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  1. Defo time to fit these.. bring on the winter ❄😄
  2. Curbed my wheel today and looking for somewhere with a good review that can make a good job of diamond cut.. £117 quoted here, does that sound about right ?
  3. I've Just received my winter wheels and tyres.. Mitchlin alpin 4 for me all day.. 235 40 18 A winter I can finally not worry so much about!
  4. Yeah I use all auto finesse stuff and never been disappointed. I only went in cus of that 20% promotion.. saw this, was marked up at an old promotion so got it for the displayed £25 not the £47 the till asked for can't complain!
  5. I knownitw not an R but here's my S3 after some hard labour this afternoon. Autofiness: Pre wash snow foam Iron out on wheels 2 bucket method wash Clay bar Polish Wax Polish windows Dress tyres Hard to see how shiny it is in the low light but it looks and feels like a mirror. First time using a clay bar and love the feel after
  6. Yup ordered some 18" wheels and mitchlin alpin tyres yesturday ready for the cold!
  7. I hope so.. can justify the cost to the Mrs then 🤣
  8. Thanks I've opted for the same set up as you with mitchlin alpin 4 tyres 18x8.5 235 40 18 Everyone can thank me for a mild winter now no doubt !! 😂
  9. Sorry if this has been done to death.. couldn't find an answer in the search. I'm buying some winter wheels (Fox ms007) and getting some mitchlin alpine 4 tyres 225 40 18. I have 2 options 18x8 et45 and or 18x8.5 et45 both to run the same 225 40 tyres.. what's the difference? My line of thought was 18x8 front 18x8.5 rear as I think that'll make a better stance but how does the tyre size being the same on both effect anything? Car suspension is completely standard I'm getting confused.. would it be best to run the same on all 4 corners?
  10. No such luck.. just gave me prevention advise and took car details. But they agree it's not normal to randomly go to a strangers home to ask about fuel economy and even more so when it been a targeted car previously.
  11. I didn't get his reg as initially I thought he was just a take out delivery driver looking for the number. Oddly tho at the same time he was driving around a panda car was doing the same but he didn't react to them. Literally as I told him I wasn't coming out the old bill spotted someone they were after and chased him and got this guy in cuffs so that distracted me from getting his reg (not the guy asking about my car) What makes me think it is even more suspicious is that he didn't just pull up first time in front of my drive... surely if he came to genuinely ask about the car thats what
  12. This seems a shady as I think? Ive been on the phone to my pal upstairs. I've been stood by the window and I've seen this silver Toyota driving up and down my road with some Asian dude in it. Pulls up few doors up opposite my house looking at some paper then drives off. Then comes back and parks on my side few doors down blocking a drive, gets out and picks something up.. Looks like a delivery bag or something. At this point I'd assumed he was a take out delivery driver looking for the address. Any way he puts it in his car and gets back in. This time his on his phone. Then he gets
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