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  1. Those look fantastic. Also love the wheels. If you do get some more shots, feel free to share I thought that the 7.5R estate had individual connections to the back box for each of the 4 pipes, but your aftermarkets suggests they still come off 1 pipe from the back box? Wonder would those ends fit a 7R estate too?
  2. Id be keen to see a twin-oval setup. Always thought 4 was a bit OTT. I kinda like it now, but still LOVE the setup on the GTi with just 1 pipe either side. Twin oval should suit the Estate, like a mini-RS6 Those look great. They for the estate I am guessing? Any pictures of them on the car?
  3. Yea the MyVW app is a joke. It took numerous messages to VW to get it to accept that I was the owner and should therefore be able to see details. Turns out even that gives you nothing. Just says "Service event" "MOT event". Certainly would not buy a car off it saying "service event" unless there is an invoice to go with to show what was actually done. I am glad my 7R still has the book.
  4. I have always fancied a 335d Touring as a possible next car. Yet despite diesel gate and the apparent apathy for oil burners, 2nd hand prices havent dropped as much as I would have liked. Just had a quick peak...and seems 66 plates go for £19k upwards... For that money you could get an R of similar age. And at that point.... esp if the 335d really is only ~6 mpg better.... for me it would be a hard sell. On current mileage I do... oil burner makes no sense anway. That means 340i Touring....but those are RWD... and I am not sure Id go back to that having had 4WD now Anyway, good luck in your searches. Hope you land in something equally fun. If you do go 335d, would love to hear how you find it compared to the Rs.
  5. Not sure what your getting at.... Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  6. In my 30s... Is that so shocking?? Thought there where a fair few members on here not nearing retirement age , is the target audience for a hot-hatch after all. (Tongue in-cheek before somebody gets bent out of shape... or needs there artificial hip poping back in! )
  7. I started off learning to drive in a Mk1 Ford Focus, under the AA. Not long after my instructor got a new MkII Focus! But then he left the AA....and got a Renault Modus....which I passed my test in. Horrid car.
  8. xPETEZx


    ITs ok so far. Not liking Paddy much... Chris Harris is stil best. Feels like the other 2 have to keep jibbing him, as he is the only one that can actually drive and knows a thing about cars. Also hes been on the show for a couple of years... so feels like they have to "prove" themselves by putting him down all the time. Its all fun, but if it goes on like that for good....will wear thin. Still, its good enough to keep me watching.
  9. Very nice video Sums up the car nicely. Look like some great roads you where driving on.
  10. Oh man I love these topics 🤣😄 Car will run forever on Ron 95 with no damage whatsoever... says as much on the filler cap. So keep your hair on. Sure 98 is recommended, like 5 fruit and veg a day is recommended. How many of you follow that?
  11. Thats the first option that actually looks viable! Impressive. I wonder if they will have one out that supports WiFi Android Auto...
  12. I walk to work now, often past slow moving traffic, and it disgusts me the amount of people looking down at there phone and not the road ahead. I know it can be tempting in slow stop-start traffic especially, but no text or facebook post is so important you cant wait till you arrive. If it is.... pull over.
  13. Dam I feel your pain 😣 On those Black Prets its really visible too 😥 I managed to keep mine kerb-damage free for over 3 years...hurt just the same when I dinged the back wheel. Worst is, you KNOW as soon as it happens. Dont even need to get out to see. Hope its not too long or expensive before you get it fixed.
  14. So whats the deal you have managed to secure with local dealer? And you managed this in last few days? As looking on the lease sites now, R estates have gone up to £480 pcm 😐
  15. Golf R, and Golf R Line are 2 different cars I believe the Golf R Line has a 50 litre tank (as do all FWD Golfs) The Golf R has a 55 litre tank (as do all 4WD Golfs) VW connect isn't very accurate on the litre reading for fuel. Its always a few litres out when I fill up compared to what the pump says. This may be because of the fuel in the pipe leading to the tank, idk. Either way, would not take VW connects reading as gospel. I believe 1 USB port is standard? I think you only get 2 if you have the advanced telephone prep? (Not sure thats still an option on the 7.5)
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