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  1. Hi, your thread about S2T paddle shifters has been removed.  You need 50 posts to sell parts on here via Classifieds. Sections of Classifieds are hidden until you hit 25 posts.  However you still need 50 posts to create an advert. Selling outside Classifieds is strictly not permitted and because your thread looks likely to turn into a selling thread, is been removed. Classifieds rules here.



  2. Good Afternoon All, My Mk7 R recently had its second service including oil change service. Since new the oil temperature has always hovered around the 104°C mark going up to 105-106°C. Since the oil change service it now hovers around 99-100°C, rarely goes above this. Do you think they have changed to oil characteristics? Any other thoughts or feedback on what other peoples oil temperatures are? Ben
  3. What electric garage door is this? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. The results are in. 353 miles from 47.6 litres of V-Power still showing a range of 40 miles at fill up. 33.7 mpg
  5. £60 Shell V-Power (showing 0 miles) ~55 litres I always have an indicated range of ~360 Miles after every fill up. Not sure on the genuine mileage as the computer lies about the figures.
  6. OK think I've found what I need http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/170743083330
  7. Yes that looks correct. I was looking at the "extension" hose rather than the "replacement" hose. My only question, my current hose has a push fit connection on the gun but a screw fit to the machine. The qwashers replacement hose has push fit connectors both ends. It looks like you can buy an adapter to convert the screw thread outlet on the machine to a push fit connection but I can't seem the find this converter on their store Thank you Ben
  8. Hi Rebecca, Just looking back through this thread. I noted you replaced your Karcher hose. Like you I'm annoyed by the standard hose that comes with the system. Is this the replacement that you bought? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/KARCHER-EXTENSION-HOSE-5-10-15-20-25-30-METER-K-SERIES-QUICK-RELEASE-RUBBER-1W-/170897303273?var=&hash=item27ca45e6e9:m:mM6UqKkAAcYRs1nm8tssD0w Ben
  9. Finished working on the detail today. Has been completed in various stages over the past couple of weeks. Nanolex Ultra Glass all round Gtechniq C5 on the wheels Christmas Eve Snow Foam Wash 2BM Gyeon Q2M Tar Iron X Clayed the bonnet as if felt very rough. Still not completely smooth Zaino Z-AIO Zaino Z-5 Zaino Z-6 2 x Zaino Z-8 Today Snow Foam Wash 2Bm Zaino Z-2 Zaino Z-6 Zaino Z-2 Zaino Z6 Zaino Z-8 Polished Exhaust with Metal Twins Kit Pretty happy with the finish saying I'm new to this. All I am missing is something to clean/coat the rubber seals with and a decent tyre coating. I have bought both AF Satin and Zaino Z-16. Not been that impressed with either, only want a matte finished but something a bit darker and longer lasting. There are a couple of scratched in the paintwork (already a stone chip on the bonnet ). I may treat myself to a DA polisher and have a go at removing them myself but need to read a bit more DW before I attempt this!
  10. ssben83

    R Estate

    1 Month old, finished the final detailing processes today The only dislike so far are the quad exhausts. Completely pointless and ruins the Q car look. I'm not sure what the set-up is on the hatch but on the estate a small exit exhaust finished in one of the tail pipes. The other tail pipe just branches of the first. The quality looks as high as a poor after market bolt on.
  11. I'll let you know how it goes What I should have done is do a comparison with similar products but I'm already in enough trouble for buying too many detailing products so they will all be coated with C5. I'm hoping the dirt will come of a bit easier and I can just give them a wash with my AF Revolution which is a dedicated wheel soap which is gentle on sealants. They are a real dirt magnet, and a pain to clean. Overall I'm not that impressed with the quality of the finish either. The paint is very thin in places!!
  12. Your absolutely right Didn't put this picture up, thought I'd posted too many already!!
  13. Wheel cleaning. The car is only two weeks old. The Pretoria's seem to collect a lot of dirt especially in the awkward recess behind the spokes!!
  14. The cars are not delivered with a media cable any more. I picked mine up 2 weeks ago. The dealer didn't even know if it should have a cable or not, the parts guy had to look it up for me. If you have Car-Net App-Connect you need to use the cable supplied with your phone.
  15. Ordered: 30/05/2015 Stage 3 16/10/2015 confirmed build week 47 Stage 5a 12/11/2015 (didn't match my confirmed build week (built early?)) Stage 5b 13/11/2015 Stage 5c 18/11/2015 Stage 6 19/11/2015 I was the first to order the Estate at my local dealers. I have seen a few posts now of people receiving theirs (even people who ordered after me ). All the ones that I have seen have the Cadiz wheels and mine was ordered with Pretoria so this was clearly the difference. Looks like mine may be one of the first with Prets in the UK? I haven't seen any in the flesh (with Cadiz or Prets in my area) and all the ones I have seen on the forum are with Cadiz wheels.
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