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  1. my second year with them for my modified 7r always been helpfull and easy to deal with.
  2. hi Gaz i ve read the revised rules tonight just think its strange that after more than 2 years of membership the areas i can access have changed ?
  3. good stands,products and facilities but as previusly said no atmosphere ?
  4. ive been a member over 2 years now and have always been able to see classified and group buys until today ?
  5. I removed from the original put it onto the vwr600 air box and taped the drain tube on, been like it for over 12 months ,in my mind it seals the bottom of the air box but any water that gets in can drain out as per the original design ?
  6. sorry for delay respondng, my car came with app connect and car net working from delivery. The first time you connect to app connect it will default to mirrorlink unless you select androidauto as preference on the head unit and you have androidauto open on your handset,it will show a couple of disclaimers which you accept,after that it will always connect to androidauto.The apps available in androidauto are very limited. mirrorlink gives full access to your device from the head unit when stationary but turns off when moving unless you enable video in motion. car connect is very clunky in use,mine was on the car from delivery all i had to do was link my wifi hot spot from phone to car,then register myself and car on vw web site ( i used pc not phone)choose my preferences for use and it generates a code which you put into the head unit,i use it daily for up to the minute traffic updates via the web which are very accurate. however i am normally always in a 4g fast web browsing area and yet sometimes carnet is very slow to load and you may have to try a couple of times but once connected it is fine. hope this helps.
  7. On my xperia z5, every app,setting and feature on the phone is visable and controllable from the screen.To try tom tom, whilst stationary connect by MIRRORLINK not android auto (you may need to remove android auto app to stop it auto connecting) and if it works parked up it will work when driving if video in motion is activated. Its exactly mirrors whatever the phone is doing.
  8. I have found app connect good but frustrating, android auto has so few compatable apps whilst mirrorlink gives full usage of all apps until you start moving. Ive enabled video in motion via a xcarlink interface,i have no intention of watching video/tv whilst driving however it enables full usage of ALL your apps via mirrorlink whilst moving, an example is obd torque, i can now display real time data/performance from the obd onto the screen whilst driving.Its how i imagined mirrorlink would work out of the box.
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