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  1. I had early turbo failure , 14 plate , and my car was warm and not abused ,after a APR stage 1 remap , then ran a latter turbo at stage 2 no problem at all, had my old turbo rebuilt by Littco and had it at stage 1&2 no problem at all, yours probably will be fine but better safe than sorry ?
  2. Yesterday was a great day for Golf ! Great movie Layer Cake shot at Stoke Pk golf club .
  3. alright mate, new to the forum  and looking for some advice. ive got the chance to get a oettinger front spoiler and splitter but wasnt sure whether or not i would need the side skirts to help it tie in. have you any exp with either?

    would having the front without the side look odd?


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    2. the_calvertron


      cheers mate, was it the front splitter that was catching or the actual front spoiler?

       shame as i think it totally changes the look of the motor.


    3. dazie00


      Both tbh , mine is lower with coilovers but speed bumps were a pita , I personally think it sits to forward and a regular splitter might be a better option , it looks better without the splitter though 






    4. the_calvertron


      cheers dazie, really appreciate it mate 

  4. I've taken the number plate surround off now so if you want them ???
  5. New edition to the family !! A Pug 205 CTI , couldn't be more different than than the R !!!!!
  6. Hard work but well worth the effort, looks amazing 👍
  7. Thanks, I think it makes it look a bit R32 with these on .
  8. Team Dynamics on 18s , my winter set up .
  9. My gt Lts, about 23 years old now , replaced front shocks a couple of years ago, had the yellow judys on it but they seized up !
  10. 17, don’t you mean 18 and yes it will fit fine .
  11. Not sure if this counts but gave my 20+ year old GT LTS maybe a machine polish! Could do with stripping right down , getting in all the difficult places and ceramic coating , got a few weeks so maybe!
  12. to the club , not for the shy that colour!! Very nice indeed .👍
  13. Nice to have some time to do a proper detail, wheels changed over to summer Revos which are so much nicer, touched up the red brake callipers and cleaned under the arches. Machine polished and finished with 3 coats of Gyeon MOHS . Full interior spiv up , all the rubber trim sorted, even new wipers ! Taken a while but came out pretty good for a 6 year old !
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