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  1. 225 tyres are not considered wide whatsoever in todays motors mate my sisters 1.2 2013 clio dynamique still has 195 tyres fitted! Days of 155 tyres are long behind us in most cases. Point I was making was my R drove straight out and the wifes GTD couldn't and neither could most of the 2wd neighbours one of which has a ford KA with bicycle width tyres so bang goes that theory ;-D
  2. Couldn't disagree more I'm affraid last winter we got hit quite hard with snow a few times Most of our neighbours in our culdesac had to dig cars out and clear the untreated road etc I just drove off of our sloped driveway in my R fitted with potenza's no problem whatsoever Wifes GTD wasn't going anywhere without a shovel
  3. Thanks Much good in the ice/snow? also ok in hotter weather?
  4. Evening all, considering a set of cross climate+ for my R to use all year round on my 18" Cadiz currently running factory supplied Bridgestone's Anyone else using these offer any feedback?
  5. Not all about bhp and torque on paper guys The in gear acceleration in the M140i, 240i, 440i etc is in a different league compared to a stock R Do a google search for 30-60mph etc Massively faster than the R! Drove my R at stock power for nearly 3 years, now I'm stage 1 hi torque Apr It's like night and day and I realised a stock R is actually quite slow! 440i isn't touching a decent stage 1 R You could then say just map the Bmw but putting that extra power down could be an issue
  6. Similar mate Bought my base spec pre reg zero miles back in early 2016 for just over £25k, still worth £19k+ now so 6k loss in 3 years some people have lost nearly 3 times that in same time frame (bonkers)
  7. Any M car is a different kettle of fish completely plus a base spec R is about half the cost of a M2 so hardly comparable For £36k you could get a cracking M2 I know which one I'd have 🙂
  8. Even at stage 1 hi torque I'm seriously chuffed with mine
  9. I'd personally sacrifice spec than pay 36k for a R and I'd take base spec R over any bmw 😄 literally going to lose £10,000 in first year on that each to their own but it's financial insanity
  10. Regardless of decision I'm flabbergasted that people will actually pay £36k for a golf! Have you actually looked at the depreciation on them! Save yourself thousands and buy a pre registered 310bhp one. avoid the wait, extra 10bhp plus save lots of pennies plus if rrp is over £40k you pay £450 year road tax for 5 years instead of £140 Neither A35 nor A45 are real AMG monsters therefore don't deserve the badge
  11. £100 taxi to my nearest airport happily pay it everytime knowing my R is safely locked in garage at home! Personally id walk to airport before using valet parking but hey ho each to their own I guess
  12. Apologies for the seeming negativity coming I used to be a big F1 fan but nowadays I'd honestly rather watch paint dry than waste parts of my weekends off work watching it! people are easily pleased if they enjoy watching it now, either that or never watched a race when it was actually F1 Each to their own I guess
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