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  1. dazie00

    7.5R Variant says hello!

    to the forum,very nice colour choice there.👍
  2. dazie00

    ROB2k68 Lapiz R Collection & Build thread

    APR stage 1 high torque is fantastic and you'll love it 👍
  3. dazie00


    Well you sold the bike but still have that leather fetish!!
  4. Back on 👍😀
  5. New reshaped steering wheel!, Old one had a lacquer issue so sent it back to Control Custom who reshaped the top (Flat before) and have changed the Alcantara to Nappa leather . Hope to get it fitted this week . Before
  6. Very nice indeed 👍
  7. dazie00

    Winter Tyres

    What is the reason for this, have always stacked mine up!!
  8. dazie00

    What did you do to your R today?

    Bet that feels nice ,looks good matey .
  9. dazie00

    VWR OEM+ Remaps

    Most seem to use APR, Revo or Unicorn tbh depending on where they live , as i said earlier , i can only recall 1 member going down this route .
  10. dazie00

    VWR OEM+ Remaps

    Sounds good to me, i had a turbo go not long after a remap which cost a fair few quid to repair !! There was 1 member who had a VWR remap who worked next door to them by chance from memory .
  11. Still have mine after 4 1/2 years , am i bored, not really but do think with the majority seeming to be DSG boxes, does that lose a lot of the driver involvement ? Yes the 0-60 is faster and yes you can use the paddles but how many do? I think the Seat Leon Cupra in a manual would tick most of the boxes , it would just feel like a step backwards interior wise and certainly if your a badge snob you wouldn't do it from a VW Golf R This would be fun or perhaps a Clubsport mapped to stage 1 Do agree that an ST or a 595 abarth or mini Cooper works would be more fun , just a bit to small for my needs .
  12. dazie00

    Boot Liners

    https://www.boot-buddy.com/volkswagen/golf-r-hatchback-2014-present https://www.hatchbag.co.uk/volkswagen-golf-mark-7-hatchback-inc-r-model-2013-onwards Worth a look , i have the hatch bag and it's excellent .
  13. dazie00

    Merry Christmas.

    Merry Christmas to you all , Hope 2019 is a great year for you all 👍
  14. dazie00

    What will your next car be?

    Good luck with that ! This would be though !!