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  1. They are et 35 , no spacers needed , slight rub on hard hits , maybe et 38 is perfect ?
  2. Check out @DUB R4XX , looks lovely , I’ve got them as well but his is white!
  3. dazie00

    golf r lovin it

    to the club , get those pics up then !! Love a carbon intake !
  4. I've been both stage 1 and 2 , intake does just add noise, a simple panel filter upgrade and pikey oem air intake mod will be good enough IMO, stage 2 is stunning performance but most bang for your buck is deffo at stage 1 , i prefer stage 1 APR high output myself as ilike the sound of the standard exhaust, not for everybody but loud enough and a civilised car with valves closed , 370 bhp is enough in the real world for me, if you have a MK7R i would recommend a dsg remap (APR) as well.
  5. Would be great if someone could advise of what the correct servicing should consist of , what needs doing when ? , i've had mine serviced at an Indy since about 18 months old, now on 40k but have had DSG serviced at 20 and again recently, haldex last year and rear diff fluid changed this year , brake fluid changed when i upgraded about 2 years ago , have . oil changed every year and have changed plugs, Any VW technicians on here ??
  6. Well it says they will so long as your on oem brake callipers , if you’ve upgraded to a bbk then you may have issues !
  7. I’ve had mine 5 1/2 years now , just hit 40,000 miles so quite low, had thought about a RS3 but can’t justify the 20k difference to fund a slightly faster hot hatch , think I’m gonna stick for about 4 more years and get a B9 RS4 which should be mid 30s by then hopefully!
  8. dazie00

    R Daddy Wagon

    to the club, enjoy your R at stage 1 , it's fantastic value at the cost , stage 2 is a fair bit more wedge for nowhere near as much gain and standard to stage 1 , and get some pics up 👍
  9. I watched it and though i do agree with most of your points, i think he is enjoying the TCR being a bit more on the edge at slower speeds , so more fun most of the time , as said before on various threads the R is just so good and well built that it's just not got the thrill like maybe a Type R or a Megane RS , it is still a fantastic all rounder and certainly ticks all my boxes , guess it all just depends what you want from your car .
  10. This would be my choice ! Would look great on coilovers imo .
  11. Heat it up with a hairdryer to loosen glue, then use fishing twine or dental floss to carefully remove old ones .
  12. to the club , nice looking R you have there matey. 👍
  13. Love to see Liverpool do it this season, only side to be competing against moneybags city, just don't seem to be playing that great at the moment, winning ugly is still winning though , Salah is just nowhere near the player he was 2 seasons ago, can see Liverpool getting a few draws and City catching them up with a big winning streak after christmas, could be a similar story to last season .
  14. Must have been about 15000 , ran a dtuk before the map for a short time .
  15. I've had both APR stage 1 & 2 , Keep going back to stage 1 as prefer the quieter life with a oem exhaust and feel 370 ish BHP is plenty for road use, would 100% recommend the DSG tune if you have the 6 speed box as well , only issue i've had is turbo blown but mine was the early 702n turbo which was prone to going .
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