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  1. Andy’s Mk7.5 R

    Some nice Revo wheels come up in classifieds .
  2. One touch drivers window operation

    Snap, i get this intermittent fault and the convenience closing or opening can be iffy, i'll try this also.
  3. Milltek owners help please - GT100

    Thank you very much @GTI2B62R
  4. The R is getting replaced...

    Great choice , they really are a nice looking motor and do sound awesome, enjoy 👍
  5. Hi Guys, can anyone with the above tips please measure the distance between the 2 tips and let me know what it is Thanks
  6. Can always clean it 1 panel at a time rinsing from a watering can .
  7. 'Racing Green' Golf R

    Looks classy that, do it .
  8. Thats a great looking motor , why change to an R????
  9. Trolley Jack

    Really think the Audi jacking points are worth the dosh , costs about £110 from memory . Part numbers are on @Cossieian page 👍
  10. No more 3 Door Rs

    We buy so many german cars they won't want to lose all that business.
  11. They do look lovely but how much different than bright silver Prets ????
  12. Could be the R400 Revived

    Just go Stage 2 , intercooler/intake/ exhaust & DSG map and your there and save yourself thousands IMO.
  13. What do you dislike about your R?

    Far to much OCD round here lol !!!!
  14. After a blast round the Nurburgring my 2 inner pipes seem to have burnt the High temp paint of the inside of the exhausts , never been a massive fan of the black exhaust tips on a Lapiz car TBH as feel they are a bit lost in the diffuser so would like some round chrome ones put on , do like the shape of BCS and Milltek ones Both are 3" exhausts so don't see why noy, Any other ideas ????