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  1. Grave digging my own thread, I ended up putting about 6 cars on my watch list on AT in the end, and had planned to see how many if any sold in a week. To my surprise all but 1 where gone by the following weekend! The only one left was at the local dealer, but priced about £2k higher than the rest while having more miles and looking tattier in the pictures. At the time, AT marked that one as "above average price", now nearly a month later that car is still listed for the exact same money but AT marks it as "good price" now. Seems there was more appetite for buying than I thought! Not many R estates on AT now that fit the bill. My car also put a spanner in the works by displaying the "Oil change in X days" shortly after I initially thought about changing. So would probably have hurt its PX value. So I kinda put the car change idea to bed. Figure in the current climate I can't justify £8-9k when who knows what's around the corner and I don't actually "need" the Estate right now. (heart and brain disagreement here) So decided to stick with mine, and get it all serviced. Was due: Interim Service Haldex Oil Brake Fluid A/C Service Local VW dealer that I have used since I had this car, quoted £700 for all this! The Interim service was £320~ 😮 alone. Thats over £100 more than at its first service back in 2016. Despite my best (terrible) efforts at haggling, even using the VW site which suggested my service should be much less, they stopped responding to me after promising to speak with the service manager. Decided it was time to go elsewhere.... first tried to use VW's site to get a price from the nearest other VW dealer, but never got a call or email back. Found local independent VAG specialist, quoted all the same work for £500! Had all that done last week... but they did find my Water pump/Thermostat has started leaking.... and my rear shock is weeping. So going back next month for new pump/thermostat and both rear shocks replacing. (Id rather do the pair) In 5 years, my first repair bill, coming in at £980, everything else has been service. Tyres are also coming up.... close to 3 years old and 20k on them. Fronts nearing limits. So another £400~ bill on the way before November MOT! /TL:DR - decided not to spend £8-9K upgrading to an R Estate.... instead it'll be just under £2k on repairs and servicing on my current R by November! Don't you just love cars?
  2. I love that M340i Estate! New BMWs are very marmite... seems half of them are afflicted with horrendous monster grills, and then the other half look amazing! (3,5 & 8 all look brilliant!)
  3. xPETEZx

    Arteon R

    I love the look of that Arteon R shooting brake. I always liked the general look of the Arteon (esp when NOT in that mustard colour they show so often :|), but they never did a hot one. Now they do both an R and a shooting brake! Certainly a more enticing option than the Golf Mk8. Not liking all the corner cutting thats gone on. Esp on the inside.
  4. This just happened to me on the way to Tesco! Noticed the driver side mirror glass moving about. Luckily it stayed in place till I parked up. While queuing to get into tesco found this topic. Picked up some gorilla glue gel and stuck the glass back on in the car park. Let's see how it holds up! Passenger side seems ok for now, does not feel loose.
  5. I did consider it, till I saw the price of them. Then I couldnt stop laughing. 😐😁 The thing looks almost identical to a regular cooking V60, which is usually no bad thing. But this takes it to the point of literally just the badge to give the game away. As you said, the interior looks very dated now too, and right again on the boot. From the pictures it looks very small. Speaking of Volvo, I did take a shine to a XC90 T8 though! 😅 Every journey in the last 3 months I could have completed on battery! And probably half the ones I would do in normal circumstances. That coupled with 7 seats, massive boot and fairly decent looks (for an SUV), make a fairly appealing package. (400Bhp~ helps too :P) But again, they are silly money. Seeing some with as high 125k on the clock (and the charge cable still in the cellophane in the boot!) and still asking near £30k. The more I look, the less I find if that makes any sense. The Golf R Estate and its cousin the Leon ST 300 are about the only ones that tick enough boxes to be worth looking at in my budget. Lot more Golfs around, has better standard spec and imo, a better looking interior too. So that kinda keeps the R at the top of the pile Hopefully get a chance to contact a few of the dealers I am watching to see how viewings/test drives work under these lockdown easing since monday.
  6. Thanks for all the comments guys (And no offence taken @goodbadboy 😁) Got about 4-5 cars on my "watch list" on AT. Curios to see what the current climate does to prices. Will see how test drives / viewings can be arranged in current circumstances. Giving myself to end June to either buy something new, or get mine serviced and stick with it for abit longer. (no hardship! Still brings a grin to my face every drive) Still never driven a DSG 😐 So need to see how I get on with that.
  7. Thats the odd thing, I do keep mine on all year round. Might just be that I have been driving so much less last few months 😐
  8. Oh dear :P What was looking like a £700 service could end up becoming £7k on a new car 😆😆 Thoughts on 42k miles car with Das Welt 2 year warranty vs. 27k car with 6 months manufacture warranty?
  9. Haha ill take either! This is kinda what I thought! I had the cabin filter replaced last year. Would it already need doing again? Ill look at the AC bomb and see about doing that instead. AutoTrader seems to suggest £13.5k as a 'fair' trade in price for mine. Meaning id need to put in 6.5k~ I would probably try to simply say to the dealers, I want to pay £6k. Then its over to them to either offer more for my car, or knock a bit off the price. I am a total noob at haggling so probably wouldn't get far. 😐 Still, £6-7k ~ would be easily workable for me. I wouldnt want to start spending closer to 9 or 10.
  10. Had my 2015 R Hatch for over 5 years now. ITs first 2 years on lease, then bought it. Its not missed a beat in 40k, and only costs have been servicing. Its due a 'big service' soon, needing Haldex oil, Brake Fluid, Coolant Flush on top of the normal service. Also a A/C service apparently, which is quite expensive at £140~ considering my A/C blows ICE cold still. Only thing 'wrong' is it does sometimes smell on first start. I fear they may also advise I change the rear disks & pads as they are scored. Front tyres are down to about 3.7mm too, so will need doing. Anyway, this got me thinking.... if I was to change car probably better to do so before putting lot of money in servicing it. I have always wanted the R Estate. Its not as good looking, but I could use the practicality now with 2 kiddies. Also the 7.5 brings some 'nice to haves' like Android Auto. Seems for about 20-22K you can get a 2017 car with between 20-40k on the clock. I found 2 very closely priced, both about 20k, both 2017, both Black. One is from a VW dealer, comes with 2 year warranty and is a "Das Welt Auto" (whatever thats worth?) and some 2 year MOT assurance thing. (Assume if it fails MOT they put right ?) and has 40k~ The other is from a small dealer, has 6 month factory warranty left and has 25k~ on the clock. My head says lower miles is the better choice. But then, would a higher miles car with a 2 year warranty from a VW dealer be better? The 40k car should also have had its DSG service done I think? While the 25k car may be just before? I only do about 5-6k a year now. (probably much less this year given the circumstances!) Then there is the sensible option which is to just service mine, close autotrader and carry on I still love driving it. But am somewhat worried that the clutch will go at some point. But then I think I have been worrying about that for 3 years now! One thing I noticed is how nice it is searching Golf R estates compared to other brands. There are no horrible interior or even exterior colour combinations. Every car has ACC / Android Auto / Climate control etc standard. I was seeing what other Estates would fit the bill, and Id need to spend a lot more. Things like Audi S4 or S6, Merc C43 etc. Or even 335ds. But the spec can be such a minefield. Also seems that even on stuff like a 2018 530i, active cruise is not standard
  11. Coming up to having my R 5 years in May. Not missed a beat in 40K. Not one visit to the dealer other than regular servicing. Still love it every time I drive it. Esp now where I dont need to commute to work. So driving the car less, but enjoying it more everytime I do. ACC is one of my favorite features (on the comfort 'Golf' side of the house, of course the performance/grip from the 'R' side never cease to put a smile on my face) My next car will be a hard pick. (probably why I still haven't changed) Sorry to hear you have had some issues with yours. But I guess thats the luck of the draw. Hope it dosent spoil the car. Use the ACC a bit more once its back working, its real relaxing on a motorway slog. Just set and forget. Dont look at the speedo, just stay in the flow of traffic.
  12. Thats not PCP then. That could be Hire Purchase, where when the last payment is done you own the car outright. Either way, all these methods are just different ways of driving a car. Whether you buy cash, PCP, PCH, bank loan or whatever. Each has their uses, each has there fans. Good deals can be had on all of them. ITs just knowing whats right for you at any given time.
  13. No...PCP is the one with balloon payment. PCH has no balloon. You are literally renting the car. Usually you get the option to buy it, but that price is not fixed in advance, nor is the option guaranteed. No idea why people have issues with a Lease (PCH), esp when they are then talking up PCP, which really is just another form of 'renting' the car. You dont own it till you pay the balloon.
  14. I used MP3Tag to add cover art to all my music, and the vast majority shows up in the car. However some don't. I haven't found definitively why not, but suspect its to do with the size / pixel count.
  15. Slight tangent.... anybody own an R36? Love the look of one of them in estate form. Did they feel any 'quicker'?
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