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  1. I was stage 1 APR at 370 bhp, now stage 2 at 393 bhp, stage 1 is great tbh, stage 2 is a lot of expense but it does go better and pulls stronger as you'd expect .
  2. I don't vary mine and run Team Dynamics 18 x 8 in winter ,it drives the same pretty much , maybe slightly softer ride as tyres are 40 profile .
  3. I have Revo alloys , 19 x 8.5 et 45 with kw ddc coilovers and have no rubbing issues and rides perfectly .
  4. They will fit perfectly without the need of longer bolts , exactly what my revo wheels are
  5. Hi Camel wishing you a speedy recovery ASAP matey
  6. Just don't understand how VAG always give the Seats more oomph than the Golfs for less cash , and then give you even less standard equipment in an Audi for even more cash , people pay a lot for a badge!!
  7. I'm stage 2 with other mods and £475 ,at 50 with protected no claims .
  8. I don’t know if this will help or if you have already done it but I did my advanced driving test , only cost £150 all in with about 6 Sunday afternoon lessons and loads more insurance companies are interested in insuring me now than I had before! Have a look on IMA website for details .
  9. I use Lv and find them excellent
  10. Looks great, love my Scorpion exhaust, it's more noise than standard but won't get you an ASBO !!!!
  11. Love my DCC tbh , wouldn’t be without it , think it adds to the dual personality of the car , can be a rough animal or a comfy cruiser at the flick of a button .
  12. I have also got front/ rear mtec discs as has @DUB R4XX , seem pretty good to me .
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