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  1. So whats the deal you have managed to secure with local dealer? And you managed this in last few days? As looking on the lease sites now, R estates have gone up to £480 pcm 😐
  2. Golf R, and Golf R Line are 2 different cars I believe the Golf R Line has a 50 litre tank (as do all FWD Golfs) The Golf R has a 55 litre tank (as do all 4WD Golfs) VW connect isn't very accurate on the litre reading for fuel. Its always a few litres out when I fill up compared to what the pump says. This may be because of the fuel in the pipe leading to the tank, idk. Either way, would not take VW connects reading as gospel. I believe 1 USB port is standard? I think you only get 2 if you have the advanced telephone prep? (Not sure thats still an option on the 7.5)
  3. Use to commute 18 miles each way everyday. Then the company I work for was acquired, and the buying companies office is in the town I live in! Couldn't believe my luck. I relocated to that office as soon as possible, and now have a 1 mile walk to work Sometimes still head over to the old office, but find I have no patience for the traffic anymore. In clear traffic, 32 minutes . In 'normal' work traffic more like 45-50. Not bad, especially judging by what others put up with. But as somebody pointed out earlier...the amount of life you waste doing that each day. I use to be out of the house before 0700, and now home till gone 1830 at best. Now I dont need to leave till 0815-0830 and ill still be home by 1700. Does make driving the R that much more special Has halved the miles I put on it a year. Use to do 12k, down to like 6 now.
  4. Grave digging my own thread...again... Cant believe it was end of 2017 when I first noted signs of clutch slip! Since then I have had it intermittently. Usually only on the one drive in a blue moon. Then nothing for months. Now just hit 36k, and seems I can reliably produce slip. 5th or 6th gear only, and at around 60-70. Gun it and get a minor slip before it pulls. So can "work around it" by shifting down first. But one of the appeals of this car is its in-gear pull. I did remove the clutch-assist-spring a month back...not sure that has anything to do with it? (Has improved pedal feel for sure!) Got a quote from ThePhrim to replace with Sachs Organic for around £1100. Seems a fair bit more than VRS Northampton. But then... ThePhirm is 5 minutes from my house, and does appear very well reviewed. Still on the fence! We have our 2nd child on the way in May...so .... R Estate would be ideal. But those seem bit outa budget at the moment. (And nothing decent on lease :()
  5. :) Nothings changed :P On the topic of servicing... been told my car should have a coolant flush & change, as its nearing 4 years. Costs £80.... anybody had this done? Needed / not needed?
  6. Ahh that's a shame. Mine also came from VW Cardiff. However I used CVL, so only dealt with dealer for finance documents and pickup. Who did you speak to at your dealers to match? Assuming the fleet manager rather than regular sales goon? They only seem interested in pushing PCP. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  7. That's a great price. Works back to just under 300pcm. Did you manage to snag that deal? On a stock car? Deal I got emails from CVL worked back to around 353pcm, and that was on 8k not 10k. At sub-300 I'd have taken it. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  8. Wonder how many people with KESSY then use a steering wheel lock ? Reduce security in one way, and increase it in another. Make things easier in one way, harder in another. Net gain = 0?
  9. Do a google. Literally every keyless car is susceptible to the amplifying attack. Including the Mk7 Golf. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  10. Just because Golf R's haven't yet been widely targeted via Keyless, does not make that tech secure. I imagine the saving grace is that it is not standard on a Golf R. Easier for thieves to target cars where it is, as they know it will work.
  11. Central locking improved security, as all doors / boot locked at the same time. Remote central locking with a fob added connivance, and I guess slightly decreased security. (Early systems could be attacked with replay attacks I think?) Even now, they can be jammed so the 'Lock' signal never reaches the car so it stays open. However neither of those systems made stealing a car as trivial as Key-less does. Cant think of any method of theft that involves no physical or forced entry to either the house or car, nor violence against anybody. Even the ODB key cloning that was/is prevalent on BMWs a few years back required the drivers side window to be broken, or the door lock to be drilled. Also cant think of a method of theft that is faster. Even threatening somebody for the key at the front door will take longer... Still ETTO....
  12. I don't really believe that. (or want maybe its dont want to? :P) VW spend a lot of time developing and testing there products. I struggle to believe they would purposely state that you dont need to clean a filter, just to then shaft somebody with a new pump months later. If thats the case, why not do the same with the engine oil & filter? or any filter for that matter? I am sure not many engines would fail if they didnt change the oil filter before the 3 year warranty is up. Considering we (presumably?) all love the product VW have made here, we take a very synical view of the company that made it. Perhaps some of that is rightly so after the diesel scandal. But I have to believe that a great car like the Golf R does not get built if at every turn the company is building in deliberate fails. I am curious... how many cases of a FAILED haldex due to filter clogging have there been? I have not read all 29 pages of this topic, so apologises if somebody did report theirs failing within this topic. I know some people have had haldex problems, but from what I remember some of those required software fixes? And all of them where within warranty? So now that the Golf R is what... 5 years old? Must be a fair number of cars outside warranty.
  13. I would never have thought key-less or not would be as big a debate as 95 vs 98 or DSG vs Manual! I nearly spec'ed it, but as mine was a lease didnt in the end. Having had a few hire cars with it, I can see the appeal. Is nice just leaving the keys in your pocket. Security aside... I guess that does open up the possibility for leaving keys in places you otherwise couldnt. Overall though, I think its a bridge too far over towards convenience over security. To all those pouch users / biscuit tin placers.... you know the same amplifying tech can be used while your shopping at Tesco's right? Crook 1 can stay with your car, while crook 2 follows you into the shop... For me, if I was buying brand new now, I would want the ability NOT to have KESSY to drive home the point to the manufactures, the product in its current form fails to accomplish what its primary function is. IE. Secure your car reasonably.
  14. Thank you Will give the spring removal a go and see how that changes things.
  15. Im a complete novice when it comes to these things, which spring do I need to remove? Same question for the clutch stop, this something inside the cabin I can do myself easily? Cheers
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