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  1. xPETEZx

    Why does Start/Stop get so much hate?

    I dont mind it at all on my 7R manual. (Or any manual car I have used it on for that matter) If I dont want the car cutting out, just dont let the clutch back up. However I have had it on a few Auto cars, and find it very annoying there. Feathering the brake to be enough to stop, but not enough to engage StopStart is doable, but just found it annoying. So for the most part turned off the stopStart. Usually as soon as I started the car...or if I forgot, the first time it fired up to remind me... I
  2. xPETEZx

    Drive the Deal

    Almost does not seem worth going for a GTi with that price difference? £2300~ gets you more power, and haldex 4 wheel drive. I always thought the gap between R and GTi was a bit bigger than that. Is it a case of better discounts on the R?
  3. xPETEZx

    LED Tail Lights

    Does the standard 7.5 Golf get the same LED lights as the R? They seem to look very similar. Unlike with the 7. Where only the performance Goods had LED. I like the 7R LEDs better personally. I'm not the biggest fan of the new indicators. I certainly would not pay to install them. However I also would not be put off a car because it had them. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  4. xPETEZx

    Rear brake disc scoring

    I have a 7. Is it a "just press a button" within OBD ELEVEN? Or something you need to 'code'? Which is the cheaper / easier route? Carista or OBD ELEVEN? Cheers
  5. xPETEZx

    Rear brake disc scoring

    Did you need any software for this? I had read / heard that to get the parking brake to move, you needed VCDS or similar. I will probably need new rears soon, and was considering doing myself.
  6. xPETEZx

    MK7 dsg recall

    ITs very good actually. Shows journey history, journey cost etc. Some "fun" challenges...Bunch of other stuff I am forgeting. Sure it also gathers data, but what doesnt? Most people complaining about that also have an Apple/Android phone tracking 100x the data. With any luck the data makes better R products in future.
  7. xPETEZx


    Just hit 34k on May 15' car. Not missed a beat. Only money spent has been servicing & tyres. Fear the next service will need to include Discs & Pads...
  8. xPETEZx

    So many R’s

    I see 1 R which is parked up at a house down the road every day. Other than that, its maybe 1 or 2 a week. Not many though. On how many left searching for "Golf R" also shows the "R-Lines", and although they are split into about 8-9 cars (different engines in them all) the total comes to about 8.5k Real R's is about 9k DSG and 6K manual. So still nearly 2x the number of real Rs to fake Rs. Still, no real issue with the R-Line stuff.
  9. xPETEZx

    VW emissions compensation

    ^ This. If you owned cars, had the MPG and good use out of them, and then sold them, what exactly is the claim here? I understand if you still own the car, and its now worth significantly less than it otherwise would be, that you have a grounds for a claim. You are supposed to be compensated for your loss. What exactly did you loose?? At the end of the day the only winner are lawyers.
  10. xPETEZx

    Buckled prets dilemma

    They sound like they are being reasonable. I would allow them to take a look at fix. If you are not happy, then you can reject. I am not sure where the law stands on private land? I certainly would not be kicking off to hard when it sounds like they are being good about it?
  11. My rear disc's look terrible. But apparently they still have lots of life left. (At least thats what they said at the MOT) Seems its a VW thing. Been on the look out at other VWs rear disc's, and lots of them are in a state. Guy with a new Tiguan at work, his rear disc's look worse than mine, yet car is newer / has less miles on.
  12. Did you do an on-the-spot swap? Or did you send your wheel to him? I did a swap with him on my old BMW. Been thinking about changing the wheel in the R.
  13. In over 3 years of having the R, it has warned a handful of times, but never actually braked for me. Each time it has warned, reason has been obvious. Car turning off the road ahead etc.
  14. xPETEZx

    Viewing DSG R’s

    Plenty of PCP or outright owned cars are treated like a commodity. Driven hard for 2-3 years and swapped for something else. Same mentality. Anything breaks it's under warranty. I'm saying prejudicing a car because it's leased is as silly as going purely on mileage. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  15. xPETEZx

    Viewing DSG R’s

    Dont really understand why people say "Not an ex-lease"? Just because somebody is leasing the car, does not mean it will be treated any differently. My previous car (BMW 325i) was an ex-lease. Bought it at 3 years old as the 2nd owner. It was a brilliant car for the 3 more years I had it. Few bits went wrong, but nothing that ever cost over £500 to fix. Came with a thick book of servicing receipts, so had been well looked after. I leased my R for, and while it was leased looked after it just as well if not BETTER than my previous cars. (It wasnt mine! didnt want any charges on hand back) Ended up buying it at the end of lease. But didnt plan for that. Infact, didn't think I could at first.