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  1. How infurating to watch 😐 And it wasnt even some 20 year old shed. But as said earlier...some people just dont care. Not even when there own car is new. I have been very lucky. Although I try to go for end spaces or ones with little chance of somebody parking close I very rarely get them. Despite parking in many very tight spaces and next to cars that look like they are going to fall apart....not had a single ding Even been parked sat waiting for my other half, and had the cars next to be move and was pleasantly surprised to see people where more cautious then I expect. Anyway, you have slam-dunk footage, so hopefully all is sorted out with £0 cost to you. However...just in time and effort this is going to be a pain.
  2. xPETEZx

    Digital or analogue dash

    I like digital Dashes (?) which have a bit of depth to them. Like the BMW 5er ones, where you have the Arcs around the speedo and rev counter. It might limit what you can display where a little, but takes care of flatness. Also like half-and-half, like some of the Porsche ones. Where you have a physical rev counter but digital around. Not overly keen on the 7.5 digital dash. But then I didn't overly like the headlights either, but having seen a fair few in the flesh now thing I prefer them. So if I ever upgraded to that 7.5R estate I want...the dash would probably grow on me?
  3. xPETEZx

    Service History

    Im glad I still have paper book. The electronic one is garbage. For me it keeps marking an error that they could not confirm my details and to call CS. Which I have. And all is correct. All I see on mine as a result is the data and "Service Event" and "MOT Event" and the date and dealer. No details of what was actually done. Also with the e-Service history not being on the car, just seems a poor setup.
  4. xPETEZx

    (Super) Unleaded Petrol?

    These topics are hilarious as ever. People swearing their allegiance to a fuel brand as if their loyalty will be rewarded in some afterlife. First point, the car is recommended 98, minimum 95. So there will be NO damage whatsoever caused solely by using 95. As has been noted...car is sold in markets where 95 is all you get. Second point, already been made, its a MASS produced car. Its sold in all sorts of markets, with huge variations in fuel quality. It can take it. By design. Which leaves just 1 thing to do. Try it yourself. If you feel that extra fizz when buying the good stuff and are happy to pay the difference. Then do. Regardless of what the internet tells you. If you don't feel the fizz, know that you are not damaging your car, and are using it within the parameters of the manufacture spec.
  5. I have been running this for over a year now. Lot of sceptical "not my data" types in here.... all probably running around with smart phones logging there every move. A subset of those probably have Alexa and Google Homes sat in there living rooms. But VW having info about how there products are used? HELL NO! Anyway, I find it interesting / mildly useful. At the start, it could be a bit flaky crashing sometimes etc. But over the last year its a very stable app. Can count on 1 hand the amount of times its not logged a trip. I am on a Samsung S8 which is notorious for sleeping apps, and have had issues with other apps. Not with this. I find the trip & fuel logging very interesting/useful. The little "challenges" are fun too. If all geared towards fuel efficiency.. Either way, fairly sure this generation of car will be the last where the "dongle" is optional. I would recommend it.
  6. xPETEZx

    Lego GT3

    I have the F40 too along with many other sets. Really liked the F40 build. Was far more complicated than expected. This Xmas I got the Mack truck. Also a great build. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  7. xPETEZx

    Lego GT3

    Got the GT3 some time ago. Was a great fun build. Loved how it tried to mirror the process when the shell and drive train come together like on the real assembly line. I see Lego now has the Bugatti Chirion too. Not a big fan of the look of that car. Otherwise I'd probably buy that too. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  8. xPETEZx

    New daily driver help £5000 budget!

    If I drove 26k miles a year and had the choice between doing those in a Golf R or a Corsa...I know which keys I'd be grabbing. So what if it's more miles on the R? That's what it's for! For driving pleasure. And the Golf isn't some weekend exotic. The Golf part of it makes it the perfect daily driver. The R bit means it won't be all boring. Either reclaim the R and daily drive it. Or just keep the Corsa...when it dies...take the R back let the wife pick a new car. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  9. xPETEZx

    Why does Start/Stop get so much hate?

    I dont mind it at all on my 7R manual. (Or any manual car I have used it on for that matter) If I dont want the car cutting out, just dont let the clutch back up. However I have had it on a few Auto cars, and find it very annoying there. Feathering the brake to be enough to stop, but not enough to engage StopStart is doable, but just found it annoying. So for the most part turned off the stopStart. Usually as soon as I started the car...or if I forgot, the first time it fired up to remind me... I
  10. xPETEZx

    Drive the Deal

    Almost does not seem worth going for a GTi with that price difference? £2300~ gets you more power, and haldex 4 wheel drive. I always thought the gap between R and GTi was a bit bigger than that. Is it a case of better discounts on the R?
  11. xPETEZx

    LED Tail Lights

    Does the standard 7.5 Golf get the same LED lights as the R? They seem to look very similar. Unlike with the 7. Where only the performance Goods had LED. I like the 7R LEDs better personally. I'm not the biggest fan of the new indicators. I certainly would not pay to install them. However I also would not be put off a car because it had them. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  12. xPETEZx

    Rear brake disc scoring

    I have a 7. Is it a "just press a button" within OBD ELEVEN? Or something you need to 'code'? Which is the cheaper / easier route? Carista or OBD ELEVEN? Cheers
  13. xPETEZx

    Rear brake disc scoring

    Did you need any software for this? I had read / heard that to get the parking brake to move, you needed VCDS or similar. I will probably need new rears soon, and was considering doing myself.
  14. xPETEZx

    MK7 dsg recall

    ITs very good actually. Shows journey history, journey cost etc. Some "fun" challenges...Bunch of other stuff I am forgeting. Sure it also gathers data, but what doesnt? Most people complaining about that also have an Apple/Android phone tracking 100x the data. With any luck the data makes better R products in future.
  15. xPETEZx


    Just hit 34k on May 15' car. Not missed a beat. Only money spent has been servicing & tyres. Fear the next service will need to include Discs & Pads...