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  1. I did , 8 laps last May, survived , enough said !!
  2. Front door was fine , just got another coat of paint on it now !
  3. Had exactly the same just before christmas , someones back door must have blown open on to my rear door, no note or anything , grrrrr, all fixed this week .
  4. @DUB R4XX has the Apr cat back but runs bcs downpipe
  5. Could you not ask for a 3 year guarantee on the new part they have supplied??
  6. Just doesn’t look as sharp or as modern as the 7 imo , a step backwards!
  7. Maybe need over 25 posts?? Can just copy and paste now
  8. Looks like the Vw jack and they’ve got the spare wheel out as well
  9. I would just get the next one done at Vw , just in case there are any software updates , mine only goes to an Indy and has for half it’s life , not convinced the full Vw service history extra cost is worth that much more over good Indy fsh with genuine parts , when you resell , as proved recently, vw don’t clean the Haldex filter and it’s definitely a 2 year job imo . Think your more pi55ed about the bodywork issue and service history is not exactly what you were told.
  10. dazie00

    Hello All!

    Troy , no idea on seat height issue , not something I’ve needed to do as I’m 5ft 5!!
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