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  1. I have and they were very good indeed , may not last quite as long as MP4S but they are a bit cheaper, Goodyears are also a good alternative .
  2. Kw ddc coilovers and Revo 019 19x 8.5 et45
  3. Cheeky remap and dsg map , sorted , get pics up then!!!
  4. Welcome back , what plans have you got for it??
  5. I agree that the 240 is a nice looking motor but for me surely it’s cheaper to stage 1 map your R , it will be really quick then and hold the road in all weather conditions for only a few hundred pounds .
  6. I'm 5 1/2 years in and done 40.000m , still happy , only issue really has been the turbo going after a remap, known issue with early turbos, hope you get your issues sorted asap .
  7. Love traffic cops and police interceptors until the final 2 minutes when they say what pathetic fine they got if any , and not even a slap on the wrist!
  8. dazie00

    New R owner

    Ryan, car looks great , love that lapiz paint though i'm a tad biased , won't be long before your modding by the sound of things lol !!!!
  9. Totally agree, used to be so much better.
  10. Same size as i put Milltek GT100 tips on a Scorpion exhaust .
  11. My missus has a A3 2013 with leaking pano roof exactly the same symptoms , frame was cracked , Audi didn’t want to know , £2000 to fix it ! My 2014 R has been fine up to now touch wood !
  12. Good time to sell your winters now then to some lucky future owner .
  13. I’m ready @Jon R306 for the 5 th winter down south with no snow , but better safe than sorry , though I can walk to work and don’t want the car hit by all the other numpties so it will probably stay on the drive !
  14. I've never been called savvy before lol !!! Better safe than sorry, it did need a small bit of trimming on the inside edge , 1/2 circle cut out but now fits a treat .
  15. Love those rims matey, great choice .
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