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  1. Your videos/sound clips dont seem to play, so I cant hear the sounds. However I think a completely creek/rattle free car may be unattainable? The more it goes in to VW, and the more they take apart and re-fit, they will probably keep fixing one noise only to create another. As said, I havent been able to listen to your clips, but if its minor id just enjoy the car. So long as its not actually anything broken / breaking. I have a creek sound from the front drive side when going over very steep speed bumps, been there since nearly new. Not every time, but every other time probably. I asked VW to check it over when it went for its first service and they said all looks well. Car is 4.5 years old now, still makes the noise every other time on steep bumps. Hasnt got any worse and the car drives perfectly. Passed 2 MOTs and been through 3 services. At first it very much annoyed me, but I knew getting VW to chase it down and fix it would be a long road. Either way, I wish you luck. Either in getting it fixed (fingers crossed) or just living with it.
  2. I have the manual, and although I do love it I would go for the DSG next time. Esp. as the clutch is made of cheese on the R, so even with standard power it can be too much and start slipping. If you love the car, dont go thinking what might have been. Just enjoy it.
  3. I had a quote to go for a Sachs organic, but it came in at well over £1100. I haven't bit the bullet yet. Had another slip occur on a long drive back from Cornwall. 6th Gear, up hill, go to accelerate from 55-60 and got a 500rpm rise but no speed. Took it easy the rest of the drive home, always shifting to 5th when picking up speed rather than just sticking to 6th as usual and no further incidents. My issue is I am looking to change to an estate, but cant really justify that cost atm. Esp after the cornwall trip! Managed to fit luggage for a week long trip for 2 adults + 2 kids under 5. Including push chair and all the other baby stuff in the Hatch! So makes justifying a new car even harder! If I start getting slips more often than 1 drive every few months ill suck it up and buy the Sachs. For now, its been doing this for over 2 years and never got any worse, never happened more than once every few months. And as above, only seems to happen 1-2 times on the drive that it does happen on. Will see.
  4. Exactly! Some people get to hung up on the "monthly cost" as advertised, without looking at the upfront. If you get 24 month deal at 200 a month with 2400 down upfront, thats really 300 per month. As you put 2400 up front. When looking for a new lease, I now also look for the smallest upfront possible. Ideally 1+23, up to 3+35 But anything with 12+ upfront... no thanks... Another thing to look out for, which is sometimes hidden, is the excess mileage. Always good to know you can do another couple thousand miles without getting a big sting at the end. I tend to think anything sub 9p per mile is fine. Lower the better ofc.
  5. I had the exact same issue. Bought Bosch AeroTwin on sale at EuroCar parts for £6. Problem solved.
  6. Im fairly sure it isnt what they are refering to when they say "keyless theft" When they say "keyless theft" they usually refer to the signal from the key being amplified to make the car think it is close by and unlock/start. What you refer to is technically a keyless theft in that no key was stolen, but it does not require the car to have a "keyless" to work. It usually required breaking the window or getting access to the port in some way. While it could be quick, its not as quick as a signal amplification keyless attack. It also only worked on cars like the BMW 3er (E90) which have a fob like key. Not ones that have a traditional bladed key that goes in a barrel. Keyless thefts being talked about now, work on basically any car with a keyless system. I believe (though not certain) that once the criminals have stolen a car using the signal relay, they wont be able to restart the car or lock it. As they dont have the key. However I think they would probably be able to program a new key to the car much like the earlier ODB key clone method. The advantage of course being no broken windows.
  7. I would imagine they would record it as "keys not taken" theft. Seems currently very few thefts, if any at all occur by actually overcoming the cars security. By hacking the car as it where. Nobody is on-the-fly breaking the cars encryption to gain access and start it. (At least that I have seen) Even the old program a new key through the ODB port theft seems slow and intrusive at this point. (usually required breaking a car window) Seems the 2 methods are: 1.) Car keys obtained. (Through house break in or violence or both) 2.) Key-less signal relay/amplification as discussed in this thread. In the case of #1, the owner will at best only have 1 key left. In the case of #2 they should still have both keys. So the insurance companies could get crude numbers simply by requesting owners send in there keys before paying out. I recall seeing this request for keys even back in the BMW E90 days. Whereby thieves programed a new key to the car over the ODB port. Some owners whos cars where taken that way needed to send in both keys to get claims accepted/paid out to prove the key hadnt been lost or stolen.
  8. I would imagine that the industry may start to record if a theft was via keyless method. Insurance companies want data. On everything. Hence they ask what occupation you have even though that should not affect your car insurance. But clearly somewhere along the line they wanted this information and have since concluded that hair dressers are bigger risks than cleaners. (Or whatever it is the numbers say) If there data gathering suggested that keyless cars where indeed being stolen more often or more easily they would probably put that question on the quote forms. "Does your car feature keyless", then work that extra "risk factor" into there quote. Seems we are still some way from that, as they dont have any numbers on it yet. Lets hope it stays that way. I already find it disgusting enough the amount of data points they use against motorists. Many of which they have little or no control over at all.
  9. I cant help think this "movement sensor" key fix is just a plaster on a problem. Instead of picking cars off driveways, they simply move to taking them from Tesco car parks. 2 Thieves wait to see a car they like park up. 1st Thief follows the owner with signal booster in bag or pocket. 2nd Thief walks over to there car with the signal receiver in there pocket. Opens the car and drives away like they own it. The key will be 'in-motion' the entire time its in the owners pocket... so wont go to sleep. Just does not seem like a proper fix to this issue... And the 'fixes' which involve pressing a button on the key to turn off keyless... surely that negates the whole point of the system in the first place? If you have to press a button on the key... surely that button mayaswell be the "lock" button? Anyway, good to see people posting some fixes to disable the system for anybody that is worried enough to want to disable it. I very nearly spec'ed it when ordering, but am glad I chose black paint instead.
  10. Those look fantastic. Also love the wheels. If you do get some more shots, feel free to share I thought that the 7.5R estate had individual connections to the back box for each of the 4 pipes, but your aftermarkets suggests they still come off 1 pipe from the back box? Wonder would those ends fit a 7R estate too?
  11. Id be keen to see a twin-oval setup. Always thought 4 was a bit OTT. I kinda like it now, but still LOVE the setup on the GTi with just 1 pipe either side. Twin oval should suit the Estate, like a mini-RS6 Those look great. They for the estate I am guessing? Any pictures of them on the car?
  12. Yea the MyVW app is a joke. It took numerous messages to VW to get it to accept that I was the owner and should therefore be able to see details. Turns out even that gives you nothing. Just says "Service event" "MOT event". Certainly would not buy a car off it saying "service event" unless there is an invoice to go with to show what was actually done. I am glad my 7R still has the book.
  13. I have always fancied a 335d Touring as a possible next car. Yet despite diesel gate and the apparent apathy for oil burners, 2nd hand prices havent dropped as much as I would have liked. Just had a quick peak...and seems 66 plates go for £19k upwards... For that money you could get an R of similar age. And at that point.... esp if the 335d really is only ~6 mpg better.... for me it would be a hard sell. On current mileage I do... oil burner makes no sense anway. That means 340i Touring....but those are RWD... and I am not sure Id go back to that having had 4WD now Anyway, good luck in your searches. Hope you land in something equally fun. If you do go 335d, would love to hear how you find it compared to the Rs.
  14. Not sure what your getting at.... Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  15. In my 30s... Is that so shocking?? Thought there where a fair few members on here not nearing retirement age , is the target audience for a hot-hatch after all. (Tongue in-cheek before somebody gets bent out of shape... or needs there artificial hip poping back in! )
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