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  1. After 7 years i am having thoughts about selling , i think i've done all i wanted to the car and have some great experiences in it Prices are meant to be very high at the moment but with all the mods on mine i'm really not sure what to price it at ? Thoughts please
  2. Love mine, nearly always have it open in the tilt position, agree they look great on a white car more , less so in Lapiz , only issue i have had is sun damage on the glass part in front of the sunroof which is poor but really only noticed by me and it's 7 years old now. My other half has a A3 which had the cracked surround and leaked, cost about 2k to fix , Audi didn't want to know .
  3. Mine is a 14 plate, was 3 months old when i got it, still really love it 7 years later!
  4. Hey , no worries , Think it's interesting to hear why people would make the leap into the 8 or why they won't , like i said in an earlier post , there is no right or wrong here and i sure as hell can't afford one right now anyway !
  5. Hi Steve, thanks for replying , just interesting to see different opinions, i agree , how much do you need in the real world , 300 BHP when we mostly are stuck in traffic or waiting to overtake a bike is way to much but for those spirited drives can be plenty as following you i only know to well lol . Anyway, Has Stobsie put on weight from all that food shopping in Waitrose ?
  6. It wasn't directed at anyone , just giving people an opportunity to share opinions, like i said in an earlier post, good luck to those 8 R owners who have made the switch but for many it just isn't worth the cost. In the Mk 6 Golf , the GTI was seen as the better car , not much less performance and without the weight of the 4wd. That all changed in the 7 with the R having 70BHP more than the GTI so that made it quite a lot quicker . So onto the 8 , where it has about 20BHP more but puts it down better and handling and fun are improved . It's a forum to share opinions , th
  7. I have done a couple of days at Brands Hatch and 8 laps round the Nurburgring and not damaged an alloy, it is very hard on the car though, tyres and brakes get a hammering , Golf R brakes will be found out once you really get going , not a bad idea to have a separate set of wheels and tyres for track and perhaps change the pads over for the day also .
  8. Think we are very much on the same page here Difficult one comparing a tuned modified car with a standard car , many just won't want to modify and keep their warranty in check and i totally get that , but i do agree , there is no gain performance wise for us with tuned cars with the new 8R , which kind of what got me thinking about this thread. How would my tuned 7 R compare against a 8R ? But thats probably for some influencer on Youtube to do a video on , hopefully Mat Watson on Carwow, not that clown Archie Hamilton! But then you could start a thread is a RS3 an
  9. Yep, still got KW DCC No idea, been 7 years and counting, personally think the 7 is a better looking car Not tempted at all TBH, can't afford one anyway right now, mines on 45k so plenty of life left in it and like you, i've spent plenty on this getting it how i want it to be, it's a much better car than i am a driver ! Would love a B9 RS4 at £50k second hand more than a 8R Have just written a thread on this yesterday funnily enough , would be £35 K difference for me, tech aside are you paying for an uprated dif like the Wavetrac, not to sure if it has something simila
  10. They had got old , rears were sagging and front right was rubbing , drives so much better now tbh .
  11. There is no right or wrong here, just interesting as to why, can they justify it , heart vs head , only gotta justify it to themselves, it's their business , whatever , just thought it would be interesting.
  12. So before i start , i can't afford one having been off work a lot during this pandemic being a barber by trade but thought it would be interesting as to why people change cars when not a lot has changed or has it and i'm missing something, you tell me ! Before i got my 7R i had a Mk5 GTI and loved it, had it mapped to 240 BHP and thought it went like stink , first DSG gearbox and loved that to, I paid £36k for the R and got £6k for the GTI, was the R £30k better , not really tbh, both do the same job, practical hot hatch, possibly more fun in a lighter GTI form and no four wheel drive
  13. Thats a nice upgrade , will they still be heated?
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