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  1. Bought mines from Lancaster VW was best price I could find at the time. Think VW dealer in St Andrews was doing a deal at one time also.
  2. Trackdays are great way of driving these cars you never could afford.
  3. Hope you realise we will all have to check now 😁
  4. postie

    New bmw 135i

    looks like a Kia .
  5. Hillman hunter,the joys,handbrake on your right hand side between seat and drivers door.
  6. Forked out £150 for another tyre the 2nd one in the past 6 weeks for puncture that couldn't be repaired. The sad thing is both tyres had approx only 1000 miles wear on them.
  7. Getting quoted price from webuy the problem. They will go over the car picking up on every small fault to reduce their original quote. Got more from Evan Halshaw on my last car so worth a try.
  8. postie

    Changing jobs?

    Stay semi-retired 😉
  9. First grit on the road in our area today. No forecast for frost tonight or minus temps but Saturday always seems to be good overtime shift 😀
  10. Its all positive,get more exercise as well parking at furthest spot from supermarket entrance.
  11. Frank Zappa.....Bobby Brown. Please don't listen in front of kids,or anyone easily offended.
  12. postie

    Lazy driving.

    We have work vans you have to wind the windows up and down. Think the young ones get extra training how to operate.
  13. Assume the cap on coolant reservoir been checked.
  14. My local VW dealer has been taken over by Arnold Clark. Received a e mail saying doing deal 2 minor sevices and 2 mot's for £199. I phoned up to confirm price was correct and was told was correct" we can keep price down we don't use genuine VW parts". Will give that a miss.
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