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  1. Funny you mention that... last year AT was "estimating" my car at about £14k private sale. Right now its showing as nearly £16.5k private sale! Sadly all the cars Id consider replacing it with (like an R Estate! :P) have gone up even further... Like house prices going up.... only a 'win' if you move area to somewhere they havent gone up as much.
  2. Just back with the new boots on. Merit Tyres did a great job. Alloy wheels where as 'clean' (read dirty!) as when they went in. No additional marks beyond the ones I have made... Tyres inflated to same pressures all round (if a bit higher than I usually do) and the locking key back where it belongs! Its terrible that I consider all those things "great", but the last time I had them change... all those things didn't happen! DOT code on them is 1621, which the We Connect app tells me makes them 3 months old. So happy with that. I was a total spoon driving back..
  3. Booked in for Friday. 4x Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5s and 4-wheel alignment for £402 total.
  4. Thanks Booking the whole thing through BlackCricles, so I assume it would be new tyres? I had a great experience using them last time. The tyre fitter of theirs damaged one of my wheels slightly, and black circles where amazing. Within 2 emails they had sent me a booking to have the whole wheel refurbed. Didn't have to fight it, didn't have to pay a penny.
  5. Car just been for its service. Only thing to flag was that the tyre rubber is beginning to perish, and a nail in one of them. Thread is still ok, but tyres are 4 years old now and covered they covered about 22k miles (Goes to show how little I drive now!) I can get 4x Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 fitted for £322, which seems perfectly reasonable to me. Have the Asymmetric 3 on right now and been very happy. I am being offered option of a 4-wheel alignment for £85. That worth getting done? Car is 6 years old and I don't think its ever been done. Cheer
  6. Got it booked in for start of July. Earliest that the place I like to use now could fit me in. We are going away to Wales end of July, so be good for the garage to give the car a once over, spot any potential issues. Cheers
  7. I had the brake fluid, AC and even haldex done last year. Sparks was the year before that. So in my thinking it should only need the oil if at all... 😐 Car has just turned 6yrs old. Waiting to hear back from garage about when they could fit me in anyway and what cost looks like.
  8. My driver side glass started coming away on the way to tesco a while back. Luckily I held it in place till I parked up. Then glued it back in. Still waiting for the passenger side... 😐
  9. Not been on the site a while.... and also hardly driven my R! Last year I had it serviced in July, Air-Con, Brake Fluid included. So fairly big service. I have driven just 1,600 miles since that service.... and just had the light pop-on saying "service in 30 days". According to the Connect App, its due both Inspection / Oil change service. Both on the time, rather than mileage. Shows 8000 miles before it would trigger. What are peoples thoughts? Does the car actually need a service? Done basically nothing but short journeys all year. No commute, no holi
  10. Argh shame its a 3-door again! Would buy straight away if they did a 5-door. Ideally in black! (w/cadiz!)
  11. The Phirm is a 5 minute drive away from me, and I switched to using them for my servicing earlier this year after the prices from the local VW dealer just became silly. (near £150+ increase for a normal service in 3 years, tried to claim its "because its a performance car"...well it was 3 years ago too...) They first did a full service and then found my water pump/thermo to be leaking as well as a rear shock. So I booked in with them to sort all that out. Just last month I was back again for my covid-delayed MOT. On all 3 visits, they were very professional, all wo
  12. +1 for team 18"s When I ordered my R, I wasn't keen on the 18" Cadiz wheels at all, but it being a lease wasn't going to pony up for 19"s. However once I had the car, they very quickly grew on me. To me they are now the 'iconic' R wheel too. As much as I do love the look of the Pret 19", I dont like the big gap between wheel and disk, esp on the rear. I prefer the brakes to really fill the space. To me 18" Prets would be a great alternative to the Cadiz As said, grown to love mine.
  13. Went ahead and used the touch up pen. Looks fine from a distance. If you get up close, you can see the colour isn't the same, and of course the bubbling is still there. Will do for now Cheers all
  14. I have a small tube of paint correction (used for that bad door repair 😬😄) recon that would do the trick to stop it getting worse? Not sure the black on the wheels is the same as the car, but with such a small area, might not be noticeable.
  15. The other wheels where never refurbed, so I think its just not a great job after all :( Haha :P Its easy to get too bogged down. I think ill just leave it. Option #3 for now! Thanks for the detailed steps, but I am not a handy man when it comes to paints. I am near certain the result would be worse than the current situation 🥵 Tried my hand repairing a scratch in the door sill (not visible unless door open) and its not good 😬 Cheers for the comments. Going to leave this alone. Car has cost enough the last couple mon
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