taxing the car as if they fail to do it, you as 'keeper' will be getting the fine!
  11. Does OBDII prompt you for a security access code to access module 17 (Instruments) - adaptation?
  12. It is a 'Major Service' item - but not done until car has covered 40k miles.
  13. Colin, I have a the standard MY2017 MIB2 unit - yours may be different. But this one and all the earlier MIB1 units I have used give you numbers first, when requesting postcode input (German system) meaning you need to press the screen to get the letters pad (press 1), then once you have inputed the letters you need the numbers pad again (press 2) for the second, numeric, part of the initial part of the postcode, then its back to the letters pad again (you have to input a pace bar for full UK postcodes which is only available in the letters pad, press 3), then back to the numbers (press 4) as numbers are the first input on the second half of a UK postcode), then finally back to letters for the last bit of the standard UK postcode (press 5). My 1980's Grade C pass O level maths says thats 5 presses of the screen in all. If yours is easier to navigate - be thankful!
  14. Mines an MY 2017 - but never had access issues before on this car or other newish ones. Really puzzled by this..... I was using the VCDS Beta version but when i went to use it today it said it was superseded by the latest version so downloaded that. Hoping that was not a mistake now.
  15. It could still have something loose inside the void - what i mean is having a camera does not necessarily make it sound any less satisfying when closed!
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